Final all silver show of the season at Knockagh

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The last all silver show for this year took place at Knockagh View Equestrian Centre marking the start of the winter months.

There are lots of fun events and leagues planned for the winter at Knockagh View, for full details visit our website

Lots of competitors took home the beautiful trophies and medals and enjoyed the friendly relaxed atmosphere.


30cms - Trophy winner: Lucas Young, Toby

Medal Winners: Freya McClenaghan, Luke; Charlotte McAlister, Timmy; Hannah Robinson, Tigger; Sasha Bain, Knock your socks off; Jude Acheson, Rolly; Anabelle Manson; Barney

40cms - Trophy winner: Charlotte McAlister, Timmy

Medal Winners: Hannah Robinson, Tigger; Aimee Weir, Star; Pierce Blair, Poppy Rocket; Sasha Bain, Knock Your Socks Off

50cms - Trophy winner: Niamh Duncan, Maverick

Medal winners: Thomas Patton, Smurf; Pierce Blair, Poppy Rocket; Brooke Istiaque, Biscuit; Freya McClenaghan, Luke; Aimee Weir, Star

60cms (no spreads) - Trophy winner: Thomas Patton, Smurf

Medal winner: Freya McClenaghan, Mossy; Jersey Magill, Indie; Kristie Wilson, Harry; Niamh Duncan, Maverick; Catherine Allen, Ceasar; Sam Jackson, Jack; Brooke Istiaque, Biscuit

60cms: 1st and trophy, Shannon Crothers, Mr Darcy; 2nd, Kristie Wilson, Harry; 3rd, Chelsea Topping, Mini Me; 4th, Catherine Allen, Ceasar; 5th, Anna Jackson, Cornetto; 6th, Ross McCullough, Scooner

70cms: 1st and trophy, Tyler Houston, Percy; 2nd, Demi Blair, Poppy; 3rd, Myah McClean, Justice; 4th, Shannon Crothers, Mr Darcy; 5th, Anna Jackson, Sammy; 6th, Molly Craig, Paddy

80cms: 1st and trophy, Tyler Houston, Percy; 2nd, Braidie Hogg, Sam; 3rd, Emma Ewing, Buck Rodgers; 4th, Myah McClean, Justice; 5th, Lucy Silby, Hidden Talent; 6th, Jodie McHugh, Rocky

90cms: 1st and trophy, Katie Lee Houston, Minto; 2nd, Glenn Davis, Flash; 3rd, Nicola McClelland, Supreme Heights; 4th, Lucy Silby, Hidden Talent; 5th, Sarah Bailie, Star Diva; 6th, Hollie Riddell, Rock Steady Eddie

1M: 1st and trophy, Alison McClean, Shi; 2nd, Katie Lee Houston, Minto; 3rd, Nicola McClelland, Supreme Heights; 4th, Vicky Morton, Trigger; 5th, Steven Wilson, Smurf; 6th, Hollie Riddell, Rock Steady Eddie

Lead rein: 1st and trophy, Daniel Jackson, Thor; 2nd, Lucas Young, Toby

First ridden: 1st & Trophy, Sam Jackson, Thor; 2nd, Freya McClenaghan, Luke; 3rd, Sophie McAlister, Angus

Family pony lead rein: 1st and trophy, Lucas Young, Toby; 2nd, Charlotte McAlister, Timmy; 3rd, Annabelle Manson, Barney

Family pony first ridden: 1st and trophy, Lucy Bailie, Riverdale Lad

Ridden M&M: 1st and trophy, Chelsea Topping, Toddie; 2nd, Anna Jackson, Cornetto

Ridden show hunter/show pony: 1st and trophy, Anna Jackson, Thor; 2nd, Sophie McAlister, Angus

Ridden hunter: 1st and trophy, Claire Liddle, Ballytrim Molly; 2nd, Gillian Steenson, Splash Dance; 3rd, Kristie Lee McKnight, Pinecroft Elite; 4th, Anne Hill, Chestnuthill

Ridden cob: 1st and trophy, Barbara Jones, Bellahill Aurora; 2nd, Sasha Bain, Knock your socks off

Riding horse: 1st and trophy, Daryl McKinney, Ballylin Ben; 2nd, Anne Hill, Chestnut Hill

Coloured riding horse: 1st and trophy, Ellie Dickson, Pinecroft Bergamo; 2nd, Leeann Radcliffe, Inca; 3rd, Christine Cunningham, Bebe; 4th, Shauna Purdy, Lucy

Racehorse to Riding Horse: 1st and trophy, Sammy Workman, Tic Tac Sally