Jump challenge proves popular

Competing in Class 2 ' Claire Dobbin on Louis
Competing in Class 2 ' Claire Dobbin on Louis

There was another great turnout for the second round of the Jump Challenge League 2015 at Mill Yard Equestrian Centre, Anahilt, Hillsborough.

A combination of showjumping, working hunter and cross country fences provided an enjoyable course with a few challenges which everyone coped with very well.

Competing in Class 2 ' Kerri Robinson on Vinny

Competing in Class 2 ' Kerri Robinson on Vinny

Mill Yard would like to thank everyone who competed at and supported the event.

The Jump Challenge League continues on Sundays 21st June, 19th July and 16th August.

Other upcoming events at Mill Yard include the Mini League Showjumping on Friday evenings throughout the summer, starting at 6pm with cross poles followed by the 50cm, 60, 70 and 80cm League classes (allow half hour per class for start times), then 90cm+ anyone wishing to jump higher.

The cross country course is open for schooling by appointment, simply contact Lucy.

There is a discounted rate of just £8 per horse for anyone wishing to school cross country on a Friday evening after their showjumping round.

For more information, check out www.mill-yard.co.uk or contact Lucy on 07790 625794.

Results for Jump Challenge League on Sunday 17th May 2015;

Class 1 – 55cm: =1st (five points) – Chloe Agnew on Dusty, Kaitlyn Kearns on Puzzle, Tasha Anderson on Heathpool Zeno, Kristina Hayes on Ruby, Scott Ferguson on Harvey Moon; =2nd (four points) – Lucy Kayes on Bronelli Winston, Kaitlin Kearns on Joe; 3rd (three points) – Amy Breeze on Lily.

Class 2 – 70cm: =1st (five points) – Linda Marshall on Ben, Megan Ferguson on Harvey Moon, Karina McVeigh on Midnight Reflection. Claire Dobbin on Louis; 2nd (four points) – Tasha Anderson on Heathpool Zeno.

Class 3 – 85cm: =1st (five points) – Victoria Wray on Uncle Ben, Sancha Talbot on Calypso, Sharon Cowan on Calin King, Victoria Wray on Duchess, Bethany Ney on Kawliga, Albert Lowry on Oh Dear; =2nd (four points) – Louise Watt on Chloe.

Class 4 – 1m: =1st (five points) – Alison Parkes on Rodger, Beth Taylor on Lockstown Luvli, Sharon Cowan on Calin King; =2nd (four points) – Louise Watts on Chloe.

Class 5 – Pairs: =1st (10 Points) – Emma Cochrane on Extract and Sancha Talbot on Calypso, Pamela Fox on Bonnie Sir Edward and Victoria Wray on Duchess, Victoria Wray on Uncle Ben and Beth Taylor on Lockstown Luvli.