Justine shows great ‘Charissma’ at Meadows Flexi Eventing day

Emma Sloan Leather riding Fifi in the 1m class
Emma Sloan Leather riding Fifi in the 1m class

With no event taking place on Saturday, the Northern Region, in association with The Meadows Equestrian Centre, held a Flexi Eventing Day to mark the launch of the new ‘all weather’ arena.

It was certainly a special day for the Lurgan venue which was in pristine condition for the masses who travelled from all over Ireland to participate in this new venture.

Three dressage arenas were laid out on the beautifully manicured grass area which was adorned with colourful flowers, befitting any International event.

Showjumping took place in Arena 2 and two fabulous cross country courses spread out across Arenas 1 and 3.

Adam Stevenson’s creative abilities were put to the test as he designed two challenging but perfectly flowing courses which replicated proper events.

There were superb entries across all three disciplines with action starting just before 9am and continuing through until 5pm. The many positive comments reflected the level of education which took place for both riders and horses and is certainly a formula which will be replicated in the future.

Well known eventer, Donnacha Anhold, travelled from Sligo with a lorry load of horses and he was justifiably rewarded with a win in the Intermediate class.

However, the biggest reward went to Nutts Corner eventer, Justine Harding with Charissma who ended on maximum points, having won her dressage class, jumped double clear and also kept a clean sheet around the cross country course. Her reward is an overnight stay in the Maldron Hotel to include dinner for two.

Emma Jackson, returning to the sport after an accident last month, picked up a £100 voucher for The Pot Belly Restaurant for her second place on Silky. Emily Corbett was delighted with her five bags of Baileys Horse Feed very kindly supplied by Judy Maxwell. Suzanne Hagan will be looking the part having won a C4 belt, kindly donated by Georgia Stubington, while Elaine Gardner, Reese Hogg, Lynsey Napier-Sneddon and Johnny Mulligan will all be heading to Tattersalls International Horse Trials in June having won family passes for their top placings.

The organisers extend a huge thank you to all the sponsors and to the many helpers in the form of judges, scribes, arena parties, starters, scorers and secretarial staff for making this inaugural event such a success.

Full results


Intro A – Judge Emma Hobson: 1, Suzanne Jordan, Oby; 2, Jayne Moore, Indian Princess Blossom; 3, Lynn Patterson, Stainsby Free Spirit; 4, Sarah McClay, Lisavan Tigger; 5, Nikki Cullen, Danske Coevers Diamond Lass; 6, Bree Rutledge, Clovermount Rhinestone.

Intro B – Judge Emma Hobson: 1, Elaine Gardner, Olly; 2, Emma Dowds, Mystery Aristocrat; 3, Kathryn Marshall, Aristocrat; 4, Lynsey Napier-Sneddon, Carsonstown Porsch; 5, Felicity Johnston, Blue Cobweb; 6, Edana Butler, Karnanees Dream.

Pre-Novice – Judge Mark Robinson: 1, Justine Harding, Charissma; 2, Johnny Mulligan, Mando; 3, Emily Corbett, Cash; 4, Kim McKeown, Limited Edition; 5, Donnacha Anhold, DBS Springbank; 6, Rachael Suffern, Miss Cole.

Novice - Judge Martina McKinley: 1, Johnny Steele, Henry; 2, Emma Jackson, Silky; 3, Reese Hogg, Smithy; 4, Rachel Rendle, Ballyvally Bay; 5, Emma Jackson, Alfie; 6, Trevor Smith, Ballyartan Contessa.

Intermediate - Judge Martina McKinley: 1, Donnacha Anhold, AP Topstar; 2, Katie Burns, Bella; 3, Johnny Steele, Henry; 4, Trevor Smith, Derryinver Girl; 5, Toni Quail, Ringfort Rua; 6, Clare Steele, Ajax.

Showjumping (Double Clears)

70cms: Emma Wallace, Trooper, Donnacha Anhold, E Laureldor, Sarah McClay, Lisavan Tigger, Janine Thompson, Lily, Claire Schaefer, Harry.

80cms: Claire Schaefer, Molly, Chloe Lister-Tinsley, Jamie, Sharon McKeever, Rolo, Kerry Magill, Cruz, Jodie Somerville, Smartie, Kim McKeown, Limited Edition, Beverley Caves, Coke, Jayne Moore, India, Clare Schaefer, Molly, Sarah Burns, Bobby, Sarah Burns, Rocky.

90cms: Jodie Somerville, Smartie, Emma Davison, Bob, Rachel Ross, Pollyana, Rachael Kerr, Hughie, Sarah McCarthy, Master P, Ellie McConnell, Hilda, Emmalee Turley, Ice Man, Kate Keenan, Petra, Emma Dowds, Mystery Aristocrat, Hollie Woods, Scotstown Crackerjack, Beverley Caves, Jerry, Sandra Somerville, Chilled Magners,

1m: Stephen Gibson, Louie, Rachel Lambe, Run This Town, Paul Caves, Topaz, Nicole Barr, Dee Jay, Rachael Suffern, Miss Cole, Emily Corbett, Cash, Tabytha Bonar, Apache Dove, Suzanne Hagan, Big Bird, Freya Kennedy, Carrickview Diamond Gayle, Emma Jackson, Sandy, Emily Corbett, May, Sarah Burns, Star, Shannon Treanor, Gortnagarry Lad, Colin Halliday, Boris, Maurice Bingham, Clarkson, Donnacha Anhold, DBS Springbank, Beverley Caves, Yolo, Eric Pele, Willow, Nikki Cullen, Tango Lad, Hazel Hilland, Snip, Shiek Samir Mirdad, Mirdad’s Farido, Meabh McIlduff, Dusty, Kiera Malcolmson, Rockon Pedro, Kelly Fergus, Art Monarch, Jessica Nelson, Murphy, Emily Corbett, Rocky, Catherine Robinson, Borisa, Shiek Samir Mirdad, Monarch, Felicity Johnston, Blue Cobweb.

1.10m: Harriet Pele, Lisbane Pacino, Emma Jackson, Silky, Ella Grant, Derrymona Chips, Justine Harding, Charissma, Trevor Smith, Derrinver Girl, Hollie Smith, Baby Roller, Anita Doherty, Ruby, Lauren Johnston, That’s My Guy, Melanie Geddis, AC, Michael McGaffin, Ferros Diablo, Johnny Mulligan, Ted, Eric Pele, Willow, Lionel Johnston, Lady Gino, Kate Keenan, Cushnacain,

1.20m: Emma Jackson, Lily, Ella Grant, Derrymona Chips, Toni Quail, Ringfort Rua, Luke Campbell, Tricksen, Emma Jackson, Belle

Cross Country (Clear Rounds): Johnny Mulligan, Mando, Rachel Harrison, Elva, Suzanne Hagan, Big Bird, Nicole Barr, Dee Jay, Kelly Fergus, Art Monarch, Emma Leathem, Fifi, Ben Rowlatt McCormick, Mon Ami Alme, Leah Knight, Susie, Sarah Panache, Bob, Tara Fergus, Tirconnell , Connie Hannaway, Indie, Sarah Moore, Seamus, Abi Carlisle, Monkey, Jessica Nelson, Murphy, Reese Hogg, Smithy, Michael McGaffin, Lucero, Nicky Cullen, Tango Lad, Jenny Beggs, Maggie Moo, Justine Harding, Charissma, Stacey Watling, BB, Elaine Gardner, Olly, Stacey Watling, Tess, Lauren Johnston, That’s My Guy, Rachael Kerr, Hughie, Emily Corbett, Rocky, Connie Hannaway, Millie, Caitie Slater, Dun Surprise, Emma Jackson, Billy, Emily Corbett, Cash, Emma Davison, Bob, Emma Jackson, Milly, Alex Ryan, Misty, Stacey Watling, Bobby, Toni Quail, Ringfort Rua, Emma Jackson, Silky, Kate Keenan, Petra, Gemma Baird, Jazzy Jeff.

Overall Results (based on all three disciplines):

1, Justine Harding, Charissma (Overnight stay and dinner at Maldron Hotel, Dublin)

2, Emma Jackson, Silky (£100 voucher for Pot Belly Restaurant)

3, Emily Corbett, Cash (5 bags of Baileys Horse Feed)

4, Suzanne Jordan, Oby (C4 belt)

5, Elaine Gardner, Ollie (Family Pass for Tattersalls International Horse Trials)

6, Reese Hogg, Smithy (Family Pass for Tattersalls International Horse Trials)

7, Lynsey Napier-Sneddon, Carsonstown Porsch (Family Pass for Tattersalls International Horse Trials)

8, Johnny Mulligan, Mando (Family Pass for Tattersalls International Horse Trials).