Houston family in the prizes

In the prizes at Knockagh View's All silver Summer show
In the prizes at Knockagh View's All silver Summer show

Knockagh View Equestrian centre held an All silver Showjumping day recently, with good entries across all classes.

The Houston family had a good day with Tyler and Percy winning two trophies and Katie Lee riding Minot to top spot in the metre class.

In the smaller classes Brooke Istiaque riding Boomerang also took home two trophies.


30cms - Trophy winner: Eva Bagchus, Merlin. Medal winners: Annabelle Manson, Barney; Megan Matthews, Doodles; Charltte Glenn, Dino

40cms - Trophy winner: Brooke Istiaque, Boomerang. Medal Winner: Ria Hewitt, Khal

50cms - Trophy Winner: Brooke Istiaque, Boomerang. Medal Winner: Ria Hewitt, Khal

60cms (no spreads) - Trophy winner: Tara O’Neill, Katie. Medal Winners: Allison Mathews, Tadhg; Sam Jackson, Jack; Daisy Pearson, Minstrel; Suzanne Glenn, Bob

60cms: 1st & trophy, Ellie Nesbitt, Suzy; 2nd, Sam Jackson, Jack; 3rd, Ellie Johnston, Katie; 4th, Daisy Pearson, Minstrel; 5th, Allison Matthews, Tadhg; 6th, Jean Topping, Candy.

70cms: 1st & trophy, Tyler Houston, Percy; 2nd, Emily Hill, Willow; 3rd, Ellie Nesbitt, Suzy; 4th, Gracie Bright, Beauty; 5th, Kristie Wilson, Harry; 6th, Katie Wilson, Bronte.

80cms: 1st & trophy, Tyler Houston, Percy; 2nd, Katie Wilson, Bailey; 3rd, Leah Kirk, French Connection; 4th, Andrew McKinney, Misty; 5th, Sarah Bailey, Lulu; 6th, Katie Wilson, Bronte.

90cms: 1st & trophy, Braidie Hogg, Sam; 2nd, Lisa Dundee, Oldyard Imp; 3rd, Katie Lee Houston, Minto; 4th, John Jackson, Flash; 5th, Andrew McKinney, Zara; 6th, Sarah Bailey, Lulu.

1M: 1st & trophy, Katie Lee Houston, Minto; 2nd, Braidie Hogg, Sam; 3rd, Andrew McKinney, Zara; 4th, Andrew McKinney, Paris; 5th, Lisa Dundee, Oldyard Imp; 6th, Shannon Baird, Lenny.

All Silver Summer Show at Knockagh View

Knockagh View Equestrian Centre is holding an All Silver Summer show on Sunday 21st August, classes start at 10am.

There are a full range of classes for horses and ponies with showjumping, working hunter and showing classes.

For full schedule visit the website www.knockaghviewec@ yahoo.com or contact Scott on 07788 203 076, Ruth on 07732 809 188 or Lesley on 07729 607 768.