Laurel View hosts its Christmas Show

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The Laurel View Riding School Christmas Show is a very popular annual event and 2014 was no exception.

The show on Saturday 20th December saw ten very enthusiastic teams giving show jumping a go, some for the very first time.

The mulled drinks were flowing and the mince pies nice and warm. Santa’s little helpers were on hand to guide those with navigational issues through the festive fences, while the crowd of supporters and non-jumpers cheered on the riders.

Teams of four members jumped a combo of cross poles, 45cm, 60cm and 70cm, clear rounds as ever being the priority, after that it was speed that sorted the team positions.

Erin McCrea, Zara Davis, Rebecca Gillen and Katie Watt rode Sparky, Peggy, Rab and Bella into the top spot.

Barney B, Bruno, Addy and Cindy were the steeds to take riders Chloe Chesney, Chloe Baxter, Katy Clarke and Simon Wylie into second place.

Appropriately festive prizes were presented to the top teams, before the competitors headed home and the riding school horses and ponies were put to bed for the night.

The Riding School horses and ponies began their Christmas holidays on Christmas Eve and over the festive period many of them were looked after and given a little extra TLC by riding school patrons who took the opportunity to have a horse for the holidays.

Lessons commenced again on 2nd January, so New Year’s Day was an opportune day to have a special tack and turnout competition for these temporary owners. Katie McDonnell got top marks overall for her efforts with Sly.

To find out more about joining Laurel View Riding School as a student give the office a ring on 028 9083 0649 or find out more on the riding lessons page of

Riding School Show results - 1st team: Sparky, Erin McCrea; Peggy, Zara Davis; Rab, Rebecca Gillen; Bella, Katie Watt; 2nd team: Barney B, Chloe Chesney; Bruno, Chloe Baxter; Addy, Katy Clarke; Cindy, Simon Wylie; 3rd team: Marley, Monica Conlon; Roly, Shannon Duffy; Barney, Rachel Rafferty; Rab, Sarah Saied; 4th team: Bruno, Chloe Craig; Peggy, Lucy McMahon Beattie; Roly, Anna Magee; Rab, Grace-Ann Elliott; 5th team: Sparky, Orlaith McKeating; Tyson, Niamh Sloan; Barney B, Richard Webster; Chief, Cora McNulty; 6th team: Peggy, Lana Turner; Connie, Cormac Creagh; Guinness, Ellie Templeton; Jori, Savannah Thompson.

Horses for the Holidays - Tack and Turnout Competition

Overall: 1st, Katie McDonnell; 2nd, Rachel Gracey; 3rd, Kate Spence; 4th, Natasha Lowry

Plaits Prize – Kate Spence.

Hooves Honours – Katie McDonnell.

Terrific Tack – Sarah Saied.

Cleanest Creature – Laura Devine.

Best Groomed Rider – Rachel Rafferty.

Super Stable – Katie McDonnell.