Holestone Bloodhounds at Ballyclare

Katie McClay clearing cross country jump
Katie McClay clearing cross country jump

THE Holestone Farmers Bloodhounds met on October 20 at Norman Boyle’s home on the Lisnalinchy Road, Ballyclare, for another fantastic day of hunting.

Host Norman and joint host Katie McClay treated riders to hot drinks before the horn blew to commence the hunt.

Beginning in Norman’s cross country course, the hunt followed the hounds as they leapt over a row of ditches.

Stopping for a quick sip, two brave riders successfully took on a towering events jump, with riders cheering their safe landing.

Setting off again the hounds gave tongue over rolling barley fields, pushing through hedges with horse and riders quick on their tails.

The last run of the day saw a row of hay bales which provided everyone with a thrill to end their day. Finishing at Norman’s, hot food was appreciated by the tired, hungry riders.

The Holestone Farmers Bloodhounds would like to thank everyone that helped, including the farmers and landowners.