League series gathers pace at Lime Park

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Sunday, November 15, saw the third week of Lime Park Equestrian Centre’s Annual Winter Horse and Pony Showjumping League.

Although a wet and windy day the competitors all arrived bright and early to get started at 11am. Courses were designed as usual by Mickey McCann. There was a good turnout of horses and ponies and all enjoyed the flowing courses.

Competitors need to attend three shows out of five plus the final on 6th December.

For further enquiries phone Lime Park on 028 92621139.


Beginners: Emma Ward – Pepsi, Lydia –Marie Close – May Girl, Kyle Close – May Girl, Dylan Warwick – Rosie, Sophie Cusick – Poppy, Sophie Keetings – Prancing Queen, Shaw Welsh – Bart, Caitlin McDonald – Poppy, Rachel Boyes - Milo

50cms: Lucy McDowell – Holly, Sophie Watt – Milo, Vivienne Andrews – Sarah’s Poppy, Lois Best – Danny, Rhyanna Dawson – Nibbles, Keeley Megarry – Millie, Sophie Cusick – Poppy, Louise Murphy – Silver, Shaw Welsh – Bart, Caitlin McDonald – Poppy, Kelly Ann Dawson – Tilly, Dylan Warwick – Rosie, Sophie Hanna - Oreo Patches.

60cms: Ruth McCutcheon – Babe, Rhianna Weir – Dawson, Lois Best – Danny, Ellie McParland – Ellie, Sophie.

Watt – Milo, Kelly Ann Dawson – Tilly, Rhyanna Dawson – Nibbles,

70cms: Sarah Agnew – Paddy, Ruth McCutcheon – Babe, Rhianna Weir –Dawson, Jamie Leigh Close – Carlos, Sophie Hanna – Oreo Patches, Abbie McMillan - Case

80cms: Katelyn Vallely – Ellie, Abbie McMillan – Case, Ella heron – Danboy, Emma Bradford – April, Jamie Leigh Close – Carlos, Danielle Quinn – Polly Anna, Lucy Stenson – Elvis, Leigh Camlin – Miss Mim, Simone Lethem – Sundance, Carla Holdsworth - Troy.

90cms open: 1st, Simone Lethem – Sundance, 2nd, Abbie McMillan – Case, 3rd, Deirdragh Murphy – Suzie, 4th, Katelyn Vallely – Ellie, 5th, Sarah Espie – Miss Bella.

1.00mt: David Agnew- Boris, Ella Heron – Danboy, Thomas Watt – Connie, Gary Lethem - Troy.

1.10mt: Thomas Watt - Connie, David Agnew - Boris.