Festive fun is centre stage at Lime Park

SUNDAY 30th December saw Lime Park Equestrian hold their annual Christmas Show.

As Lime Park had been working on the refurbishment of their outdoor arena they had no show jumping league in November, but with the completion of the outdoor, just before Christmas, it was in time to do a show over the Christmas holidays.

Everyone was impressed with the outdoor and it’s new all weather, fibre surface, with new fencing and lights. The indoor arena has also has had the fibre treatment, much to the delight of the riders, and even more to the horses and ponies who glided over the fences on courses designed and built by Mickey McCann and his side-kick Katy Connor.

Next Show Jumping date is the start of the League on Sunday 13th January 2013, following on with Sunday 20th and 27th January with the final on Sunday 3rd February 2013.

Competitions are beginners/warm up (which is suitable for lead rein or beginners or a warm up round) followed by 50cms, 65cms, 80cms and 90cms Ponies. Horses start at approximately 2.30pm (depending on pony entries) with 70cms, 80cms, 90cms, 1.00mtr, 1.10mtr and higher if the demand is there.

For further details contact Lime Park on 028 9262 1139.

Beginners: Anna Curran – Toby, Sophie Hanna – Domino, Emily Hanna – Holly, Connie McCrea – Echo, Sophie McCrea – Echo, Helen Bunting – Babe, Charlotte Jones - Holly, Beth Guiney – Milo, Madison Jowett – Milo, Rebecca Coulter – Tabs, Georgia Cocking – Poppy, Emma McConville – Buster, Jane McWilliams – Danny, Carly – Danny, Harry McMillan – Dillon, Abbie McMillan – Pepsi, Roise Digney – Flash, Ella Heron – Pepsi, Flo Dowds – Echo, Rebecca O’Flaherty – Blackie.

50cms ponies: Connie McCrea – Echo, Madison Jowett – Milo, Georgia Cocking – Poppy, Lana Hamilton – Prince Charming, Chloe McKinstry – Angel, Abbie McMillan – Dillon, Alice Millar – Belle, Florence Dowds – Echo, RÓise Digney – Flash, Carly – Danny, Emily Hanna – Holly, Florence Dowds – Echo.

65cms ponies: Anna Curran – Toby, Helen Bunting – Spirit, Beth Guiney – Case, Rebecca Coulter – Tabs, Emma McConville – Buster, Jane McWilliams – Danny, Chloe McKinstry – Case, Lucy Elliott – TT, Anna McStravick Lily, Chelsie Best – Oliver, Sarah Agnew – Paddy, Sophie Hanna – Domino, Alice Millar – Belle, Abbie McMillan – Pepsi, Carly – Tilly.

80cms ponies: Chloe McKinstry – Case, Lucy Elliott – TT, Tamar Hylands - Mystic Dream, Anna Hodkinson – Gramps, Anna McStravick – Lily, Kira Breen – Peaches, Sarah Agnew – Paddy, Katie Good – Beauty, Emma Harris – Apollo, Hayley Johnston – Lily, Anna Hodkinson – Gramps.

90cms ponies: Katy Good - Beauty, Tamar Hylands – Mystic Dream, Rebecca Millar – Apatchie.

70cms Horse: Lauren Greenaway – Garnfechlynne.

80cms Horse: David Collins – Trixie, Hannah Gray – Big Bird, Leigh Camlin – Ginger Nut, Calvin McKinstry – Oreo, Lauren Greenaway – Garnfechlynne.

90cms Horse: David Agnew – Boris, David Collins – Trixie, Emma Carville – Lucia, Sarah Morcombe – Oscar, Hannah Gray – Big Bird.

1.00mt Horse: Emma Carville – Lucia, David Agnew – Boris.