Laurel View league marches on

There was a second in Class 2 for Moya Carlin riding Trial and Error
There was a second in Class 2 for Moya Carlin riding Trial and Error

What has felt like the wettest winter since records began has not dampened the enthusiasm for dressage at Laurel View as the fifth competition of the league took place on March 6.

Class 1 competitors rode BD Intro A for their judge Martina McKinley. When the scores were added up Wendy Forsythe and Tifftarney PJ Gold came out on top, ahead of Bob the Cob ridden by Jackie Bowen.

Prelim 13 might be considered unlucky by some, but surely not by Wendy Forsythe and Tifftarney PJ Gold who topped Class 2 judged by Ivor Harper. The runners up spot went to Moya Carlin and Trial and Error.

Ivor also judged Class 3 competitors riding Prelim 14. Here Allan Dewhurst and Podge took the first place honours, closely followed by Alfie and Louise Beggs.

Lucy Adams cast her expert eye over all classes in the outdoor arena and first up was Class 4 and Prelim 17. The winners’ spot was awarded to Aristrocat and Lisa Dundee, with Cloonlee Red River and Kirstin Thom taking the blue rosette.

Lisa Dundee and Aristrocat also won the Novice class, just scoring ahead of Judi Caldwell and Ferrol.

Last but by no means least was the Open Class which was won by Ruaidri O’Cainain and Wishful Thinking for their Medium test. Linda McIlwaine and Beechmount Baxters Novice test earned them second place.

The Laurel View Winter Dressage League has passed by very quickly and the final on April 10 will soon be here. Plenty of time to get entries in before noon on Thursday, April 7. Anyone interested can check out the full schedule on or give the office a ring on 028 9083 0649.


Winter Dressage League

Class 1 - BD Intro A - Judge Martina McKinley: 1st Tifftarney PJ Gold, Wendy Forsythe, 74.35; 2nd Bob the Cob, Jackie Bowen, 67.39; 3rd Sonny, Edana Butler, 66.96; 4th Jordi, Ruaidri O’Cainain, 66.74; 5th Ashby, Ruaidri O’Cainain, 64.13; 6th Laurel View Lass, Brian Johnston, 62.61.

Class 2 - Prelim 13 - Judge Ivor Harper: 1st Tifftarney PJ Gold, Wendy Forsythe, 76.88; 2nd Trial and Error, Moya Carlin, 68.33; 3rd Josh, Emma McLean, 67.08; 4th Ricardo, Sharon Watters, 66.88; 5th Lexi, Dawn Clive, 66.46; 6th Alfie, Louise Beggs, 65.63.

Class 3 - Prelim 14 - Judge Ivor Harper: 1st Podge, Allan Dewhurst, 72.92; 2nd Alfie, Louise Beggs, 70.21; 3rd Ringfort Caruso, Rachael Connell, 69.17; 4th Josh, Emma McLean, 68.75; 5th Roger, Erin Faloona, 68.54; 6th Copney, Joanne McSeveney, 67.92.

Class 4 - Prelim 17 - Judge Lucy Adams: 1st Aristrocat, Lisa Dundee, 73.46; 2nd Cloonlee Red River, Kirstin Thom, 70.58; 3rd Ferrol, Judi Caldwell, 68.46; 4th Podge, Allan Dewhurst, 66.73; 5th Rushvale Ready to Roll, Shelley Boyle, 63.65; 6th Lexington, Lynsey Craig, 63.46.

Class 5 - Novice 22 Judge Lucy Adams: 1st Aristrocat, Lisa Dundee, 64.48; 2nd Ferrol, Judi Caldwell, 63.62; 3rd Chance, Natasha Wylie, 63.62; 4th Beechmount Baxter, Linda McIlwaine, 62.93; 5th Copney, Joanne McSeveney, 60.52; 6th Decky, Jayne Woodward, 57.07.

Class 6 - Open - Judge Lucy Adams: 1st Wishful Thinking (Med), Ruaidri O’Cainain, 64.41; 2nd Beechmount Baxter (Nov), Linda McIlwaine, 62.90.