Lime Park Winter Indoor Horse Pony League

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Sunday 6th November, saw the first show of the Annual Winter League at Lime Park Equestrian. The day started well with plenty of beginners, quite a lot on their first outing.

The day followed on with the usual competitions with all being allowed to complete their two rounds of jumping, ran American Style.

There were rosettes for all and their attendance being marked down to qualify for the final on 4th December. Competitors have to attend three shows out of four to qualify. Course builder is Mickey McCann. Any further enquiries phone Lime Park on 028 92621139 or follow on Facebook.


Beginners: Lydia Marie Close – May Girl, Vivienne Andrews – Sarah’s Pebbles, Lauren Hanna – Honey, Jess Vaughan – Nugget, Lexi Doherty- Bob, Kodi Clarke – Bart, Sarah Agnew- Paddy, Padraig Vallely – Milo, Georgia Thompson – Nugget, Anna Vallely – Milo

50cms: Lois Best – Danny, Harry McMillan – Case, Jess Vaughan – Nugget, David Agnew – Indiana Jane, Georgia Thompson – Nugget, Sarah Agnew – Paddy

60cms: Megan Camblin – Twinkle, Harry McMillan – Case, Lois Best – Danny, Ruth McCutcheon – Lola, Caitlin McDonald – Poppy, Zara McRoberts – Autumn, David Agnew – Indiana Jane, Jess Vaughan – Nugget, Sarah Agnew – Paddy

70cms: Abbie McMillan – Amber, Caitlin McDonald – Poppy, Sophie Caughey – Carlos, Hannah Constance – Lyric, Kelly McKee – Wendy, Katelyn Vallely – Ellie, Emma Bradford – April, Megan Camblin – Twinkle

80cms: Hannah Constance – Lyric, Abbie McMillan – Amber, Jade Megaw – Dakota, Leigh Camlin – Dee Dee, Roise Digney – Oreo, Kelly McKee-Wendy, Katelyn Vallely – Ellie, David Vallely – Lilly

90cms open: 1st Abbie McMillan-Amber, 2 nd David Vallely – TT, Leigh Camlin – Dee Dee, 4th Thomas Watt-Connie

1.00mt open: 1st Thomas Watt- TT, 2nd David Vallely – Lilly

1.10mt: David Vallely-Lilly, Thomas Watt-TT