Flexi Eventers continue undeterred by poor weather conditions

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Week three of the Flexi Eventing saw the weather taking a turn for the worse with high winds in some areas.

However, everything was calm, albeit cold, at The Meadows with just the occasional gust of wind reminding us that winter is still not over.

However, the die-hard Eventers carried on and dressage got underway at 9am as scheduled.There was an excellent entry in the Intro class where the hard working Kate Gilmore of Hillside Stables took the honours on Hillside Spirit, two and a half points clear of Kathryn McKibbin and Roxy.

Newcomer, this week, Lorna Glendinning from Mahee Island was delighted with her third placing on Clancey.

Once again, the Pre Novice class was divided to enable even numbers for the Judges. In the ‘A’ section, Jon Champion, who is showing consistent performance in both showjumping and dressage, claimed the red rosette on Louis, just ahead of Camella McDowell on Touching Gold who also ventured into the Novice class for the first time and came a very credible 3rd in a highly competitive class.

The ‘B’ section saw Jill Hobson and Ludovick make their mark for the second successive week, finishing well ahead of second placed Lynne Ireland and Inisharon Aoife. Regular competitor, Caroline McQuillan took 3rd with Mr Brown and, indeed, picked up a fourth in the ‘A’ section with Cavalier Bobby Jo.

Charlotte Dixon proved that last week’s result was no ‘flash in the pan’ as she, again, topped the leaderboard in the Novice section with Fernando, a combination everyone is very much looking forward to seeing in action on the eventing courses.

Showjumping continued unabated from 9.30am until after 2pm with almost 100 tackling Aaron McCusker’s superb tracks as well as gaining valuable experience over the cross country schooling course.

Thanks go to all the judges, scribes, call up stewards, scorers and arena stewards who braved the elements to bring another great sporting event to the Meadows.

Flexi Eventing continues every Saturday until 28th February and is open to everyone.

Dressage must be pre entered with Dora on 97876758979 or dorabeacom@live.co.uk by 6pm on the Wednesday of each week.

Full Results


Arena 1 Intro: Judge Harold Bunting: 1, Kate Gilmore, Hillside Spirit; 2, Kathryn McKibbin, Roxy; 3, Lorna Glendinning, Clancey; 4, Emma McKenna, Mill Races Diamond; 5, Alex Cleland, Whisper Grey Dove; 6, Natasha Moore, Murphy

Arena 1 Pre Novice A: Judge Harold Bunting: 1, Jon Champion, Louis; 2, Camella McDowell, Touching Gold; 3, Rachael Thompson, Apache; 4, Caroline McQuillan, Mr Brown

Arena 2 Pre Novice B: Judge Will McAuley: 1, Jill Hobson, Ludovik; 2, Lynne Ireland, Inisharoan Aoife; 3, Caroline McQuillan, Mr Brown; 4, Clare Steele, Ice; 5, Neil Morrison, Harry; 6, Charlotte Dixon, Cosmo

Arena 2 Novice: Will McAuley: 1, Charlotte Dixon, Fernando; 2, Jemma Parkhill, Louie; 3, Camella McDowell, Touching Gold; 4, Tori Dixon, George; 5, Denis Currie, Bering Strait; 6, Andrew Greer, Jude

Showjumping (double clears)

70cms: Emma McKenna, Ruby, Nicky Nesbitt, Tuesday

80cms: Alex McCourt, My Owner’s Crazy, Lynne Ireland, Dowdstown Dancer, Jo Evans, Chewy, Nicky Nesbitt, Fuzzy

90cms: Nicky Nesbitt, Donald, Gemma McMullan, Ringfort Juno, Stephen Martin, Butterscotch Major, Michael Graham, Matter of Fact, Clare Steele, Wee Hawk, Philip McLean, Ramiro Belle, Caitie Slator, Colour Code Chinook, Clare Steele, Lulu, Jenny Montgomery, Milford’s Lady

1m: Pauline Faloon, Carlingford Sebastian, Katie Wray, Beechburn Lass, Anne Bowe, Festy Breeze, Jon Champion, Louis, Kerry Magill, Lisnahall Miss Toffee, Charlotte Dixon, Cosmo, Jonny Steele, Henry, Jonny Steele, Hallie, Clare Steele, Catalina

1.10m: Izzy Riley, Monarch of The Glen, Sarah McLean, Diamond Obelix, Clare Steele, Ice

1.20m: Joe Harris, Coppindell Concorde, Luke Campbell, Dora

Cross Country Clear Rounds: Pauline Faloon, Carlingford Sebastian, Natasha Moore, Murphy, ally Wilson, Sam, Kerry Magill, Lisnahall Miss Toffee, Alex McCourt, My Owner’s Crazy, Michael Graham, Matter of Fact.