League success for Kilkeel High Flyers

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Round-up of results from recent events at Mossvale Equestrian Centre.

Results of Pony jumping held on Friday, March 27th.

Cross Poles: 1st Jo, Oisin Knox won the Fitzsimmons Cuo; 2nd Puzzle, Kaitlyn Kearns; also double clears; Whiske Ann, Anna McErlearn; Gypsy, Jay McCrickard.

40cm: 1st Dusty, Chloe Agnew won the J. Preistley Sen. Trophy; 2nd Puzzle, Kaitlyn Kearns; also double clear; Whiske Ann, Anna McErlearn.

50cm: 1st Casper, Robert Russell won the H. Silcock Cup; 2nd Humbug, Lewis Orr; 3rd Pugsy, Robert Russell; also double clear; Pretzel, Caoimhe Crozier.

60cm: 1st Casper, Robert Russell won the Gordon Family Shield; 2nd Humbug, Hanna Orr; 3rd Pugsy, Robert Russell.

80cm: 1st Kowagi, Bethney Ney.

Results of the sixth round of the BAILEYS Inter schools league.

Team results

1st, Down High Flyers: Peppermint, Anna Hogg; Hughie, Rachel Kerr; Beauty, Jessica Nelson; Molly, Sophie Price.

2nd, Dromore & Spa: Bailey, Ryan Boville; Flash, Megan Nelson; Mexican Bob, Victoria Boville; Bailey, Victoria Boville.

3rd, Dromore High Flyers: Charlie, Zoe Gilliland; Nano, Emma Luton; Jen, Sarah Topley; Harry, Zoe Gilliland.

4th, Kilkeel High Flyers: Ballygrange Classic, Sam Speers; Hazie, Charley Hanna; Dolly, Melissa McKee; Buster, Rachel McKee.

Individual results

1st, Charley Hanna - Trigger; 2nd, Sarah Topley - Jen; 3rd, Anna Hogg - Peppermint; 4th, Megan Nelson - Flash; 5th, Ryan Boville - Bailey; 6th, Emma Luton - Nano.

Overall Placings

Team results: 1st, Kilkeel High Flyers - 111pts; 2nd, Dromore & Spa - 110pts; 3rd, Down High Flyers - 90pts; 4th, Dromore High Flyers - 50pts.

Individual results: 1st, Charley Hanna - 117pts; 2nd, Megan Nelson - 105pts; 3rd, Ryan Boville - 94pts; 4th, Victoria Boville - 89pts; 5th, Rachel McKee - 88pts; 6th, Jessica Nelson - 65pts.