Father and daughter enjoy great success at Kircubbin

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Kircubbin seems to be the autumnal base for Northern Region Events. Given the unprecedented level of rainfall over the previous few weeks, it was not surprising that Finvoy was unable to host their event as planned so the O’Flynn family very kindly stepped into the breach for the third time this year.

It was certainly a case of all hands to the deck as Eamonn and Karen developed another set of tracks which were met with great praise from all competitors, some of whom travelled over five hours to get there.

Once again, the weather was very favourable and the welcome was wholeheartedly convivial.

Steven Smith claimed four of the top six spots in the O/CNC1* class but high praise goes to Catherine Robinson who claimed the ultimate honour with Neil McCluskey’s Rum Jumbie while the regular rider, Robyn McCluskey, holidayed in Spain. Catherine led from the outset and finished over four points clear of Steven Smith and Janet Hall’s Michel M.

Stephen took the win in the CNC1* class riding Joy Lindsay’s Lassban Au Revoir in a class where showjumping was extremely influential. Second place went to the winner of the previous two weeks, Lawrence Patterson’s six year old Ars Vivendi mare, Limoncello.

There was a father and daughter victory at this week’s event- Rebecca Coonan with Jessica Harrington’s Jantar, picked up the top prize in the CNCJ1* class with a five point margin over second placed Hollie Smith and the Diamond Roller mare, Baby Roller. Meantime, Rebecca’s father, Andrew, claimed the red rosette in the EI 100 Amateur class on his Belgian Warmblood, Shannondale George. Runner up was the previous week’s winner, Dayna Ann Curtis and Cillnabradden Cuig.

There just seems to be no stopping Denis Currie and Arodstown Aramis who had a runaway victory in the 1* Amateur class and was the only combination to keep all coloured poles intact. Holly McClenaghan took the runner up spot for the second successive week.

There were just five starters in the CNCP2* class where Jessica McConnell rose to the fore with Finding Nemo followed by Noah Brown and Jimmy Thunderstruck.

There was a large entry in the EI100 class where Neil Morrison repeated his Glaslough win on Kathryn Graham’s Flush Hill Fendi just three points clear of Lucy Lamont who repeated her result from Kircubbin 2 with Daunting Melody.

Rachel Power Wall was the early leader in the EI100J class with Elizabeth Power’s Beach Ball gelding, HHS Comporta Beach, but dropped eight spots after accruing significant time faults.

This left the path to success open for Charlotte Leslie and Na Marcaigh Star with Patrick Eames and Meko in the runner up position as the only two combinations to finish on their first phase score.

Kiara Malcolmson, making her first outing since June, collected the winning rosette after finishing on a very impressive dressage score of 20.8 with Rockon Pedro. Tola Thompson followed behind with Crossowen Lochlann.

Jeanine Curtis was the best of the 14 starters in the EI90 Amateur class with Buddy Holly, her first victory since acquiring this ride two years ago.

Fractionally behind was Christina Turley and Ann’s Bob on just their third outing in partnership.

Leah Knight made her first appearance with the Jim Wedlock bred, Largymorelass, at Vesey Lodge earlier this month and has never been out of the top six since. She won this week in the EI90 class adding nothing to her first phase mark and finished just over one point clear of Clare Steele on Linda Telford’s seven year old Obelix gelding, Homegrown Ajax.

Ellie Parkhill was back centre stage of the podium in the EI90 class with Alland Mac U No, being one of only two starters to finish on their flatwork mark, the other being third placed Tom Rowlatt-McCormick and Mon Ami Tonnerre. Separating the two was second placed Alex Byrne with Chinook Calibra.

Organisers extend thanks to Eamonn, Karen and Hollie who expended much time preparing the three superbly presented courses on this third visit to the Ards Peninsula.

Full Results

O/CNC1*: 1, Catherine Robinson, Rum Jumbie; 2, Steven Smith, Michel M; 3, Steven Smith, Bonito; 4, Steven Smith, Hi Happy Harry; 5, Jonathan Steele, Mr Green; 6, Steven Smith, Rio.

CNC1*: 1, Steven Smith, Lassban-Au-Revoir; 2, Janie Cairns, Limoncello; 3, Dave Collins, Coolboy Kamden; 4, Andrew Turley, Colenomer; 5, Lydia Dawson, Clonswords Alf; 6, Casey Webb, Little Autumn Bee.

CNCJ1*: 1, Rebecca Coonan, Jantar; 2, Hollie Smith, Baby Roller; 3, Katie Riley, Versace Biscuit; 4, Emily McQuade, Bright Side; 5, Joanna Eames, Martini; 6, Luke Coen, Political Coever Up.

CNC 1* Amateur: 1, Denis Currie, Arodstown Aramis; 2, Holly McClenaghan, Blacklaw Pelorus; 3, Florence Campbell, Imperial Master; 4, Holly McClenaghan, Miranda; 5, Kat Butler-Ward, The Spin Doctor; 6, Rachel Keys, Drumnaconnell Bellagio.

CNCP2*: 1, Jessica McConnell, Finding Nemo; 2, Noah Brown, Jimmy Thunderstruck; 3, Katie McKee, Fair Lad; 4, Lucy Johnston, Tynan Mist.

EI100: 1, Neil Morrison, Flush Hill Fendi; 2, Lucy Lamont, Daunting Melody; 3, Trevor Smith, Seducer; 4, Daniel Brown, Fleur De Lis; 5, Jonathan Hagan, CMS Seapatrick; 6, Emily Corbett, Tyrella Night Light.

EI100 Amateur: 1, Andrew Coonan, Shannondale George; 2, Dayna Ann Curtis, Cillnabradden Cuig; 3, Emma Wallace, Mulla Miracle; 4, Lesley Ann Lyons, Rupert Bear; 5, Vicky Dobbin, Killaughey Belle; 6, Florence Campbell, Emperor G.

EI100J: 1, Charlotte Leslie, Na Marcaigh Star; 2, Patrick Eames, Meko; 3, Ben Rowlatt- McCormack, MJI Cabernet; 4, Lucy Mcilroy, Major Black; 5, Emma Holmes, Ready To Roll; 6, Timmy Love, Ginja Ninja.

EI00P: 1, Kiera Malcolmson, Rockon Pedro; 2, Tola Thompson, Crossowen Lachlann; 3, Rocco Quinn, Knockagarron Fear Bui Princess; 4, Katie McKee, Wivollet Something Special; 5, Ava Banahan, Rathnaleen Dark Secret; 6, Hannah Morrow, OMS Dark Prospect.

EI90 Amateur: 1, Jeanine Curtis, Buddy Holly; 2, Christina Turley, Ann’s Bob; 3, Ruth Lyttle, Auberon; 4, Cathy Grassick, Drumdoe Lad; 5, Jayne Moore, Laylas Way; 6, Kathryn Marshall, Aristocrat.

EI90: 1, Leah Knight, Largymorelass; 2, Clare Steele, Homegrown Ajax; 3, Camilla Manningham-Buller, Me and You; 4, Jennifer Byrne, Bridgemans Be Wise; 5, Leah Knight, Mithril Lace; 6, Emily Corbett, Fragile Dreams.

EI90P: 1, Ellie Parkhill, Alland Mac U No; 2, Alex Byrne, Chinook Calibrate; 3, Tom Rowlatt- McCormick, Mon Ami Tonnerre; 4, Anna Corinne White, Beezies Minty; 5, James McNabney, Dabrian Dawn; 6, Alex Ogle, Minstrel Pathfinder.