Irish Hackney Horse Society show

Fergie Bingham
Fergie Bingham

On Tuesday, January 24, the show committee of the Irish Hackney Horse Society held a meeting at the home of newly-appointed chairman Brian Steward to organise the annual show.

Following this meeting the society has announced that its annual show will be held on Saturday, April 29, starting at 11am, at Eaton Park, 209 Raceview Road, Ballymena.

The society decided to move the show forward from its usual date on May Day to avoid clashing with another event (being organised jointly by the Northern Ireland Carriage Driving Association and the Whip and Collar Driving Club) facilitating exhibitors and spectators who wish to attend both events.

The society has also announced that the show will be affiliated with the Hackney Horse Society and will be one of only two qualifying shows in Ireland for the Hackney Horse Society’s hackney horse and pony of the year, the other being the Royal Ulster Agricultural Society’s Balmoral Show, which is being held on the 10th-13th May at Balmoral Park.

Stephen Bamford, from Surrey, has agreed to judge the show. Stephen is well known in hackney circles both as an exhibitor and as a judge.

In addition to the qualifiers for the open hackney pony in-harness and open hackney horse in-harness, classes at this year’s show will include: Hackney in-hand; Welsh in-hand; any other breed in-hand; novice driving; novice Hackney pony in-harness; novice Hackney horse in-harness; exercise vehicle; non Hackney type to a suitable traditional type vehicle; Hackney type to a suitable traditional type vehicle; light trade; country turnout

Lady whip; junior whip; international Hackney pony in-harness; international Hackney horse in-harness.

All classes at the Irish Hackney Horse Society’s annual show will be open to both members and non-members (the qualifying classes will be ran under the rules of the Hackney Horse Society), and will provide exhibitors with a fantastic opportunity to get their showing season started at one of the best show venues on the Irish driving show circuit.

For further information visit the website: www.Irishhackney.Org