Finale of league approaching

First place for Jenny Beggs and Mags in Class 2. Pictures by Equi-Tog
First place for Jenny Beggs and Mags in Class 2. Pictures by Equi-Tog

The March dressage at Laurel View was the penultimate competition in the Winter League and provided a great days competition despite the biting wind.

Katherine Barnes and Ballinarry Pepsie Lee, rode a fabulous test to win Ivor Harpers top score in the BD Intro A. Second in the class was earned by The Accountant and Judith Hughes.

Ivor also cast his expert eye over the keen newcomers class, with Jenny Beggs and Mags taking the top spot, just ahead of Cherry and Kirsten Patterson.

Emma Andrews adjudicated the large Prelim 14 class, giving her first place to first time pairing Jimmy Choo and Geraldine Lowry, just ahead of Bobby and Samantha Hamilton.

Prelim 17 were the first scoresheets for Will McAuley’s scribe to complete. Linda McIlwaine and Beechmount Baxter came out on top ahead of Margie Mac and Erin Faloona.

In the Novice class Will’s scoring placed Penny Murphy and Tick-It in the number one position, with Linda McIlwaine and Beechmount Baxter taking home the blue rosette for this class.

The Open was judged by Angelene Nicholson and it was Loughmourne Diamond and Kirsty Marsdens Elementary test that earned her top score. Penny Murphy and Tick-Its Novice test was awarded a very close second.

Test details are all listed on and entries can be taken right up until noon on the 16th by email via or by phone call to 028 9083 0649.

Don’t miss the chance to take part in the Charity Dressage Competition, scheduled for Sunday 24th May, pop the date in your planner now, so that you can do your bit for Childreach International and maybe pick up one of the special prizes on the day.


Class 1 - BD Intro A (walk/trot). Judge - Ivor Harper: 1st Ballinarry Pepsie Lee, Katherine Barnes, 77.61; 2nd The Accountant, Judith Hughes, 68.26; 3rd Marty, Louise Delaney, 68.04; 4th Laurel View Tyson, Niamh Sloan, 65.22; 5th JJ, Diane Jones, 64.78; 6th Marty, Sara Black, 64.13.

Class 2 - Prelim 4 (Newcomers). Judge - Ivor Harper: 1st Mags, Jenny Beggs, 61.59; 2nd Cherry, Kirsten Patterson, 59.55; 3rd Laurel View Rab, Sarah Saied, 59.32; 4th Maverick, Louise Spence, 58.64; 5th Lexi, Dawn Clive, 57.73; 6th Laurel View Silver, Kate Spence, 57.27.

Class 3 - Prelim 14. Judge - Emma Andrews: 1st Jimmy Choo, Geraldine Lowry, 77.71; 2nd Bobby, Samantha Hamilton, 77.50; 3rd Lisbane Diamond, Amy Smyth, 77.08; 4th Matilda, Gillian Orr, 71.46; 5th Easter, Claire Bennett, 71.04; 6th Wizard of Oz, Sophie Winn, 70.83.

Class 4 - Prelim 17. Judge - Will McAuley: 1st Beechmount Baxter, Linda McIlwaine, 78.08; 2nd Margie Mac, Erin Faloona, 71.54; 3rd Riskit Rebel, Erin Faloona, 68.46; 4th Gibbs, Leah Knight, 66.15; 5th Amber, Nicola Dunseith, 65.38; 6th Lisbane Diamond, Amy Smyth, 63.85.

Class 5 - Novice 22. Judge - Will McAuley: 1st Tick-It, Penny Murphy, 78.97; 2nd Beechmount Baxter, Linda McIlwaine, 73.10; 3rd Margie Mac, Erin Faloona, 69.31; 4th Milo, Leah Knight, 63.79; 5th Miss Lady Elegance, Diane O’Donovan, 55.52.

Class 6 – Open. Judge - Angelene Nicholson: 1st Loughmourne Diamond (Elem), Kirsty Marsden, 70.00; 2nd Tick-It (Nov), Penny Murphy, 70.00; 3rd Oliver Hardy (Nov), Martina McKinley, 69.35; 4th Ringfort Nimmerdino (Para Team), Geraldine Lowry, 68.03; 5th Ringfort Nimmerdino (Para Ind), Geraldine 
Lowry, 67.07; 6th Derryvane Danny (Nov), Helen Faulkner, 65.48.