Hackneys take their place in the spotlight at Eaton Park

The committee of the Irish Hackney Horse Society (IHHS) have expressed their delight at the success of its annual show, which was held at Eaton Park, Ballymena, on Saturday, May 11.

Wednesday, 22nd May 2019, 7:57 am

A spokesperson said: “We were delighted to welcome both members and non-members of the IHHS, to our show including a number of exhibitors who had not previously shown their exhibits at our annual show. These new exhibitors being attracted to compete in the newly added miniature horse, traditional Irish cob, colt and stallion classes.

“In addition to welcoming new exhibitors to the new showing class we were honoured to have a special display of working donkeys put on by The Donkey Breed Society.

“We look forwarding to welcoming you back to future shows and events. We were also glad to welcome back the familiar faces both as exhibitor and as spectators.

“We would like to thank all those who give up their time to make our annual show possible including the sponsors, stewards, hospitality team and supporters. Without your hard work and dedication, we could not put on this show and promote the Hackney Horse and Pony (both of which are recognised by the Rare Breeds Survival Trust as being Critically endangered).”

The spokesperson added: “The committee of the IHHS were delighted to have as our judge Mrs Linzi Walsh. Linzi was joined by her husband Ernie(who kindly agreed to act as steward for the day). Linzi and Ernie are well known and respected breeders of Hackney horses at the Marylind Hackney stud.”

The IHHS would like to wish all the exhibitors a successful showing season in 2019.


Hackney Horse In Hand: 1st Glenshane Dandy (James Cleland)

Hackney Pony In Hand: 1st Chico (Brian Steward)

Hackney Mare In Hand: 1st Bell (Lawrence Murdock)

Hackney In Hand Champion: Glenshane Dandy (James Cleland)

Welsh Pony In-Hand: 1st Budore Big Jim (James Cleland); 2nd Budore Terrific (James Cleland); 3rd Ringside Lucifer (John Weir Jr)

Traditional Cob Mare In Hand: 1st Blackstown Fee (Cecil Callaghan)

Traditional Cob Gelding In Hand: 1st Rosehall Alexander (John Weir Jr)

Traditional Cob Stallion In Hand: 1st Taylor’s Sun Cream (Gerard Maybin)

Traditional Cob Champion: Rosehall Alexander (John Weir Jr)

Miniature Horse up to 34”, 1 and 2 year old: 1st Warpaint (Ellen Hamilton); 2nd Leo (Victoria Hamilton); 3rd Sun Shine Man(Sheila Taggart)

Miniature Horse up to 34”, Stallion 4 year plus: 1st Satin Silver Smith (Mervyn Latimer); 2nd Kool Perfection (Steven Hamilton)

Miniature Horse up to 34”, Mare 4 years plus: 1st Princess (Sheila Taggart)

Miniature Horse up to 34”, Best Turned out Exhibit and Exhibitor: 1st Warpaint (Ellen Hamilton); 2nd Satin Silver Smith (Mervyn Latimer); 3rd Leo (Victoria Hamilton); 4th Sun Shine Man(Sheila Taggart)

Miniature Horse Champion: Warpaint (Ellen Hamilton)

Colt: 1st Taylor’s Sun Cream (Gerard Maybin)

Stallion: 1st Budore Terrific (James Cleland); 2nd Kool Perfection (Steven Hamilton)

Novice Pony In Harness: 1st Chico (Brian Steward)

Novice Hackney Champion: Chico (Brian Steward)

Exercise Vehicle: 1st Ringside Lucifer (John Weir Jr); 2nd Clarvalley Jewel (Wallace Shaw); 3rd Polly (Pat Adair)

Roadcart: 1st Polly (Pat Adair)

Exercise Vehicle and Roadcart Champion: Ringside Lucifer (John Weir Jr)

Open Hackney Pony: 1st Heartland Elmo (Tom Sloan); 2nd Chico (Brian Steward)

Open Hackney Horse: 1st Glenshane Dandy (James Cleland)

Open Hackney Champion: Glenshane Dandy (James Cleland)

Private Driving: 1st Borthwood Dressed To Impress(Ruth McCann); 2nd Ringside Lucifer (John Weir Jr); 3rd Clarvalley Jewel (Wallace Shaw); 4th Oldtown Irish Paddy (Lawrence Murdock); 5th Chesney (Natasha Burns)

Light Trade: 1st Rosehall Alexander (John Weir Jr); 2nd Felix (Jimmy Creighton)

Lady Whip: 1st Heartland Elmo(Karen Dalzell); 2th Borthwood Dressed To Impress (Ruth McCann); 3rd Chesney (Natasha Burns)

Private Driving Champion: Heartland Elmo(Karen Dalzell)

Supreme Champion Of Show: Glenshane Dandy (James Cleland)

Reserve Supreme Champion Of Show: Warpaint (Ellen Hamilton).