Holestone Bloodhounds welcome the New Year

Ivan Tierney mid air over ditch
Ivan Tierney mid air over ditch

ON New Year’s Day 2013 The Holestone Farmers Bloodhounds met at The Wayside Bar, for a hunt hosted by Jim and James Gault.

After a quick refreshment at the bar all riders were excited for the first hunt of the year.

With all riders mounted, the huntsman blew the horn and the hounds raced ahead. Hounds tore around a barley field, with horses in fast pursuit, allowing them to blow off some steam.

Hounds gave tongue when they got into fields, and gave the riders the first jump of the day over stone walls with a surprise ditch at the other side. Stopping at Billy Bryson’s yard for a quick rest, horses and riders set off again up the Ballybracken Road, galloping up and down lanes. Just before evening set in. Riders finished the day at The Hoy’s Ice Cream yard, and were treated to hot food and drinks.

The Holestone Farmers Bloodhounds would like to thank everyone who helped make this day possible, including farmers and landowners.