Holestone Farmers Bloodhounds start the year in style

Huntsman and master lead the way
Huntsman and master lead the way

ON Saturday 5th January 2013, the Holestone Farmers Bloodhounds met, by kind invitation, at Connell Hill Equestrian Centre, Randalstown for the hunt hosted by Huntsman Sean McCavana, whip-in Cahal Hurrell, and Billy Gault.

All those who had previous experience of this hunt were buzzing with anticipation for the day ahead, and those new to this hunt with nervous anticipation.

With Sean blowing the horn all riders set off towards the first of many jumps. Sean, Cahal and Billy in quick pursuit of the hounds as they lead the hunt over hedges, ditches and jumps.

With kind permission the hunt entered the grounds of Shane’s Castle, on the bank ways of the river riders jumped a series of jumps.

The next main obstacle was crossing the River Maine, which proved entertaining with all riders attempting to keep dry.

The last run of the day gave riders a row of three hedges to tackle, with all agreeing this day was a great success.

Retiring back to Connel Hill for hot food and refreshments, all toasted a great start to 2013.

The Holestone Farmers Bloodhounds would like to thank all those who helped make this day possible, including farmers and landowners.