Flexi Eventing underway at the Meadows centre

THE weekend snowfall did nothing to deter the spirit of competitors attending the first leg of the Flexi Eventing at The Meadows Equestrian Centre.

The McCusker family had taken all necessary precautions to ensure that both arenas were in perfect condition although, in the event, there wasn’t even a hint of snow.

Ivor Harper judged the dressage in Arena 1 with Stephen Hewitt acting as his scribe.

Meantime, Arena 2 hosted the showjumping where the day started with superb courses built by Aaron McCusker at 70cms and 1m. Competitors were alternated between both heights. The 70cms was later raised to 80cms and then 90cms while the 1m track progressed to 1.10m and 1.20m.

The cross country course was running all day with the water jump being a particular favourite amongst those availing of this schooling opportunity.

This series of Flexi Eventing continues for the next three weeks and is open to everyone – dressage must be pre-entered with Dora (07876 758 979 or dorabeacom@live.co.uk) by the Wednesday of each week with showjumping and cross country being entered on the day.



Pre Novice BE102: 1. Sophie Buller, Irish Clover Boy; 2. Andrew Scott, Glenhill Lady; 3. Suzi Berry, Lola; 4. Jemma Parkhill, Louis; 5. Fionn Clarke, Black Velvet Band; 6. Fiona Fitzgibbon, Charlie Finn.

Novice BE110: 1. Suzi Berry, Bolero; 2. Toby McAlpine, Rum Jumbie; 3. Fionn Clarke, Black Velvet Band; 4. Jemma Parkhill, Smartie; 5. Sophie Buller, G Maha; 6. Ruth Martin, Maisie.

Intermediate BE115: 1. Suzi Berry, Bolero; 2. Sophie Buller, G Maha.


80cms: No Result.

90cms: 1= Catherine Quee, Hullaballoo, Olivia Mcgauley, Loughview Lady.

1m: 1= Sophie Buller, Murphy , Carla Troughton, Billy.

1.10m: No Result.

Cross Country: 1= Rachel Thompson, Foetsie, Andrew Scott, Glenhill Lady, Catherine Quee, Hullaballoo, Fiona Fitzgibbon, Charlie Finn, Olivia McGauley, Loughview Lady, Terry Smith, Just One Look, Toby McAlpine, Rum Jumbie.