January jump start at Laurel View

Tinks and Mark Ross pleased to come top of the 45cm class. Picture: Equi-Tog
Tinks and Mark Ross pleased to come top of the 45cm class. Picture: Equi-Tog

There were plenty of fresh horses shaking off the icicles at the showjumping competition in the Laurel View Equestrian Centre indoors on Sunday, January 21.

Unfortunately many still couldn’t get out of their own yards to come and compete, but those that made it were given a very warm welcome.

The rosette winners are featured in the results listed below, with many of them benefiting from a little cash back after riding lovely double clear rounds.

The 70cm class was a qualifying class for the Pony Club Area 17 12 and under competition, while the 80cm and 90cm provided a qualifying opportunity for the Dengie Debut and Winter League Area competitions respectively. Good wishes to those that earned their qualification at the Laurel View competition and all the very best as they go forward to the Area final.

Plenty more show jumping action planned at Laurel View with the Spring Pounds for Points Show Jumping League getting underway on March 14 and the Easter Show only a hop, skip and a jump away on April 8.

Check out www.laurelview.co.uk for the full calendar of activities.


45cm - 1st Tinks, Mark Ross; 2nd Vechtress, Amber Kirkwood; 3rd Haribo, Amelia Bannon; 4th Henry, Cayleigh Erwin; 5th Connie, Chloe Chesney.

50cm - 1st Henry, Cayleigh Erwin; 2nd Haribo, Amelia Bannon.

60cm - 1st Forest Flash, Nicole Peoples; 2nd Woodrow Rosewood, Erin McCrea.

70cm - 1st Dapple, Holly Ross; 2nd Woodrow Rosewood, Erin McCrea; 3rd Bessie, Kaityln Hodge; 4th Laid Back Dude, Stephanie Fox; 5th Harry, Claire White.

80cm - 1st Bessie, Kaityln Hodge; 2nd Romeo, Rocco Cairns; 3rd Dawn, Lana Turner; 4th Comet, Emily Sempey.

90cm - 1st Fairy Lodge Gold, Alison Larkham; 2nd Ranger, Joel Peoples; 3rd Romeo, Rocco Cairns; 4th Dawn, Lana Turner.