February fog doesn’t deter dressage at Laurel View

Ballylinney Ben and Darryl McKinney take 2nd in Prelim 13
Ballylinney Ben and Darryl McKinney take 2nd in Prelim 13

Cold fog didn’t deter the determined dressage competitors from the fourth competition of the Laurel View Winter Dressage League on the 8th February

Ivor Harper placed JJ and Diane Jones at the top of the Class 1 competitors riding BD Intro B, with Precious Pebbles and Louise Greer a very well deserved runner up.

Ivor was also tasked with judging the Newcomers riding Prelim 7 and top of the class here was Cherry and Kirsten Patterson. The blue ribbon went home with a delighted Sarah Saied and Laurel View Rab.

Prelim 13 was on the schedule for Class 3 competitors and Martina McKinley was in the judges position, when the scores were totted up the red ribbon belonged to Roxy and Leah Knight, with blue for Ballylin Ben and Darryl McKinney.

Thermals would have been useful for Will McAuley judging in the outdoor, but he didn’t let the chill deter him from scoring the Class 4 Prelim 14 competitors. When all the counting was done it was Margie Mac and Erin Faloona that came out on top. Erin was in fine form as she also took second place on Roger.

Erin Faloona rode Margie Mac to the top of the Novice class also, once again under the expert eye of Will McAuley. Helen Faulkner took Derryvane Danny into second place.

Ruaidri O’Cainain and TDY Wishful Thinking topped the open class for the Elementary test they rode in front of judge David Patterson, just ahead of Helen Faulkner and Derryvane Danny riding the Novice option.

The next and fifth leg of the Winter Dressage League is on the calendar for Sunday 29th March. Full details of this competition and many more activities are listed at www.laurelview.co.uk


Winter Dressage League (4 of 6)

Class 1 – BD Intro B (walk/trot), Judge - Ivor Harper: 1st JJ, Diane Jones, 73.04; 2nd Precious Pebbles, Louise Greer, 71.96; 3rd Ballinarry Pepsi Lee, Katherine Barnes, 71.52; 4th Grovehill Darcey, Edel Quinn, 69.13; 5th Suzie, Brian McFall, 67.83; 6th Jonathan, Natasha Lowry, 66.52.

Class 2 – Prelim 7 (Newcomers), Judge - Ivor Harper: 1st Cherry, Kirsten Patterson, 69.00; 2nd Laurel View Rab, Sarah Saied, 67.50; 3rd Inishcara, Zena Martin, 67.00; 4th Guinness, Jenny Beggs, 66.50; 5th Maverick, Louise Spence, 65.00; 6th Innisfree, Dee Jennison, 64.50.

Class 3 – Prelim 13, Judge - Martina McKinley: 1st Roxy, Leah Knight, 68.75; 2nd Ballylin Ben, Darryl McKinney, 68.54; 3rd Teej, Lynne Robinson, 68.33; 4th Paddy, Leah Knight, 67.92; 5th Wizard of Oz, Sophie Winn, 67.92; 6th Cal, Julia Lyttle, 67.08.

Class 4 – Prelim 14, Judge - Will McAuley: 1st Margie Mac, Erin Faloona, 78.33; 2nd Roger, Erin Faloona, 70.42; 3rd Ballylin Ben, Darryl McKinney, 69.58; 4th Roxy, Leah Knight, 67.92; 5th Amber, Nicola Dunseith, 66.25; 6th George, Amy Neill, 66.25.

Class 5 – Novice 27, Judge - Will McAuley: 1st Margie Mac, Erin Faloona, 79.64; 2nd Derryvane Danny, Helen Faulkner, 77.14; 3rd Tick-It, Penny Murphy, 75.36; 4th Ollie, Leah Knight, 66.07; 5th Cal, Julia Lyttle, 61.79; 6th Josh, Emma McLean, 60.00.

Class 6 – Open, Judge - David Patterson: 1st TDY Wishful Thinking, Ruaidri O’Cainain (Elem), 69.22; 2nd Derryvane Danny, Helen Faulkner (Nov), 68.33; 3rd Wills, Amy Neill (Elem), 67.97; 4th Tick-It, Penny Murphy (Nov), 67.92; 5th Teej, Lynne Robinson (Nov), 67.29; 6th Precious Pebbles, Louise Greer (Para w/t), 66.19.