Hannah and Bobstar go double clear in the 90cm at Mill Yard

Competing in 80cm, Chloe Herron on Darcy
Competing in 80cm, Chloe Herron on Darcy

The Summer Showjumping League at Mill Yard Equestrian Centre, Anahilt, Hillsborough, continued with another great night on Friday, May 27.

Classes were run from cross poles through to 90cm and everyone gets two rounds regardless of faults. There are rosettes for everyone whether you are clear or not. To qualify for prizes in the final at the end of August, horse and rider combinations must compete at seven qualifying nights and the final.

Competing in 60cm, Noleen Tate on Ever

Competing in 60cm, Noleen Tate on Ever

The showjumping League continues on Fridays 10th, 17th and 24th June, 8th, 22nd and 29th July, 12th, 19th and 26th August starting at 6pm sharp with cross poles followed by the 50cm, 60, 70 and 80cm and 90cm (allow half hour per class for start times).

The Jump Challenge League also continues on Sundays 5th June, 3rd July and 7th August.

The cross country course is now open for schooling by appointment. There is a discounted rate of just £8 per horse for anyone wishing to school cross country on a Friday evening after their showjumping round during the Summer Showjumping League and £15 at any other time.

For more information checkout www.mill-yard.co.uk or contact Lucy at lucy@mill-yard.co.uk or 07790 625 794.

Results (double clears):

Cross Poles: Kaitlin Kearns on Joe, Jazmin Kirkwood on Darcy, Fergus Emmett on Oreo, Oliver Kinnear on Mole, Sarah McCombe on Texas LoneStar.

50cm: Vivienne Andrews on Sarah’s Pebbles, Molly McKeown on Tilly, Oliver Kinnear on Mole, Jazmin Kirkwood on Darcy, Poppy Hepburn on Star.

60cm: Lara McCombe on Skip, Alanna Sreele on Willow, Kathy Willis on Stella, Kaitlin Kearns on Puzzle, Claire Lowe on Rosie.

70cm: Melanie Talbot on Calypso, James Hepburn on Star, Kerri Robinson on Legend, John Rymer on Duchess, Zena Martin on Inishcara, Claire Lowe on Chip, Claire Tollerton on Fuzzy, Claire Stevenson on Winston II.

80cm: Barbara Kearns on Kawliga, Gareth Quinn on Cookie, Chloe Herron on Darcy, Laura McDermott on Cognac.

90cm: Hannah Kileff on Bobstar.