Excitement builds as final nears

Laura Sloan riding Quentin to a clear round in the 1.10m
Laura Sloan riding Quentin to a clear round in the 1.10m

The sun shone brightly but didn’t emit much heat for the penultimate round of the Baileys Horse Feeds Flexi Eventing at the Meadows. However, the excitement of competition was palpable as the League placings are still very tight in this hugely popular seven week League.

Denis Currie and Arodstown Aramis, the league leaders, had to settle for the runner up spot this week in the Novice class but Denis was oblivious to his placing as he raced off to cheer Ireland on to victory in their latest Six Nations Fixture in Dublin.

The win went to Charlotte Dixon riding Zermie, her sixteen year old bay gelding by the Dutch Warmblood sire, Namelus R, himself a son of Concorde. Two of the younger riders, Katie McKee and Ellie Parkhill took third and fourth spots respectively.

Once again Helen Faulkner claimed top place in the Intermediate class on Ann Cunningham’s Derryvane Danny, where she came under the scrutiny of International Judge, David Lee. Less than a point behind was last week’s winner, Lucca Stubington on Olivers Green.

Almost fifty percent of our entries each week are for the Intro class which necessitates a class split. Will McAuley very kindly took the lion’s share this week and awarded top marks in the ‘A’ section to Nicky Nesbitt and The Spy Master who moved up one place from last week with a 2.5 margin over the very consistent combination of Florence Campbell and Ben.

The ‘B’ section saw a back to back victory for Justine Harding riding Kay Magill’s Bonmahon Quickstep.

In fact it is their third win in this League, showing immense promise for the season ahead. This gelding, who will only turn five in June, was chosen for the Magill family by Camella McDowell from the Bonmahon Stud in Waterford as an unhandled three year old. Kay can take credit for breaking him before passing him to her daughter, Kerry, to do the remainder. As Kerry’s own project, Lisnahall Miss Toffee, is now back in work, Justine Harding has been given the ride and she certainly is proving to be a worthy jockey.

There was just a touch of family rivalry in the class on Saturday with Rachelle Harding taking second spot on Laura Fekkes’ Finn, another combination rarely out of the placings.

Emma Hobson was back in the Judge’s seat for the Pre Novice class where Tola Thompson had her second victory in as many weeks with Crackerjack V111. This eleven year old gelding which has Catherson and Dutch Gold breeding has been with Tola for just over a year and the pair hope to make their eventing debut in the Juniors this year.

An absolutely delighted Claire Palmer had a brilliant runner up placing on just her second outing with Oscar. This very striking gelding by VDL Arkansas out of a Lux Z mare was very nicely produced by Ciara Gilroy before she headed off to University in Dublin. We certainly look forward to seeing this new partnership out competing in the coming months.

Showjumping and Cross Country were busy again this week although the showjumpers seemed to have a serious case of ‘four faultitis’. However, as always, great praise is lavished on Aaron McCusker for his excellent courses in both phases which present excellent training opportunities at all levels.

Once again, sincere thanks to all judges, scribes, admin staff, scorers, call up stewards (who braved the cold with great stamina), arena parties and everyone whose contribution helps to keep the day running very efficiently.

Sincere thanks go to Judy Maxwell, of Baileys Horse Feeds, for her sponsorship.

Next week sees the grand final of this League which, to date, has seen over 600 combinations compete.

Since results of the top 15 won’t be known until late in the day, it has been decided, in consultation with our sponsor, that the presentation of prizes will take place at the Two Phase Event at Tyrella on 10 March. Further details will be given next week.

Full results


Arena 1 – Intro ‘A’ – Test BE91 (2009) – judge Will McAuley: 1. Nicky Nesbitt, The Spy Master; 2. Florence Campbell, Ben; 3. Nicola Martin, Guy; 4. Ruth Lyttle, Oberon; 5. Jon Champion, Orbie; 6. Sam Cunningham, Jelt Kachina

Arena 1 – Intro ‘B’ – Test BE91 (2009) – judge Will McAuley: 1. Justine Harding, Bonmahon Quickstep; 2. Rachelle Harding, Finn; 3. Toby Fynn, Bertha; 4. Sharon McKeever, Cosmic Rolo; 5. Ruth Logan, Posh; 6. Shane McKeever, KHS Impact.

Arena 2 - Pre Novice- Test BE101 (2009) – Judge Emma Hobson: 1. Tola Thompson, Crackerjack V111; 2. Claire Palmer, Oscar; 3. Katie Parker, May; 4. Lucy McIlroy, Major Black; 5. Conor O’Hare, Lougherne Leo 11; 6. Lucy McIlroy, Imperial Black Pearl.

Arena 3 – Novice – Test BE111 (2010) – Judge David Lee: 1. Charlotte Dixon, Zermie; 2. Denis Currie, Arodstown Aramis; 3. Katie McKee, Teddy; 4. Ellie Parkhill, Mac; 5. Nicky Nesbitt, Ringfort India; 6. Kerry Magill, Toffee.

Arena 3 –Intermediate– Test BE117 (2009) – Judge David Lee: 1. Helen Faulkner, Derryvane Danny; 2. Lucca Stubington, Olivers Green; 3. Charlotte Dixon, Zermie; 4. Alex Houston, Echo; 5= Orlagh Kelly, Elsarco and Leah Jackson, Gemilly.

Showjumping (double clears)

70cms: Lorraine Leavesley, Sherlock, Lorraine Leavesley, Emmie, Luke Campbell, Archie, Ava Stubbs, Miss Bella, Rebecca Fletcher, Kodi.

80cms: Ellen McIlroy, Indie, Rebecca Kelly, Phoenix, Tegan Burns, Pepsi, Jodi Morrison, Carrickview G & T, Ava Stubbs, Miss Bella, Sarah Boyle, Hey There Delilah, Grace Hamill, Hero, Sam Cunningham, Jelt Kachina, Catherine O’Hanlon, Thomas, Grace Moore, Cleo.

90cms: Helen Faulkner, Derryvane Danny, Ellen McIlroy, Indie, Chloe Lister Tinsley, Jamie.

1m: Megan Nelson, Ballynashallog Goldfinch, Colin Halliday, Billy, Luke Campbell, Jack, Megan Nelson, Murphy, Nikki Cullen, Danske Coevers Lass, Beth Cunningham, Dreamer, Florence Campbell, Ben, Rose de Montmorency, Ozzy, Taylor Hunter, Magic Rhythm, Sarah Kinnear, Jenna, Abby Cummiskey, Dusty, Rachel McCaughey, Cassie, Conor O’Hare, Lougherne Caravaggio.

1.10m: Steven Smith, Chester, Steven Smith, Emmie, Alex Houston, Indy, Katie McKee, Teddy, Laura Sloan, Quida, Johnny Mulligan, Clover, Sarah Gilkinson, Lush Upgrade.

1.20m: Johnny Mulligan, Chance, Charlotte Dixon, Harison, Fiona Cooper, Bump, Laura Sloan, Quida, Charlotte Harding, My Gypsy Rose, Alex Houston, Echo, Johnny Mulligan, Mando.

Cross Country (Clear Round)

80cms: Johnny Mulligan, Oscar, Nicky Corr, Guy, Tracey Manson, Dunraven Diamond One, Nicky Corr, Milo, Charlotte Dixon, Milo, Nicky Nesbitt, The Spy Master, Nicky Corr, Fred, Nicky Corr, Abby, Nicky corr, Kenny.

90cms: Abby Cummiskey, Dusty, Sarah Clarke, Ice King, Sharon Maughan, Blue Stone Promise, Nicky Corr, Guy, Lucy McIlroy, Imperial Black Pearl, Grace Moore, Cleo, Nicky Corr, Fred, Victoria Hall, Rafa, Megan Nelson, Murphy, Megan Nelson, Ballynashallog Goldfinch, Jessica Nelson, Glen Mac, Jessica McConnell, Belle, Justine Harding, Bonmahon Quickstep, Ruth Logan, Posh, Ruth Logan, Ollie, Toby Fynn, archie, Helen Faulkner, Derryvane Danny, Sophie Bennett, colour Code Chinook, Ellen Marsh, Indie, Nicky Corr, Abbie, Toby Fynn, Bertha, Alex Byrne, Millbrae Abbie, Fiona Hynds, Jennifer, Nicky Corr, Kenny.

1m: Tom Rowlatt-McCormick, William, Nikki Cullen, Danske Coevers Lass, Nikki Cullen, Tango Lad, Orlagh Kelly, Elsarco, Nikki Nesbitt, Ringfort India, Jessica McConnell, Bella, Sarah Gilkinson, Lush Upgrade, Johnny Mulligan, solitaire, Taylor Hunter, Magic Rhythm, Florence Campbell, Ben, Florence Camobell, Diamond, Kerry Magill, Toffee, Denise Kelly, Young Taipan, Charlotte, Dixon, Zermie, Toby Fynn, Bertha, Megan Nelson, Murphy, Alex Byrne, Forest Lodge Rambler.