Erin is champion at Mill Yard

Rianna Mulligan on Rhydefelin Stickler
Rianna Mulligan on Rhydefelin Stickler

Saturday, March 4, saw the start of the Working Hunter For All Spring League take place at Mill Yard Equestrian Centre, Anahilt, Hillsborough, with classes to suit all levels and abilities.

Mill Yard would like to thank all competitors, judge, scribe, supporters, caterers and JHd Photography for their support.

The next events at Mill Yard are the continuation of the Working Hunter League on Saturday, March 18, starting at 11am with x-poles followed by 55cm, 70cm, 80cm and 95cm, followed by Easter Showjumping on Tuesday, April 18.

For more information, check out or contact Lucy on 07790 625 794.

Results for Spring Working Hunter For All - Saturday, March 4:

Class 2: 1st – Erin Mathieson on Carrot; 2nd – Rianna Mulligan on Rhydefelin Stickler; 3rd – Megan Houston on Rowan.

Class 3: 1st – Niamh Mathieson on Pixie; 2nd – Victoria White on Temple Bui.

Class 4: 1st – Nicola Henderson on Boski; 2nd – Victoria Wray on Ben; 3rd – Cara Swanston on Graceland; 4th – Victoria White on Temple Bui.

Class 5: 1st – Victoria Wray on Ben.

Champion – Erin Mathieson on Carrot.

Reserve Champion – Victoria Wray on Ben.