Holestone Bloodhounds

Jim Gault
Jim Gault
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ON Saturday, November 3, Holestone Farmers Bloodhounds met at The Five Corners Bar, Ballyclare, for the hunt hosted by Jim and James Gault.

Hunters mounted their horses and were treated to a stirrup cup, kindly provided by the Five Corners, and set off for a top day of hunting. Hounds gave tongue over the rolling countryside of Ballyclare, with horses and riders galloping in their pursuit.

Over lanes the hunt met many obstacles in their way, which all cleared successfully. The next challenge was passing through a river, which succeeded in being tricky to cross. With horses washed in the river it was a quick hack back to Five Corners, with clean horses and happy riders, where a hearty feed was soon devoured and riders toasted another immense day of hunting.

The Holestone Farmers Bloodhounds would like to say a special thanks to Wilbert Hunter, Nigel Miller and Wilbert Hollinger. Also thanking all farmers and landowners who helped make this day possible.