In the prizes at Saintfield Horse Show

Winner of the Ulster Tatler LadIes Side Saddle Beth Murray and Reserve Caroline McMillan with judges Ryan Anderson and James Smith
Winner of the Ulster Tatler LadIes Side Saddle Beth Murray and Reserve Caroline McMillan with judges Ryan Anderson and James Smith

The Annual Saintfield Horse Show took place on Saturday, August 19, at Tyrella House. Apart from a light shower the weather was fine.

The event attracted a good turnout of entries across the classes with something for everyone so nobody was left out. There was also great interest in the novelty pet dog show.

Champion Mervyn Latimer with Taunton

Champion Mervyn Latimer with Taunton

The atmosphere was fantastic with Gerard Dornan “Country Harmony” and Box Car Brian providing live music in the marquee.

Michael Drake had a change of job instead of judging and writing about livestock he had the task of judging the most glamorous lady competition.

Show Director Joan Cunningham said: “I am absolutely delighted everything went so well and I was so pleased with the excellent feedback which makes it all worth while.

“I’d like to thank the competitors, sponsors, judges,heads of sections, stewarts, St Johns Ambulance, David Corbett and every person who helped in any way to make the day such a great success.”


Event 1 Grass Hopper (Double Clears): Issac McCartney, Zara (Drew Trophy); Sophie Dodd, Abbey; Freddie Castles, Good luck Charlie; Lucas Bradley, Patchwork Girl; Katie McLeigh, Mr Jinks; Henry McCarthy, Zara; Kirsley Kelly, Amber; Megan Reid, Princess.

Event 2 Cross Poles (Double Clears): Katie Forbes, Abbie (Drew Prize); Freddie Castles, Good Luck Charlie

Event 3 40cms: Ellie Hynds, Ginger (Drew Prize); Freddie Castle, Good Luck Charlie; Mya McMullan, Pepsi; Kelsie Dean, Fly; Anna Morrow, Dottie; Mabel Windram, Toby.

Event 4 50 cms: Anna Morrow, Dottie (Drew Prize); Alex O’Hare, Jasper; Maia Carson, Abbey.

Event 5 60 cm: Alex O’Hare, Jasper (Drew Prize); Amber Bradley, Flynn; Olivia Byrne, Crunchie; Sarah Craig, Pip; Mya McMullan, Pepsi; Maria Kelly, Stella Sweetpea.

Event 6 Pony Club Novice stakes: 1, Amber Bradley, Flynn, 48.09; 2, Olivia Byrne, Crunchie, 43.95; 3, Adam Booth, Max, 55.38.

Event 7 Pony Club Championships: 1, Vikki Fox, Joni, 36.91; 2, Erin Carson, Kilgarry Breezar, 38.69; 3, Meagan Carson, Tynan Tobias, 43.97 4 faults

Event 1: 1, Robyn Hartly, Pepsi

Event 2: =1, Pipa Crutchley, Joe; Abbey Brown, Buckaroo

Event 3: =1, Katie Stitt, Stevie; Lucy McGuinness, Duchess

Event 4 Riding Club Championship (winner will receive the Down District Council Cup): 1, Hannah Moore, Maisie; 2, Rachel McCaughey, Pollyanna; 3, Sharan Cowan, Callin King.

Event 5: 1, Hannah Moore, Maisie (Jim Monaghan Cup); 2, Rebecca Chambers, Boomerang; 3, Victoria Reid, Alintino.

Event 6: 1, Rebecca Chambers, Boomerang; 2, Kerry McGill, Snooki; 3, Fiona Herts, Jaffa.

Event 7 Open horse: 1, Stewart McEwan, Penny (One Stop Mortgage Cup); 2, Rebecca McMullan, Clio; 3, Kerry McGill, Snooki.

Ring 1

Class 13 Small Hunter: 1st, Robin Herron, Done and Dusted; 2nd, Megan Hamill, Goulton Sunny Street.

Class 14 Light Weight Hunter: 1st, Stephen O’Hare, Rio; 2nd, Jane Coley, Lougherne Inspired; 3rd, Sarah McClelland, Bothar Na

Class 15 Middle/Heavy Weight Hunter: 1st, Hannah Blakley, Bonnie McKay; 2nd, Robin Herron, Ardna Rebel Boy; 3rd, Caroline McMillan, Rockrimmon Diamond Surprise; 4th, Conor O’Hare, Lougherne Leo 11; 5th, Sophie Andrews, Fabulous William

Class 16 Coloured Horse: 1st, Shannon McClurg, That’s My Guy

Class 17: Irish Draught Mare/Gelding: 1st, Nicky Hall, Skipping Hall; 2nd, Catherine Patterson, Carrabawn Jewel; 3rd, Robin Herron, Ardna Rebel Boy

Hunter Championship - North Down Marquee Cup: Champion: Hannah Blakely, Bonnie McKay; Reserve: Robin Herron, Done and Dusted

Class 18 Ulster Tatler Ladies Side Saddle Class: 1st, Beth Murray, Kit n Kaboddle; 2nd, Caroline McMillan, Rockrimmon Diamond Surprise

Class 19 Racehorse to Riding: 1st, Chloe Thompson, Moss Bank; 2nd, Sarah McClelland, Bothar Na; 3rd, Amy McCracken, Belanak; 4th, Micha Gnomes, Blueberry Song; 5th, Michelle Presho, Laughing Boy; 6th, Rebecca Gill, Le Storm

Class 20 Light Weight Cob: 1st, Jessica House, Gorgeous George; 2nd, Kerry Mussen, Mojo; 3rd, Hannah Lockhart, Murphy

Class 22 Maxi Cob: 1st, Louise Delaney, Mighty Marty

Class 24 Cob Championship (Classic Marques Cup) Champion: Louise Delaney, Mighty Marty. Reserve: Jessica House, Gorgeous George.

The Supreme Hunter Championship Lagan Construction Cup

Champion: Louise Delaney, Mighty Marty. Reserve: Jessica House, Gorgeous George

Ring 2

Class 24 Foreign Breed 4+: 1st, Lindsay Kirk, Locomotion Lady; 2nd, Helen Waterson, Honey; 3rd, Emma Hayes, Yasser Arafat

Class 25 Irish Draught Mare or Gelding 4yrs+ shown in hand: 1st, Amanda Wright, Skipping Rose

Class 26 Traditional Irish Cob 4yrs + not exceeding 153cms shown in hand: 1st, Maurice Campbell, Rosog Jodi; 2nd, Vivienne Andrews, Sarah’s Pebbles; 3rd, Ruth Stewart, Caleb

Class 27 Veteran Horse over 168 cms Mare/Gelding 12 years+: 1st, Chloe Thompson, Moss Bank; 2nd, Sarah McClelland, Bothar Na; 3rd, Gillian Steenson, Splash Dance; 4th, Lindsay Kirk, Locomotion Lady.

Class 28 Happy Hackers Suitable for a day’s hacking Riders over 15: 1st, Lindsey Craig, Limelight Lexington; 2nd, Lindsay Kirk, Locomotion Lady; 3rd, Vivienne Andrews, Sarah’s Pebbles; 4th, Ruth Stewart, Caleb

Class 29 Riding Horse over 158 Riders over 15 years: 1st, Chloe Thompson, Moss Bank; 2nd, Sarah McClelland, Bothar Na; 3rd, Lindsey Craig, Limelight Lexington

Class 30 Riding Horse 148cms not exceeding 158 cms: 1st, Joanne Gordon, Wee Flo; 2nd, Rebecca Gill, Le Storm; 3rd, Heather Hillen, Flynn; 4th, Sharon McClurg, That’s my guy

Riding Horse Championship 1st & 2nd from classes 29 & 30 - Champion: Chloe Thompson, Moss Bank; Reserve: Sarah McClelland, Bothar Na

Class 30: 1st, Stella Taggart, Meadow Dew Cottage Firecracker; 2nd, Adele Huddleson, Twinkle Toes.

Class 31: Rachel Hanna, Jimmy choo; 2nd, Ellen Hamilton, Sahara Queen.

Class 32: 1st, Shiela Taggart, Princess.

Class 33: Shiela Taggart, Shallom satin Silver Smith.

Class 34: 1st, Adele Huddleson, Twinkle Toes; 2nd, Katelyn Irvine, My My Delilah; 3rd, Anne McSpadden, Barry

Class 35: 1st, Shiela Taggart, Shallom Satin Silver Smith; 2nd, Rachel Hanna, Jimmy Choo; 3rd, Shiela Taggart, Princess Jasmine; 4th, Adele huddleson, Twinkle Toes

Class 36 - No entries

Class37: 1st, Rachel hanna, Jimmy Choo; 2nd, Ellen Hamilton, Sahara Queen

Intro: 1st, Rachel Freil; 2nd, Kim Robinson; 3rd, Valerie McCracken; 3rd, Mary Hamill; 4th, Helen Watterson

Prelim: 1st, Rachel Freil; 2nd, Kim Robinson; 3rd, Sarah Eccles; 4th, Kerry Magill - Gucci; 5th, Aimee McKeown; 6th, Kerry Magill.

Novice: 1st, Reece Hogg.

Open: 1st, Emily Corbett; 2nd, Reece Hogg; 3rd, Emily Corbett.