In the festive spirit at Knockagh View

Megan Ingram & Thizbee go clear in the 50cm class
Megan Ingram & Thizbee go clear in the 50cm class

KNOCKAGH View had a busy time recently with not one but two Christmas shows.

Saturday got underway with a fun day for the children and Sunday had some bigger jumping with the winners receiving some beautiful trophies.

The course was superb, designed by Alistair Megahey and looked extemely festive.

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Results - Saturday 29th December

30cms (clears): Jay Kinear, Charlie; Rory Kinear, Charlie; Jodie McHugh, Buzz; Jade Halliday, Spirit; Krisite Wilson, Harry; Anna Jackson, Jack; Abby Irwin, Whiskey; Amy Irwin, Whiskey

40cms: Lydia McLeister, Indiana Joe; Anna Jackson, Jack; Megan Ingram, Thizbee; Emma Blair, Owen; Sam Billings, Harry; Sam Billings, Dizzy

50cms: Lydia McLeister, Indiana Joe; Olivia Moffitt, Holly; Megan Ingram, Thizbee

60cms (no spreads): Ellie Nesbitt, Echo; Olivia Moffitt, Holly; Julie-lee Radcliffe, Blu; Megan Ingram, Thizbee; Demi Blair, Cheeky Charlie; Jade Halliday, Spirit

60cms (with Spreads): Demi Blair, Cheeky Charlie; Jade Halliday, Spirit; Olivia Moffitt, Holly

Lead Rein: 1st, Sam Jackson, Razzle; 2nd, Kelsey Gasgoigne, Buzz

First Ridden: 1st, Amy Irwin, Whiskey; 2nd, Julie-Lee Radcliffe, Blu; 3rd, Anna Jackson, Jack; 4th, Jodie McHugh, Buzz

Lead Rein family pony: 1st, Oliver Kinear, Charlie; 2nd, Luke Kinear, whiskey

Family pony: 1st, Abby Irwin, Whiskey; 2nd, Jay Kinear, Charlie

Obstacles: 1st, Pierce Blair, Cheeky Charlie; 2nd, Abby Irwin, Whiskey; 3rd, Amy Irwin, Whiskey; 4th, Rory Kinear, Charlie

Young Handlers: 1st, Julie-Lee Radcliffe; 2nd, Ellie Nesbitt, Echo.

Results - Sunday 30th December

60cms: 1st, Megan Ingram, Thizbee; 2nd, Paula McIlrath, Spice; 3rd, Rachel McGookin, Xsara; 4th, Lisa Dundee, Joey

70cms: 1st, Chloe Hope, Topcat; 2nd, Laura McKay, Scout; 3rd, Steven Wilson, Kirkstown Meg; 4th, Megan Ingram, Thizbee; 5th, Leeann Nesbitt, Vera; 6th, Paula McIlrath, Spice

80cms: 1st, Chloe Hope, Topcat; 2nd, Laura McKay, Scout; 3rd, Tara Murphy, Barney; 4th, Ashlee Ervine, Tango; 5th, Leeann Nesbitt, Vera; 6th, Demi Blair, General Impression

90cms: 1st, Cathy Delargy, Skylark Express; 2nd, Amber Vick, Yogi; 3rd, Lesley Wilson, Lyleview Martell; 4th, Julia Lyttle, Quality Beach; 5th, Sharon Manderson, Belle; 6th, Anne Sheridan, Gypsy

1M: 1st, Sophie Dunn, Flight; 2nd, Anne Sheridan, Gypsy; 3rd, Tori Dunn, Smokey; 4th, Lesley Wilson, Lyleview Martell; 5th, Zoe Woods, Lynx; 6th, Sharon Manderson, Belle

Accumulator: 1st, Amber Vick, Jake; 2nd, Sophie Dunn, Flight; 3rd, Debbie Geddis, General Impression; 4th, Katie McKay, Legend; 5th, Mimi Joffroy, Benny; 6th, Glenn Davis, Flash

Reindeer Pairs: 1st, Magan Ingram, Thizbee & Aimee Roscoe, Peter; 2nd, Laura McKay, Scout & Katie McKay, Legend; 3rd, Chloe Hope, Topcat & Rachel McGookin, Xsara; 4th, Leeann Nesbitt, Vera & Amber Vick, Yogi; 5th, Simone Cairns, Silver Star& Steven Wilson, Kirkstown Meg; 6th, Ellie Ross, Pearl & Tara Murphy, Barney.