Lucy is in fine form at Meadows EC

Portadown College pupil Lucy Morton was in fine form at The Meadows for the fourth leg of the TRI sponsored Inter Schools Show jumping League when she won the Premier Individual.

Friday, 15th November 2019, 9:00 am
Novice Team winners from Larne Grammar (Anna Jackson, Mya McCullough, Thomas Patton and Sam Jackson)

As always, it was an early start for the Novice Teams with the first combination heading to Fence 1 at 8.30am on the button.

The pressure was felt from the outset as the path finding team, Rathfriland High School, posted fast times and finished on a zero score. Each subsequent team tried hard to improve on their score but efforts to overtake the young Co Down quartet proved near impossible. With the advantage of a late draw, Larne Grammar ended Rathfriland’s run, pipping them to the winner’s rosettes as the last team in the class.

In the novice individual competition, Academy Primary, Saintfield scored a victory in the form of Cillian Torrens and ‘Piggy Bank’ who sailed through the finish with just a 0.39 second margin over second placed Royal School Armagh pupil, Peter Morton, on his super pony, ‘Princess’. Morton also picked up a seventh place on ‘Espresso’.

Open Team Winners The Down High Flyers (Jessica Nelson, Zara Sharvin, Alice Emmett and Abby Cummiskey)

Judy Maxwell was on hand to present some of the Baileys Horse Feed treats to the lucky team from St Catherine’s College who had been selected in the draw of all competing teams.

Meantime the open competition saw zero scores a plenty with the top ten teams all recording a clean sheet. Down High School who fielded an impressive four teams, came first with their flyers, sixth with the Down High Eagles and just outside the top six placings was the Falcons who ended up in seventh place overall.

In the individual class, Rory Osbourne from St Patrick’s Armagh romped to victory in a round which made Aaron McCusker’s course look very easy. Cara McNabb, a regular in the line ups, slotted into second place.

The final class in Arena 1, the premier individual, always provides great excitement and showcases a high standard of jumping. This leg was no exception and, after breath taking rounds from most combinations, it was time for Lucy Morton to pick up maximum points of her win of the day with ‘Tynan Bobo Bear’. Coming closest to her superb performance was Ballymena Academy pupil, Tori Surgeoner and Fendi Spy.

Rory Osbourne riding Bella Bambino for St Patricks Armagh, winners of the Open Individual

Arena 2 also had a bright and early start. However, it was clear that the new start time did nothing to reduce the sporting excellence of the young riders in the primary sections. In then 50cms section, Meadowbridge Primary’s finest, Ellie Murphy came within a smidge of the optimum time to head the leader board on the day, followed closely behind by Katie McCusker with her pony ‘Peaches’. The 60cms was also a very close-run competition too, with Una McClelland getting very close to the 46 Second optimum time, just 0.11 of the mark. Annabelle Betts, took home second place on the day, when she also stopped the clock within one second of the 46 second target.

In the primary teams, four of the seven teams finished on zeros which kept the judges’ arithmetical skills well exercised. At the end of the computations it was clear that, once again, The Tiny Terrors claimed victory. Second place went to Iveagh Little Mix while The Jumping Joeys claimed third spot.

The primary individual competition is always a thrilling spectator class and Saturday past was no exception. Twenty-three brilliant combinations vied for the top position and they all excelled in terms of effort with only one and a half seconds dividing the top four. It was ‘D Day’ for Charlotte Betts and Percy of Tandragee Primary School. Second place went to Tilly Tumilty who has certainly had her fair share of success, taking third place also. Another super combination, Alfie Walker picked up fourth place while fifth was reserved for Ellen McNabb and Buddytwoshoes.

Sincere thanks go to the league sponsors, TRI Equestrian, Lisburn Bowl and Baileys Horse Feeds as well as the judges, secretarial staff, starters and arena party in both arenas.

Alice Emmett riding Sky Double J, part of the winning Open Team

Photographs were taken by Tori Photography –

The next leg of the TRI League takes place at The Meadows on Saturday 16th November.


Primary individual 50cms

Cillian Torrens riding Piggy Bank from Academy Primary Saintfield, winners of the Novice Individual

1, Ellie Murphy, Coolaney Boy (Meadowbridge Primary); 2, Katie McCusker, Peaches (Moira Primary); 3, Isaac McCarthy, Blaneys Boy (Downshire PS); 4, Ella Calvert, Amesbury Party Boy (Bronte Primary); 5, Annabelle Betts, Mac (Tandragee Primary) 6, Molly McConnell, Tarzan (Armstrong PS).

Primary individual 60cms

1, Una McClelland, Polo (CBS Armagh); 2, Annabelle Betts, Mac (Tandragee Primary), 3, Isaac McCarthy, Blaneys Boy (Downshire PS); 4, Abi Gardner, Buster (Holywood Primary School); 5, Zara Calvert, Amesbury Party Boy (Bronte Primary); 6, Annie Morrow, Harry (Thompson Primary School).

Primary teams 70cms

1, Tiny Terrors: Cillian Torrens, Tynan Petal; Elizabeth McCracken, Thunder; Charlotte McCracken, Maddie and Cillian Torrens, Piggy Bank. 2, Iveagh Little Mix: Lily Murphy, Coolaney Boy; Jack Cowan, Honey Bee; Tilly Tumilty, L J Sparky; Kitty Cullen, Newtown Black Guy. 3, The Jumping Joeys: Sarah Gilchrist, Molly; Mya McMullan, Kilmood Lily; Ellen MacNabb, Buddytwoshoes and Oliver Kinnear, Harvey. 4, Rapid Rebels: Alfie Walker, Lenny; Lucas Bradley, Flynn; Charlotte Betts, Percy and Kitty Cullen- Gee Maha, 5, Team Thompson: Holly Ross, Ech Feirin; Annie Morrow, Harry; Jack Morrow, Rocket Lady and Sophia Bingham- Dat’ll Do. 6, Ballydown Primary School: Julianna Nelson, Casper; Sophie Madeley, Alfie; Alana Eadie, Knocklishen Willow and Jocelyn Hutchinson, Minion.

Primary individual 70cms

Charlotte Betts riding Percy for Tandragee Primary, winners of the 70cm Individual

1, Charlotte Betts, Percy (Tandragee Primary); 2, Tilly Tumilty, L J Sparky (Bridge Primary); 3, Tilley Tumilty, Bambi (Bridge Primary School); 4, Alfie Walker, Lenny (Orchard County PS); 5, Ellen MacNabb, Buddytwoshoes (St Patrick’s Primary School Saul); 6, Mya McMullan, Kilmood Lilly ( Bunscoil Mhuire agus Phádraig)

Novice teams 85cms

1, Larne Grammar: Anna Jackson, Woodchip; Mya McCullough, Beechill Sue; Thomas Patton, Tell Me A Fable and Sam Jackson, Ike; 2, Rathfriland High School: Taylor McKnight, Asterix; Rosey Herron, Solitaire Rusty Brown; Sarah Craig, Jasper; Taylor McKnight, Sparkling Delta Dawn; 3, Banbridge Academy Waddell: Amber Bradley, Flynn Rider; Emma Irwin, Cahernacole Boy; Molly Davidson, Monochrone Boy and Lara Jameson, Curious George. 4, Down High Gold: Cara MacNabb, Killone Leo; Sarah Carse, Jimmy’s Clover; Chloe McMullan, Legend and Cara MacNabb, Bonecastle Lass ; 5, Armagh Royal Muskateer: Peter Morton, Princess; Samara Doherty, Sport; Lois Trimble, Sunrise and Peter Morton, Iceman. 6, Ballyclare Secondary School: Katie Bamford, Tia; Molly McCartney, Hufflepuff; Chloe Stewart, Breeze and Emma Bamford, Tia

Novice individual 85cms

1, Cillian Torrens, Piggy Bank (Academy Primary, Saintfield); 2, Peter Morton, Princess (Royal School Armagh); 3, Julia Mullin, Bronheulog Ruby (Enniskillen Primary); 4, Charlie Henry McCool, Charlie B (Ballymena Academy); 5, Charlotte McCracken, Maddie (Moyallon PS) and 6, Melissa McKinstry- Simply Dun (Banbridge Academy)

Open team 1m

1, Down High Flyers: Alice Emmett, Sky Double J; Jessica Nelson, Tai; Abby Cummiskey, Holly and Zara Sharvin, Ruby; 2, Royal School Armagh: Victoria Lee, Duffy; Kathryn Morton, Tequila; Katie Haire, My Galway Girl and Tadhg Clarke, Delton; 3, Ballymena Academy: Tori Surgenor, Fendi Spy; Charlotte Wylie, Perhaps B; Myah McLean, Tannaghmore Sue and Hannah Woolsey, Hillside Figaro; 4, Methody College, Belfast, Niamh Fitzpatrick; Dillion Torrens and Niamh Fitzpatrick; 5, Dromore Spices: Emily Walker, Cavalier La Tango; Rebekah McKinstry, Richhill Lass; Zara Smyth, Tillys Comet and Simone Leathem, Willow; 6, Down High Eagles: Lara Kelly, Drumcaughey Diamond; Annie Gibson, Cascum; Emily Steele, Boo Hoo Spartacus and Alex Ogle, Derry Mac.

Open individual 1m

1, Rory Osborne, Bella Bambino (St Patricks, Armagh); 2, Cara MacNabb, Killone Leo; 3, Katie Haire, My Galway Girl (Royal School Armagh); 4, Erin McCrea, Knockagarron Fear Bui Phoenix (BRA); 5, Rory Kinnear, Regardless (Fort Hill College) and 6, Jean McComish, Buddy (Aquinas).

Premier individual 1.10m

1, Lucy Morton, Tynan Bobo Bear (Portadown College); 2, Tori Surgeoner, Fendi Spy (Ballymena Academy); 3, Kathryn Morton, Iceman (Royal School Armagh); 4, Emily Steele, Off Limits (Down High School); 5, Emily Steele, Boo Hoo Spartacus (Down High School) and 6, Jessica Nelson- Tai (Down High School).

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