It’s a Smith one, two at Kircubbin

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Kircubbin was the beautiful setting for the latest Northern Region Event, on a day of wall to wall sunshine, writes Dora Beacom.

As always, Eamonn and Karen O’Flynn, together with their daughter, Hollie, had worked tirelessly following the heavy and persistent rainfall of the previous few weeks, to ensure that ground conditions were as close to perfect as possible. All take offs and landings on cross country were dusted and the three courses were superbly presented and provided challenges throughout. This attention to detail and friendly approach to competitors, owners, volunteers and officials is one of the many reasons why Kircubbin was voted as the Best National Event of 2017.

Smith Brothers, who had sixteen horses at the event, had a very good day.

Steven took a one-two in the O/CNC1* class, securing the win on Ballyward, a gelding by Ghareeb, owned by Mimi Falb and slotting into second place with Gina Johnston’s home bred gelding, Hill Patrol. Mandy Driesch’s six year old stallion, Grand Marnier, took the honours in the HORSE FIRST CNC1* class under the guidance of Declan Cullen on their sixth outing of the season, finishing on their dressage score of 22.75. Daniel Brown and Fleur de Lis gave a good account of themselves in a very competitive and full class.

There were just three starters in the Baileys Horse Feeds CNCJ1* class but the riders still put up a great battle for supremacy which was won by Millie-Jane Bell and Hillview Quality Control, followed by Hollie Smith with Anvil Lodge Pinnochio and Caitie Slater with Glenhill Gold.

Katie McKee and Fair Lad had a great run in the CNCP2* class, being the only combination to go clear inside the time to finish over two points clear of Lucy Johnston and Tynan Mist.

Denis Currie enjoyed his fifth consecutive win on Arodstown Aramis in the CNC1* Amateur class, having led from the first phase and finished over three points clear of the Tyrella 3 winner, Holly McClenaghan and Miranda.

There were back to back wins for Jayne Moore riding Layla’s Way in the EI 100 Amateur class who finished on their dressage score, as did second-placed Florence Campbell and Anvil Diamond.

There were almost thirty starters in the EI 100 class where, once again, Adam Haugh rose to the top with his Leanne Marshall bred gelding, Van Thee Man, replicating his performance at Maddybenny. David O’Connor slotted in to second place, just one point behind on Dancing Queen and Adam also took a third placing with Ballybolger Lionman.

Hollie Smith, riding Diane Harron-Eakin’s ten year old Iroko gelding, Ringfort Rubicon, claimed the red rosette in the EI 100J class on just their second partnership outing.

Kate Shields and Melody Maker picked up a second placing.

Cerys Howell and Essenar Luizza had plenty to celebrate as they claimed victory in the EI 100P class with Alex Byrne taking second on Forest Lodge Rambler and third with Millbrae Abbie.

April’s Pacino Time, a five year old mare by Pacino, made a very impressive start to her eventing career by winning a competitive EI 90 class on her first outing with Casey Webb on board. They completed both jumping phases clear and finished ahead of relative newcomer, Chloe Harrison and Paradise Cavalier.

Claire Liddle and Ballytrim Molly made their first appearance this season one to remember as they galloped to the top of the EI 90 Amateur class, despite lowering a coloured pole. An absolutely delighted Rhonda Hall took the runner-up spot with her Good Thyne gelding, Bill Little who added nothing to their dressage score.

Alex Ogle moved up one spot from her last outing at Tyrella 4 to claim the red rosette in the EI 90P class with Minstrel Pathfinder. They finished eight points clear of second placed Amy Tubman who was making her eventing debut with Corha Delight. They certainly show great promise, finishing on their dressage score.

Sincere thanks go to the O’Flynn family for all their hard work preparing the venue for the event and for their wonderful welcome and hospitality.

Thanks, too, to the army of volunteers who carried out all of the tasks with great aplomb. Their fortitude and commitment is inspiring.

Full results

1. Steven Smith, Ballyward; 2. Steven Smith, Hill Patrol; 3. Victoria Clarke, Red Curacao; 4. Clare Abbott, Timpany Night; 5. Emma Jackson, Magheradrummond Lad; 6. Emma Newsam, Kilcooley Michael.

CNC1*: 1. Declan Cullen, Grand Marnier; 2. Daniel Brown, Fleur De Lis; 3. Steven Smith, Donogue Big Ronnie; 4. Lydia Dawson, Clonswords Alf; 5. Emily Corbett, Tyrella Whiskey; 6. Leah Knight, Kindred Spirit.

CNCJ1*: 1. Millie-Jane Bell, Hillview Quality Control; 2. Hollie Smith, Anvil Lodge Pinnochio; 3. Caitie Slater, Glenhill Gold

CNCP2*: 1. Katie McKee, Fair Lad; 2. Lucy Johnston, Tynan Mist; 3. Noah Brown, Jimmy Thunderstruck; 4. Rocco Quinn, Knockagarron Fear Bui Princess; 5. Aine Duggan, Manninard Diamaid.

CNC1* Amateur: 1. Denis Currie, Arodstown Aramis; 2. Holly McClenaghan, Miranda; 3. Rachel Keys, Drumnaconnell Bellagio; 4. Mimi Falb, Kilpipe Jewel; 5. Florence Campbell, Imperial Master; 6. Emily Morris, Florida Bud.

EI 100 Amateur: 1. Jayne Moore, Laylas Way; 2. Florence Campbell, Anvil Diamond; 3. Debbie McNeill, OB Active; 4. Julia Fielden, Absoloodle; 5. Ruth Logan, Oldyard Imp; 6. Grainne Baxter, Cillbhrid Splash.

EI 100: 1. Adam Haugh, Van Thee Man; 2. David O’Connor, Dancing Queen; 3. Adam Haugh, Ballybolger Lionman; 4. Camilla Manningham-Buller, Me and You; 5. Emily Corbett, Lynara First Dezign; 6. Trevor Smith, A hint of Red.

EI 100J: 1. Hollie Smith, Ringfort Rubicon; 2. Katherine Shields, Melody Maker; 3. Katie McKee, Hide N Seek; 4. Katie O’Reilly, Indian Dreamer; 5. Hannah Morrow, My Good Thyne Girl; 6. Katherine O’Hare, Keonan Hero.

EI 100P: 1. Cerys Howell, ERssenar Luizza; 2. Alex Byrne, Forest Lodge Rambler; 3. Alex Byrne, Millbrae Abbie.

EI 90: 1. Casey Webb, April’s Pacino Time; 2. Chloe Harrison, Paradise Cavalier; 3. Nicola Ennis, Sarco To Perfection; 4. Lois Thompson, Kiltown Watson; 5. Casey Webb, Miss Matana; 6. Fiona Cooper, A Queen of Heart.

EI 90 Amateur: 1. Claire Liddle, Ballytrim Molly; 2. Rhonda Hall, Bill Little; 3. Shane Belton, Hold Up Clover; 4. Hannah Thompson, Ballylurgan Imperial Fly; 5. Kathryn McCaughan, Artistic Design; 6. Colleen Murphy, Aurora Nights.

EI 90P: 1. Alex Ogle, Minstrel Pathfinder; 2. Amy Tubman, Corha Delight; 3. Taylor Hunter, Magic Rhythm; 4. Felicity McConnell, Rickamore Sport; 5. Sarah O’Shea, CHE Esmeralda; 6. Tori Jewiss, Carraigoir Blaze.