McEvoy in dominant form as TRI Tour comes to Ecclesville

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A busy day was had by all who attended the recent Ecclesville Equestrian as they ran a very successful leg of the the popular Ulster Region Pony Tour, sponsored by TRI Equestrian NI.

Making a welcome return to the registered calendar, the main indoor arena was the place to be.

The day ran without any issues, with jumping continuing well into the evening, thanks to the fantastic entries throughout the day.

The youngest athletes started the day off with the 128 80cms. Of the 23 starters, 17 combinations claimed double clears to walk away with some prize money as well as TRI vouchers.

As in recent years the 128 1m was once again a hotly fought contest with some of the best ponies in the region going head to head for the valuable series points. On this occasion it was Jamie Clarke with Ronan McLaughlin’s ‘Linde Hoeve’s Ricardo’ that took the maximum 10 points.

Next up, the 138 ponies made good use of the arena on the day. In the 138 1.10m it was Cormac Taggart who claimed success with Karen McFadden’s ‘Mr Dougherty’ stopping the clock ahead of Ben Walsh and ‘Mentos Lara’.

Later in the day, the 148 1.10 athletes put on a display of true horsemanship, with Niamh McEvoy recording the fastest round of the day, breaking the finish beam ahead of Kellie Rose Flanagan. McEvoy certainly became a dominant force in the 148 category when taking first and second placings respectively in the 148 1.20m.

Commenting on the success of the weekend’s show, a spokesperson said: “Ecclesville may have been off the map in terms of SJI shows but we are certainly back on it again now. A lot of hard work went into organising and making this event possible. When people pull together and are working towards the good for everyone, a day like yesterday feels special.”

The Ecclesville Centre would like to extend thanks to those who played a huge part in bringing the day together, Tracy Kelly, Paul McCann, Andrew Thompson, their sponsors, Seskinore Pony Club and everyone who played a part in any way before and during the Show.

“Finally a big thank you to everyone who turned up and competed. Your support is greatly appreciated. Looking forward to seeing everyone again soon,” the spokesperson added.


128 80cms Sponsored by Sparkling Equine - Divided between Martin & Tracy Kelly’s A Little Fairplay (Eunan Kelly), Martin & Tracy Kelly’s Ballyglunin Girl (IHR) (Zara-Jane Kelly), Martin & Tracy Kelly’s Bright Bling (Caitlin Kelly), Nicola Burns’s Dat’ill Do (Sophia Bingham), Lisa Smith ‘s Knockmenagh Rocco (Tia Smith), Sparkling Equine’s Lackaghmore Katie (Jessica Baxter), Lisa Best’s Longwood Grandpas Diamond (Alexandra Best), Niki Taylor’s Maximilo (Medb Kinney), Katheryne McCracken’s Nely Done That (Elizabeth McCracken), Martin & Tracy Kelly’s Newhaven Sophia (Zara-Jane Kelly), Ronan Mclaughlin’s Phoenix Phantom (Sarah McLaughlin), Michael Rice’s Scarletts Cromwell (Mary-Kate Rice), Lynn Caskey’s Smokegun (Zoe Caskey), Janette Baxter’s Sparkling Class Act (Jessica Baxter), Michael Rice’s Sparkling Mr Castlewarren (Mary-Kate Rice), Katheryne McCracken’s Sweet Lily (CPBS) (Charlotte McCracken), Sparkling Equine’s Tabita Chantilly Lace (Jessica Baxter).

128 85cms Under 10 (Over 69pts) Sponsored by McElholm & Co - 1, Kenneth Rush’s King Of Rock & Roll (Harry Rush); 2, Lynn Caskey’s Smokegun (Zoe Caskey); 3, Gabriel Tunney’s In It To Win It (Lily Tunney); 4, Katheryne McCracken’s Sweet Lily (CPBS) (Charlotte McCracken); 5, Katheryne McCracken’s Nely Done That (Elizabeth McCracken); 6, Lynn Caskey’s Ruthstown Speed (Zoe Caskey).

128 90cms Sponsored by KBO Hire - 1, Katheryne McCracken’s Uquam d’Emery PFS (Charlotte McCracken); 2, Ronan Mclaughlin’s Linde Hoeve’s Ricardo (Jamie Clarke); 3, Martin & Tracy Kelly’s Capparoe Chic (Zara-Jane Kelly); 4, Katheryne McCracken’s Tynan Petal (Charlotte McCracken); 5, Victoria Clarke’s Lackaghmore Barbie (Camryn Clarke); 6, William Jnr Adair’s Miss Elegant (Adam Adair).

128 1m Sponsored by MK Surface Treatments - 1, Ronan McLaughlin’s Linde Hoeve’s Ricardo (Jamie Clarke); 2, Martin & Tracy Kelly’s Capparoe Chic (Zara-Jane Kelly); 3, Victoria Clarke’s Lackaghmore Barbie (Camryn Clarke); 4, Pam Moore’s Leo the Lionheart II (Kym Moore); 5, Katheryne McCracken’s Uquam d’Emery PFS (Charlotte McCracken); 6, Pam Moore’s Oaklea Supreme (Kym Moore).

138 90cms Sponsored by The Foot Clinic - Divided between Sarah McMahon’s Blairmore Knightshade (Sadie McMahon), Paul McCann’s Callens Lady (Lucy McCann), Cali O’Donnell’s Gaulstown Lady Bishop (Calum McVeigh), Paul McCann’s Gortmore Julie (Lucy McCann), Cali O’Donnell’s Knockagaron Fear Bui Falcon (Calum McVeigh), Alan Ivan McCoosh’s Lily Clover (Calum McVeigh), Damien McPhillips’s Magical Millicent (James Douglas).

138 1m Sponsored by T Valley Construction - 1, Andrew Dunlop’s Rockin Roxie (Jenny Dunlop); 2, Andrew Thompson’s Keogans Boy (Beth Thompson); 3, Karen Mc Fadden’s Drumlin Lady (Cara McFadden); 4, Ronan Mclaughlin’s Mentos Lara (Ben Walsh); 5, McFadden Equine’s Stocaí Baíne (Cormac Taggart); 6, Cali O’Donnell’s Knockagaron Fear Bui Falcon (Calum McVeigh).

138 1.10m Sponsored by McFadden Civils Ltd - 1, Karen McFadden’s Mr Dougherty (Cormac Taggart); 2, Ronan McLaughlin’s Mentos Lara (Ben Walsh); 3, Judith Dunlop’s Cornhill Snowey (Jenny Dunlop); 4, Andrew Thompson’s Keogans Boy (Beth Thompson); 5, Heffron Equine LTD’s Double Trouble Boy (Alfie Adair); 6, Marble Arch Equine Ltd c/o Bernard Conlon’s Glenford Clausa (CPBS) (Matthew Conlon).

148 1m Sponsored by Douglas Guttering - Divided between Brendan Canavan’s Diamond II (Megan O’Neill), McFadden Equine’s Infinity (Cara McFadden), Shane Curley’s Killeen Appraisal (Alexandra Kiernan), Marble Arch Equine Ltd c/o Bernard Conlon’s Lackaghmore Lucky (Clara Daly), Paddy Douglas’s Lough Allen Dancer (Paris Douglas), Andrew Thompson’s Rakish Talisman (Beth Thompson), Catherine Maguire’s Simon Said (HSI) (Clara Maguire), Sparkling Equine’s Sparkling Boomerang’s Acha Tong (Donal O’Connor), Sparkling Equine’s Sparkling Mr. Boom Top (Donal O’Connor), Nicola Burns’s Tullymurry Sunshine (Zara Burns).

148 1.10m Sponsored by Daly’s Bar - 1, Victoria Gulliksen’s Milchem Shes A Keeper (Niamh McEvoy); 2, Tara Flanagan’s Thornfield Shadow (Kellie-Rose Flanagan); 3, Catherine Maguire’s Simon Said (HSI) (Clara Maguire); 4, Shane Curley’s Killeen Appraisal (Alexandra Kiernan); 5, Sparkling Equine’s Sparkling Lackaghmore Joey (Donal O’Connor); 6, Joanne Morton’s Tynan Whiskey River (Lucy Morton).

148 1.20m Sponsored by Marcor - 1, Claire Crawford’s Ardfry Skye (Niamh McEvoy); 2, Victoria Gulliksen’s Milchem Shes A Keeper (Niamh McEvoy); 3, Joanne Morton’s Tynan Bo-Bo Bear (Lucy Morton); 4, Andrew Thompson’s Sligo Little James (Ellen Thompson); 5, Andrew Thompson’s Trendy Blue (Ellen Thompson); 6, Tara Flanagan’s Thornfield Shadow (Kellie-Rose Flanagan).

Children on Horses & Juniors 1m Sponsored by The Ecclesville Centre - 1, Marble Arch Equine Ltd c/o Bernard Conlon’s Bally Kingdom Clover (Matthew Conlon).

Children on Horses & Juniors 1.10/1.20m Sponsored by The Ecclesville Centre - 1, McFadden Equine’s Mr Easy Street (Cormac Taggart); 2, Marble Arch Equine Ltd c/o Bernard Conlon’s Bally Kingdom Clover (Matthew Conlon).