Kaitlyn and Joe go clear at Mill Yard

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The Mini League Showjumping at Mill Yard Equestrian Centre, Anahilt, Hillsborough, continued on Friday 8th May.

Please note there is no jumping on Friday 15th May but will continue from Friday 22nd May throughout the summer, starting at 6pm with cross poles followed by the 50cm, 60, 70 and 80cm League classes (allow half hour per class for start times), then 90cm+ for anyone wishing to jump higher.

Everyone gets two rounds regardless of faults and to qualify for the final at the end of each month, horse and rider combinations must compete at two qualifying nights within that month.

The Jump Challenge League also continues on Sunday 17th May with SJ, XC and WH fences from 55cm to 1m, starts 11am.

The cross country course is open for schooling by appointment, just contact Lucy. There is a discounted rate of just £8 per horse for anyone wishing to school cross country on a Friday evening after their showjumping round.

For more information checkout www.mill-yard.co.uk or contact Lucy at lucy@mill-yard.co.uk or 07790625794

Double Clear Results for Friday 8th May 2015

Cross Poles: Kaitlyn Kearns on Joe

50cm(L): No Clears

60cm(L): No Clears

70cm(L): Claire Dobbin on Louis, Sarah Dickson on Blue, Trevor Cardwell on Cassie

80cm(L): Trevor Cardwell on Cassie, Sarah Dickson on Blue, Beth Taylor on Lockstown Luvli, Zoe Gilliland on Harry, Emily Stewart on Calico

90cm: Zoe Gilliland on Charlie, Bethany Ney on Kawliga