Karl and Gold Girl take 1m honours

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Ecclesville ran the third of four Sunday Shows on 4 October and the lovely autumnal weather saw a pleasing number of competitors enjoying Raymond Caldwell’s courses.

The 90cm Open Pony Class was won by the quick and careful combination of Emma McCreadie and Destiny. Karl Kee and Gold Girl twisted and flew round the 1m Horse Open Class to win the red ribbon.


60cm Pony Class (Double Clears): Chloe Flood and Paddy; Chloe McGuigan and Cashel Sue (Drew prize); Mairead McGarland and Puzzle

75cm Pony Class - No Double Clears

90cm Pony Open Class: 1st, Emma McCreadie and Destiny; 2nd, Saskia Hale and Blackthorn Admiral; 3rd, Scott McIvor and Sheena Shadow

60cm Horse Class- (Double Clears): Lisa McFarland and Magic (Drew prize); Tyler McCrea and Double Kudos

75cm Horse Class (Double Clears): Lisa McFarland and Magic (Drew prize); Katie Long and Alistair

90cm Horse Class (Double Clears – shared Prize Fund): Katie Clarke and Blue; Lisa Patterson and Lucy; Amy Mallon and Candy; Hazel Shortt and Sunset Glory; Katie Clarke and Joleen; Karl Kee and Gold Girl

1m Horse Open Class: 1st Karl Kee and Gold Girl; 2nd Katie Clarke and Joleen

Ecclesville Centre will the last of their Sunday Shows on 11 October and for competitors planning on jumping at Omagh High School’s Interschool event on Saturday 24 October they would be an ideal opportunity to see Ecclesville’s colourful jumps.

For further information contact on 028 8284 0591 or Sandra on 07990 541 966.