Laurel View plays host to Easter “Egg-stravganza

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The Easter Show at Laurel View on April 8 proved to be another “egg-citing” day out for competitors of all ages.

A good crowd of supporters “egged” on the competitors as they hopped round the obstacle course and frolicked round the show jumping fences.

Trophies and rosettes galore were handed out. No more obstacle courses at Laurel View until the Summer Show comes round, but still plenty of chances to get jumping at the Wednesday evening show jumping competition, starting at 6pm with the 45cm up until the Spring final on May 2. Don’t forget the fantastic fundraising jumping competition on Sunday, April 29, the Charles Hurst Charity Jump X. Check out event updates at


“Eggstacle Course”

Class 1 – “Assisted Chick” – Lead Rein: 1st, Millie, Jaden Farren; 2nd, Stellar, Isla Hanna; 3rd, Boba, Harvey Ross; 4th, Jackie Boy, Lizzie Taylor; 5th, Bob, Faith Stitt-Gray; 6th, Basil, Poppy Bannon.

Class 2 – “Junior Bunnies” – Unassisted – rider under 13 years: 1st, Marley, Georgia Rea; 2nd, Henry, Cayleigh Erwin; 3rd, Sparky, Alex Moore; 4th, Bruno, Natasha Sweeney; 5th, Bob, Holly Hamill; 6th, Marley, Laura Laughlin.

Class 3 – “Senior Rabbits” – Unassisted – rider 13 years & over: 1st, Rab, Helen Gage; 2nd, Johnny, Stephen Wade; 3rd, Keady, Orla Robinson.

Class 4 – “Egged on!” – Obstacle course in hand - No entries forward.

“Hop Over It!” ShowJumping

Class 5 – “Hot Cross Poles!” – Cross poles: 1st, Bruno, Natasha Sweeney; 2nd, Toby, Brooke Taggart; 3rd, Belle, Lucas Young; 4th, Pete, Zara McConnell; 5th, Molly, Ana Goodrich; 6th, Boba, Harvey Ross.

Class 6 – “Bunny Hop” – 30cm: 1st, Roly, Emme Morrison; 2nd, Toby, Brooke Taggart; 3rd, Pete, Zara McConnell; 4th, Bruno, Alara Terak; 5th, Keady, Tori Jones; 6th Bob, Chloe Chesney.

Class 7 – “Big Bunny Bounce” – 45cm: 1st, Rab, Helen Gage; 2nd, Roly, Emme Morrison; 3rd, Marley, Georgia Rea; 4th, Barney, Rebecca Braniff; 5th, Bob, Holly Hamill; 6th, Henry, Cayleigh Erwin.

Class 8 – “Fifty Five Frolic” – 55cm: 1st, Star Choice, Faith Black; 2nd, Colorado, Susan Sloan; 3rd, Penny, Ella Lindsay; 4th, Toffee, Eve Lindsay; 5th, Delilah, Karen Brown; 6th, Henry, Cayleigh Erwin.

Class 9 – “Sixties Spring” – 60cm: 1st, Toffee, Ella Lindsay; 2nd, Dapple, Holly Ross; 3rd, Henry, Ella Lindsay; 4th, Solo Star, Skye Dawson; 5th, Star Choice, Faith Black; 6th, Delilah, Karen Brown.

Class 10 – “Seventies Hop” – 70cm: 1st, Toffee, Ella Lindsay; 2nd, Dapple, Holly Ross; 3rd, Kate, Natasha Lowry; 4th, Henry, Ella Lindsay; 5th, Jumpingdale Smirnoff, Kelsey Taylor.