Lightsource BP new title sponsor for Tyrella Eventing Series

Stephanie Stammschroer on Master Swatch winner E115 Open Class. Pictures: Sporting Images
Stephanie Stammschroer on Master Swatch winner E115 Open Class. Pictures: Sporting Images

Saturday marked the start of the Northern Region eventing season with the first visit of the year to the new rebranded Lightsource Tyrella 1. What a start it was!

The RejuvenEIGHT Committee, under the direction of Vina Buller, had brought on board a number of new sponsors including title sponsor, Lightsource BP, Orthoderm, Dooneen Farms and Tattersalls International Horse Trials as well as the loyal supporters of Horse First and Baileys Horse Feeds.

Ella Boyle on Grafenstolz Distinction winner EI110 open class.

Ella Boyle on Grafenstolz Distinction winner EI110 open class.

The event was sold out in terms of entries, over two days earlier than the scheduled closing time of Tuesday lunch time and there was an unprecedented number of visitors and spectators.

In addition, Course Designer, Adam Stevenson, had spent the winter months building a number of new portable fences for use at all the Northern Region events so many of these were having their inaugural introduction on a day when the sun shone brightly and the rain kept off shore. The competitors were amazed at the perfect going for all three phases even at the end of a very long day.

Jonny Steele rode the first dressage test of the day at 7.54 and Lucca Stubington brought the event to a conclusion coming through the finish line at 18.42.

The atmosphere was electric and the ambiance was amazing as groups assembled on the sand dunes for a first class cross country vantage point.

The EI 115 Open class start list read like a ‘Who’s Who’ of eventing with even some Badminton-bound horses competing. The best of the twenty six starters in this top class was Stephanie Stammschroer with Master Swatch, her mother’s ten year old Watermill Swatch gelding who last evented at Osberton in September of last year, picking up an eighth placing. On this occasion they finished on their dressage score, just over one point ahead of Joseph Murphy and the Hermes de Reve sired Gorsehill Pearl.

The ordinary EI 115 class was dominated by Cork rider, Michael Ryan, who won with Carol & Tom Henry’s eight year old American bred gelding, Barnahown Corn Hill which had its last outing at Le Lion D’Angiers at the end of last season. Michael also picked up a third and fourth in the class, punctuated only by Nicola Ennis and Dee Mac in second place.

Best of the EI 110 Open class was Ella Boyle with her mother’s eight year old gelding, Grafenstolz Distinction, who added nothing to the first phase mark to finish on a score of 28.5, just half a mark ahead of Daniel Brown and Fleur de Lis, his mother’s seven year old mare by Hold Up Premier which is clocking up an impressive competition record.

With an incredible entry of sixty, the EI 110 class had to be divided. Topping the ‘A’ section in very fine style was Johnny Mulligan riding Mervyn Gibson’s Randalstown Commando, a seven year old gelding which has consistently impressed judges in many of the aged classes over the past few years. Again, they remained faultless over both jumping phases with a half point lead over Michael Ryan and Classicals Fortune.

The ‘B’ section was headed by Katie O’Sullivan and the Cooley Farm seven year old gelding, Je T’aime Cooley who finished on their flatwork mark of twenty two, just fractionally ahead of Terence White and Garrybritt Dignified.

The top three in the EI 110 Junior class gave a great account of themselves, adding nothing to their flatwork mark. Jennifer Kuehnle was best of the three with her father’s Polly Blue Eyes, followed by Alannah Kelly and her mother’s grey gelding, Cooley Bounce.

There were twelve starters in the EI 110 Pony class where Olivia Swann made her trip from Co Tipperary worthwhile by claiming top place on board her Connemara bred gelding Rockon Pedro.with an excess of two points over fellow competitor Bryan Bourke and Cillbhrid Pippa who were making their first trip to the Co Down venue.

Although there were just three competitors in the EI 110 Amateur class, the accomplished winner, Denis Currie and Arodstown Aramis, did not rest on their laurels but put on a fabulous performance, scoring 23.3 to win by a margin of almost seventeen points.

Seventeen Amateurs took on the EI 100 class which was extremely competitive. It was a very popular win for Ballynahinch rider, Hazel Hilland and her special mare, Lisbane Butterfly by the sire Glenhill Gold. They had a clean jumping sheet and were the only combination in the class to finish sub thirty taking their first Eventing Ireland win. Symone Brown and Global Merlot took the runner up spot.

Another partnership which has been nipping at the heels of success is Charlotte Keers and Western Ocala in the EI 100P class but hard work pays off and sweet success came at Lightsource BP Tyrella 1. They romped home clear with a 23.3 dressage score to take the win from Tiggy Hancock and Corries Whiskey.

Versace Biscuit is no stranger to success, having represented Ireland at the Junior Europeans with Izzy Riley. That success continued on Saturday with Chloe Fagan in the saddle for their first competition so this is definitely a partnership to watch for the future. Following very close behind was Robyn McKenna and Garvey’s Joy.

Meantime, a huge entry in the EI 100 event meant a class division.

Topping the leaderboard in the ‘A’ section was Cooley Farm rider, Bethany Burton, with their Cabachon gelding, Offshore Cooley, who was making his eventing debut. Totally unfazed by the experience they finished on their first phase mark of 28.5 just over one point clear of Adam Haugh riding another debutant, five year old Carsonstown Cruise.

The ‘B’ section was claimed by Brian Morrison and Global Harley D, in a class where only two points divided the top six. Ryan Hopper occupied the runner up spot with his six year old gelding, ALS Russian Rolex. Ailsa Martin replicated her performance at Kircubbin 3 last August with Grateful For Gold, by claiming the red rosette in the EI 90 Amateur class with almost a four point margin over second placed Carolyn Avery and the American bred Emperor’s Reflection.

Another combination claiming their first Eventing win in the EI 90 ‘A’ section was Helen Cunningham with Kerry Parkhill’s mare, Leitrim Native Choice followed by Lucca Stubington and Xenophon’s Honour, a six year old gelding by Ringfort Cruise.

Victory in the ‘B’ section went to Nicky Roncoroni and Sixmilewater, a five year old gelding by OBOS Quality who had previously competed in four year old Event horse classes.

Lucy Toombs slotted into second place with her mother’s eight year old mare, Mithril Lace.

The Baileys Horse Feeds Flexi Eventing Champion for 2019, Abby Cummiskey, certainly put all that training to good use when she made her eventing debut on Saturday with Cindy Cunningham’s fabulously talented appaloosa, CSC Apache Dove. They took it all in their stride, setting a great pace with a 26 dressage score and keeping all jumping elements intact for both showjumping and cross country to finish three and a half points clear of their nearest rival, Poppy Moore and Crecora Angel.

This was even more remarkable, given that Abby was just recovering from a broken collarbone. Clearly, she has all the stamina, ability and motivation for a top class eventer of the future.

Northern Region would like to thank all 73 volunteers who turned out in force to conduct all the duties required to make the event happen.

It is a wonderful tribute to our sport that this army of wonderful workers are prepared to put in the long hours in support of our athletes. We raise our hats to all of you!

In recognition of the enormous contribution to eventing in the region, Tattersalls has very kindly donated entrance tickets for two to include a meal in the House on any day of the International Horse Trials as well as a beanie to be drawn on each of the four Lightsource Tyrella days.

This week’s winner of the entrance tickets was Brian Ousby (Fence Judge) and the beanie went to Verner Pledl (Cross Country Timekeeper).

Organisers are deeply indebted to sponsors: Lightsource BP, Orthoderm, Baileys Horse Feeds, Horse First, Dooneen Farms and Tattersalls International Horse Trials whose generosity and support is very much appreciated.

The next Lightsource BP Tyrella event is April 6. Anyone willing to help in any capacity should contact Dora on 07876758979 or


EI 115 Open: 1, Stephanie Stammschroer, Master Swatch; 2, Joseph Murphy, Gorsehill Pearl; 3, Sam Watson, Imperial Sky; 4, Sam Watson, Tullabeg Flamenco; 5, Clare Abbott, Euro Prince; 6, Alicia Wilkinson, Gazelle Dwerse Hagen.

EI 115: 1, Michael Ryan, Barnahown Corn Hill; 2, Nicola Ennis, Dee Mac; 3, Michael Ryan, TR Kaygraff; 4, Michael Ryan, Briarhill Marco; 5, Rodney O’Donnell, Hillcrest Horizon; 6, Alex Power, Blueminz

EI 110 Open: 1, Ella Boyle, Grafenstolz Distinction; 2, Daniel Brown, Fleur de Lis; 3, Clare Abbott, Jewelent; 4, Ella Boyle, Candy 737; 5, Sofie Walshe, Kinsau; 6, Michael McNally, Eclipto.

EI 110 A: 1, Johnny Mulligan, Randalstown Commando; 2, Michael Ryan, Classicals Fortune; 3, Sarah Ennis, Stellor Quick Change; 4, Sarah Ennis, Tullabeg Tango; 5, Camilla Speirs, BT Martins Masterpiece; 6, Sam Watson, Ballybolger Talisman.

EI 110 B: 1, Katie O’Sullivan, Je T’Aime Cooley; 2, Terence White, Garrybritt Dignified; 3, Sarah Ennis, Shanbo Sky Fall; 4, Jonathan Steele, Bellablue; 5, Steven Smith, HHF Elegance; 6, Camilla Speirs, SSH Playboy.

EI 110 J: 1, Jennifer Kuehnle, Polly Blue Eyes; 2, Alannah Kelly, Cooley Bounce; 3, Hannah Adams, Milchem Ardeo; 4, Lucy McIlroy, Major Black; 5, Millie-Jane Bell, Hillview Quality Control; 6, Ben Rowlatt McCormick, MJI Cabernet

EI 110 P: 1, Olivia Swann, Rockon Pedro; 2, Bryan Bourke, Cillbhrid Pippa; 3, Grace Tyrrell, Fiona’s Fionn; 4, Kerry Magill, Lisnahall Miss Toffee; 5, Grace Adams, Myshall Rodge; 6, Lucie Glynn, Bramblebrough Eoghan

EI 110 Amateu: 1, Denis Currie, Arodstown Aramis; 2, Hazel Conroy, ESI Annaghmore; 3, Nicky Nesbitt, Ringfort India

EI 100 Amateur: 1, Hazel Hilland, Lisbane Butterfly; 2, Symone Brown, Global Merlot; 3, Tracey McKeown, Ardeo Chocolate; 4, Dawn Clerkin, The Sailor’s Girl; 5, Davina Gray, Balief Clover; 6, Lynsey Napier-Sneddon, Carsonstown Porsch

EI 100 P: 1, Charlotte Keers, Western Ocala; 2, Tiggy Hancock, Corries Whiskey; 3, Tiggy Hancock, Coppenagh Spring Sparrow; 4, Jill McKenna, Freddie; 5, Aine Duggan, Carbury Cascade; 6, Lottie Ross, Splendid B

EI 100 J: 1, Chloe Fagan, Versace Biscuit; 2, Robyn McKenna, Garvey’s Joy; 3, Noah Brown, Euro Jackpot; 4, Grace O’Connor, Lisheenabrone Smothstepper; 5, Kara Stanbridge, Barberton; 6, Tola Thompson, Crackerjack V111

EI 100 A: 1, Bethany Burton, Offshore Cooley; 2, Adam Haugh, Carsonstown Cruise; 3, Brian Morrison, Global Iminnus W; 4, Aidan Keogh, Kilcoltrim Swift; 5, Amanda Goldsbury, Right On Q; 6, Melanie Wrynn, Wolf Artic

EI 100 B: 1, Brian Morrison, Global Harley D; 2, Ryan Hopper, ALS Russian Rolex; 3, Kathryn McKibbin, Seapatrick Murphy; 4, Janie Cairns, Premier Charlie; 5, Jim Newsam, Izzietop; 6, Nicola Ennis, Sarco To Perfection

EI 90 Amateur: 1, Ailsa Martin, Grateful For old; 2, Carolyn Avery, Emperors Reflection; 3, Jenny Nixon, Coolmount Cruise; 4, Ros Murphy, Rock Rebel; 5, Margery Warnock, Butterfly Charm; 6, Rhonda Hall, Bill Little

EI 90 A: 1, Helen Cunningham, Leitrim Native Choice; 2, Lucca Stubington, Xenophones Honour; 3, Ruby Hughes, Johnny Handsome; 4, Darragh Hanlon, Marco; 5, Susana Mullen, Garrybritt Twinkle; 6, Leah Knight, Aghagallon

EI 90 B: 1, Nicky Roncoroni, Sixmilewater; 2, Lucy Toombs, Mithril Lace; 3, Luccas Stubington, Xanthe Green; 4, Gemma Goodrich, Lisnamuck Ab Fab; 5, Leah Knight, Kings City Angel; 6, Sarah Turley, Chestnut Hill Merlot

EI 90 P: 1, Abby Cummiskey, CSC Apache Dove; 2, Poppy Moore, Crecora Angel; 3, Lucie Glynn, Mulcair Lad; 4, Anna McCaldin, Said And Dun; 5, Amy Tubman, Corha Delight; 6, Katie Haire, My Galway Girl.