McEvoy in dominating form as final goes down to the wire

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It was a highly successful weekend for Niamh McEvoy at the TRI Equestrian NI Autumn Pony Tour Finals in Portmore Equestrian Centre, writes Chris Bogle.

Completing a hat-trick of podium topping finishes, the talented 14 year old was crowned the 138 1.10m, 148 1.10m and 148 1.10m 6/7 Year Old Autumn Champion for 2018. As well as the league wins the TRI Equestrian sponsored rider was also runner up in two further classes, the 138 1m and 148 1.20m.

The Ulster Region Autumn Pony Series, sponsored by TRI Equestrian NI, has once again been hailed a huge success in providing a fantastic platform for national pony show jumping in the Ulster Region. The now annual Ulster Region Autumn Tour is a showcase for the region to highlight the very highest calibre pony show jumping.

Throughout the months of September and October the ever popular tour travelled the length and breadth of the region stopping off in some of the most exciting venues in Ulster Region, The Meadows, Kernans EC, Portmore EC, Eglinton and Connell Hill culminating in a glittering final on the shores of Lough Neagh when returning to Portmore Equestrian Centre.

The goal of the Ulster Region Pony Committee is to continuously raise standards in pony show jumping and the Ulster Region Autumn Pony Series was all about top class pony competition right on our doorstep, where precision, speed, talent and hard work create thrilling competitions.

Echoing the vision of the Ulster Region Pony Committee, through their title sponsorship of the 2018 Autumn Tour, TRI Equestrian wished to strengthen their long standing support of affiliated Show Jumping within the region, having now sponsored both Spring and Autumn Tours for three years running.

Based within the region at The Meadows Equestrian Centre, TRI Equestrian NI have strong connections to the equestrian communities locally, nationally and Internationally. In an ever-changing market, Equestrian knowledge is at the heart of what TRI Equestrian NI do, this is something that TRI Equestrian NI Manager Gareth McCombe and his team can be proud of.

Attracting over 360 entries on the final day, this years TRI Equestrian NI Autumn Pony Series attracted in excess of £10,000 in prize fund across the seven rounds of the league.

In the Outdoor ‘Bluegrass Arena’ the morning belonged to the 148 athletes. With several riders all on the maximum score of 27, time became a deciding factor as to who would be crowned the TRI Equestrian NI 148 90cms Autumn Champion. Keeping a cool head under pressure it was Catherine Buchanan who would seal the win on the day with her ever consistent Pony ‘Woodhills Pride’, owned by her mother, Linda. The chestnut gelding stopped the clock on 27.00; 0.55 of a second ahead of her closest rival Alexandra Kiernan.

Not content with one win, Buchannan made it a double on the day when she once again led the field in the 148 1m. Gaining the maximum 10 points on offer, Buchanan rose to sixth place in the league.

Winning the 148 1m Autumn Championship was Beth Thompson with ‘Keogans Boy’. In the 148 1.10m and 6/7 Year Old Leagues, Niamh McEvoy had a commanding lead thanks to consistently high placings in the preceding legs that meant that her scores were unable to be overcame, resulting in the Omagh athlete topping the podium in both classes and crowned double Champion for 2018.

The 148 1.20m was a tightly fought contest with just one tenth of a second separating first and second placings. Winning the competition was Jodie Creighton with Deirdre Gant’s ‘Saxon Freedam’, who broke the finish beam in 42.04 seconds, just fractionally ahead of Niamh McEvoy with her Eight Year Old chestnut gelding ‘Fireman’. Third place on the day went to Yiayan Evans with Powerstation, who then went on to claim the TRI Equestrian 148 1.20m Autumn Champions title.

After the mist cleared from the shores of Lough Neagh, the sun made a welcome visit to the outdoor arena at Portmore, as the 138 competitions took place. In the 138 80cms, five combinations headed into the final leg on the maximum score of 27, and with all five athletes eager to get their hands on the TRI Equestrian 138 80cms Autumn Champions title an exciting jump off played out for those spectating. As the lead changed throughout the competition, Kiera McGrath with her pony Coomlogane Kojak crossed the line in 35.57 to ensure the 2018 title was hers.

In the 138 90cms, McGrath was also in the mix for taking a double however pipping her to the post by 0.26 seconds was Cara McFadden who completed in 33.24 with Karen McFadden’s ‘Orfelia VD Bisschop’. McFadden then went on to stand on the podium as the TRI Equestrian NI Tour victor.

Winning the 138 1m on the day, saw Niamh McEvoy with Sparkling Equine’s Claggan Supreme race up the leaderboard to second place, whilst being hot in her heels in the competition, a second place finish on the day secured the Autumn Champions title for Conor Harris with his mum’s Six Year Old roan mare Priesttown Spotty.

The 138 1.10m saw a battle between two TRI brand ambassadors, Alex Finney and Niamh McEvoy, take place in the arena. Onboard her mother Jean’s ‘Dolly Du Carel’, Finney broke the finish beam in an unstoppable time of 39.08. Not one to shy away from a challenge, McEvoy tried her very best to catch the time set by her rival, however with a finish time of 41.94, settled for second place with Aldyth Roulston’s Sparkling Boomadonna. Nevertheless the runner up spot in the 138 1.10m was still enough to stave off any last minute challenges for Niamh to take the 2018 TRI Equestrian Autumn title.

The Ulster Region Pony Committee were delighted to welcome Gareth McCombe, manager of TRI Equestrian NI to the Autumn Tour Final to assist with presentations, Especially with such a fabulous array of prizes up for grabs in the 128 50cms and 60cms Classes thanks to the very generous sponsorship provided by TRI Equestrian NI, our youngest budding athletes put on a display that would rival the best professionals in the land. Jumping to the ‘optimum time’ set by resident Course Designers Rafael Suraez and Ray Buchanan. Rebecca Coulter rode a near perfect round to ensure the 128 50cms crown was hers for 2018 after coming so close to the 68 second time. The 128 60cms was also a demonstration of precision riding with Elizabeth Millar taking first and second to take home the lions share of the TRI goodies, as well as the 128 60cms Autumn Championship.

The 128 70cms could have been described as anyone’s for the taking due to 27 combinations coming to Portmore on the maximum points, and with eight of the 10 sets on points being allocated to athletes on equal points, the title really went to the wire.

With a time of 23.94, Jessica Baxter was victorious and in winning the class also secured the top spot in the TRI Equestrian Tour with Janette Baxter’s Greenfield Mayflower. The results of the 128 80cms made for interesting calculations, as it turned the leaderboard around. Officials on the day had to take the full result into consideration to determine their 2018 Autumn Champion. After much checking the TRI Equestrian NI Champion title went to Robyn Donnelly with Chester.

In one of the fastest classes of the day, the 128 85cms Under 10 was in a class all of its own. With seven combinations coming in under the 30 second barrier, the red rosette in the day went to Cavan Equestrian’s Jamie Clarke who set a blistering time of 22.89 with Ratatouille Spartacus owned by his mum Victoria. Closest to Clarke’s time was Adam Adair with Miss Elegant, who finished in 25.10.

Peter Morton has a very successful day when taking both the 128 90cms and 1m classes with his mother Joanne’s ‘Tynan Tuttle Pip’. Winning the 90cms class also saw Morton take first place in the Tour, whereas his win in the 128 1m was enough to see Peter move to seventh place in the league.

Following the 128 classes in the Bluegrass Indoor Arena, it was the turn of the Children on Horses and Juniors to take to the arena.

In the 1m class Vikki Fox with her mum’s Nine Year Old chestnut gelding ‘Bonny Sir Edward’ that lead the way in the competition, gaining the maximum 10 points secured her place at the top of the leaderboard resulting in Vikki taking home the Autumn Champions sash for 2018.

The 1.10/1.20m handicap brought the 2018 TRI Equestrian & Ulster Region Autumn Pony Tour to an exciting close, with some of the regions most talented athletes going head to head for the final rosettes of the evening.

Winning the competition was Katie Conlon with Marble Arch Equine Ltd’s ‘Interpreter’, with a faultless round over the Rafael Suraez designed course. Conlon stopped the clock in 31.07, just 0.03 seconds ahead of Kathryn Morton, who finished in second.

When converting Conlon’s win to the leaderboard, Katie went to second on the leaderboard, topping the podium in the 2018 TRI Equestrian Junior 1.10/1.20m was Victoria Thompson.

The Children on Horses section was won by Vikki Fox who had gained the maximum 40 points over the preceding legs to ensure her victory.

With over 360 entries the Pony Committee would like to extend their sincerest thanks to a few people. Firstly, a huge thank you to Gareth McCombe and his team at TRI Equestrian NI for their support and their very generous sponsorship during the tour. Secondly, thank you to each and every Pony athlete that participated in the legs of the league to make this year’s event a phenomenal success.

Finally, thanks to Portmore Equestrian Centre, the judges, course designers, starters and secretarial staff for ensuring the smooth and efficient running of the day.


128cm 50cm - 1, Currie’s Curolea Rosi (Rebecca Coulter), 2, Jillian Nelson’s Loughries Star (Juliana Nelson), 3, Angela Maguire’s Jack-A-Roo (Lexie Maguire), 4, Aldyth Roulston’s Knockavoe Merlin (Jessica Baxter), 5, Martina McCrory’s My Party Pop (Kaitlin McCrory), 6, Kenneth Rush’s Wian Pearl (Charlotte Hockley).

Also Clear, Lynn Caskey’s Aughmore Dante (Elle-Mae McCrory), Orlaith O’Hagan’s He’s So Naughty (Harriet Ohagan), Tracy Kelly’s Tuity Fruity (Eunan Kelly), Adel Doyle’s Rosedale Gold Digger (Charlotte Doyle), Angela Maguire’s Manny (Darcy Maguire).

128cm 60cm - 1, Hazel Trimble’s Tullyhogue Montana (Elizabeth Millar), 2, Hazel Trimble’s Mighty Minion (Elizabeth Millar), 3, Heffron Equine LTD’s Ballykett Highlander (Lucinda Heffron), 4, Frances Mellett’s Sox Line Cassie (Zoe Mellett), 5, Ronan McLaughlin ‘s Phoenix Phantom (Sarah Mclaughlin), 6, Lynn Caskey’s Aughmore Dante (Kaitlin McCrory).

Also clear, Neil Currie ‘s Arrogan Samson T R (Ceadaoin Currie), Janette Baxter’s Strawberry Starburst (Shannon Cairns), Diane Weatherup’s Scooby Don’t (Caitlin Weatherup), Owen Sharkey’s Woodside Jerry-Lee (Caoimhian Sharkey), Kim Coleman’s Charlie Black (Amy Coleman), Martina McCrory’s My Party Pop (Kaitlin McCrory), Jane C P Russell’s Super Sonic (Sarah McLaughlin), Janet Currie’s Curolea Rosi (Rebecca Coulter), Angela Maguire’s Jack-A-Roo (Lexie Maguire), Jillian Nelson’s Casper (Ur) (Juliana Nelson), Angela Maguire’s Manny (Lexie Maguire), Kenneth Rush’s Wian Pearl (Charlotte Hockley), Aldyth Roulston’s Knockavoe Merlin (Jessica Baxter), Adel Doyle’s Rosedale Gold Digger (Charlotte Doyle), Tracy Kelly’s Tuity Fruity (Eunan Kelly), Katheryne McCracken’s Billy Frazer (Elizabeth McCracken).

128 70cm - 1, Janette Baxter’s Greenfield Mayflower (Jessica Baxter), 2, Colm Mcgrath’s Tabita Carwyn (Kiera McGrath), 3, Roy Ruddy’s chester (Robyn Donnelly), 4, Tracy Kelly’s Tuity Fruity (Caitlin Kelly), 5, Lynn Caskey’s Smokegun (Zoe Caskey), 6, Diane Weatherup’s Little Miss Bling (Cameron Weatherup).

Also clear, Aldyth Roulston’s Princess Puzzle (Caoimhian Sharkey), Geraldine Ferran’s Dinky Do (Clara Catherine Burns), Lisa Smith’s Top Spot (Lori Smith), Diane Weatherup’s Scooby Don’t (Caitlin Weatherup), Aldyth Roulston’s Sparkling Ganty Blazer (Caoimhian Sharkey), Vivian Hamill’s Beechfields Mini Hero (Grace Hamill), Jenna Fitzpatrick Burns’s Jake (HPA) (Johan Fitzpatrick Burns), Kim Coleman’s Charlie Black (Amy Coleman), John Black’s Alland Sparkle (Erin Mathieson), Phelim Comey’s Dexters Lady (Caitlin Comey), Ronan McLaughlin’s Phoenix Phantom (Sarah McLaughlin), Hazel Trimble’s Littleash Cash (Elizabeth Millar), Linda Courtney’s LCC Scrum Didly Umptious (James Courtney-Cadam), Neil Currie ‘s Arrogan Samson T R (Ceadaoin Currie), Niki Taylor ‘s Maximilo (Medb Kinney), Heffron Equine LTD’s Miss Susie (India Heffron), Orla Diamond’s My Gingernut (Eenna Hamilton).

128 80cm - 1, Martin Kelly’s A Little Fairplay (Zara-Jane Kelly), 2, Roy Ruddy’s Chester (Robyn Donnelly ), 3, Arlene Nee’s Boreton Rocketeer (Alexandra Kiernan), 4, Aldyth Roulston’s Lackaghmore Katie (Caoimhian Sharkey), 5, Marble Arch Equine Ltd c/o Bernard Conlon’s Project one (Matthew Conlon), 6, Aldyth Roulston’s Princess Puzzle (Caoimhian Sharkey).

Also clear, Jenna Fitzpatrick Burns’s Jake (HPA) (Johan Fitzpatrick Burns), Lisa Smith’s Top Spot (Lori Smith), Vivian Hamill’s Beechfields Mini Hero (Grace Hamill), Lisa Best’s Longwood Grandpas Diamond (Alexandra Best), Niki Taylor’s Maximilo (Medb Kinney), Hazel Trimble’s Littleash Cash (Elizabeth Millar), Linda Courtney’s LCC Scrum Didly Umptious (James Courtney-Cadam), Lisa Donnan’s Goldilocks (LHI) (Lucy Donnan).

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128 85cm Under 10s over 69pts - 1, Victoria Clarke’s Ratatouille Spartacus (Jamie Clarke); 2, William Jnr Adair’s Miss Elegant (Adam Adair); 3, Martin Kelly’s Ballyglunin Girl (IHR) (Zara-Jane Kelly); 4, Valerie Gateau’s Sweet Lily (CPBS) (Charlotte McCracken); 5, Kenneth Rush’s Major Blue (hpa) (Harry Rush); 6, Lynn Caskey’s Smokegun (Zoe Caskey).

128 90cm - 1, Joanne Morton’s Tynnan Tuttle Pip (Peter Morton); 2, Victoria Clarke’s Jackoo (Jamie Clarke); 3, Valerie Gateau’s Sweet Lily (CPBS) (Charlotte McCracken); 4, Sarah Doherty’s Millfield Papoose (Oliver Doherty); 5, Pam Moore’s Oaklea Supreme (Kym Moore); 6, Paula Mcmaster’s Sootilicious (Alex McMaster).

128 1m - 1, Joanne Morton’s Tynnan Tuttle Pip (Peter Morton); 2, Sarah Doherty’s Millfield Papoose (Oliver Doherty); 3, Lisa Smith’s Knockmenagh Rocco (Tia Smith); 4, Victoria Clarke’s Its Only Money (Camryn Clarke); 5, Edna Gamble’s Lisboy Smarties (Katie Gibson); 6, Pam Moore’s Oaklea Supreme (Kym Moore).

138cm 80cm - 1, Colm McGrath’s Coomlogane Kojak (Kiera McGrath), 2, Alan Ivan Mccoosh’s Lily Clover (calum mc veigh), 3, Gerard McCann’s Rosie (EIP) (Ellie Mc Cann), 4, Gwen Garrett’s Moonlit Cassiopeia (Lucy Morton), 5, Rachel Pearson’s Lackaghmore Frishow (Calum Pearson), 6, Derby Rankin’s Cullagh Dawn (Cara McFadden).

Also clear, Martin Kirrane’s Stocaí Baíne (Cormac Taggart), Sarah McMahon’s Blairmore Knightshade (Sadie McMahon).

138 90cm - 1, Karen McFadden’s Orfelia VD Bisschop (Cara McFadden), 2, Colm McGrath’s Coomlogane Kojak (Kiera McGrath), 3, Gerard McCann’s Rosie (EIP) (Ellie Mc Cann), 4, Lisa Torrens’s Bobby Lee (Dylan Harry Torrens), 5, Caroline Gaston’s Knockagaron Fear Bui Falcon (Emma Taylor), 6, Orla Harris’s Priestown Spotty (Conor Harris).

Also clear, Andrew Thompson’s Keogans Boy (Beth Thompson), John Jackson’s Knickerbocker Glory (Anna Jackson), Paul McCann’s Gortmore Julie (Lucy McCann), Briony Murphy’s Lady Zee (Darragh Murphy), James McEvoy’s Super Sue (Ellen McEvoy), Cheryl Smyth’s Kilnamona McGuigan (Scarlet Thompson), Jane C P Russell’s Dizzy Rascal (Robert Russell).

138 1m - 1, Sparkling Equine’s Claggan Supreme (Niamh McEvoy); 2, Orla Harris’s Priestown Spotty (Conor Harris); 3, Ronan Mclaughlin’s Mentos Lara (Ben Walsh); 4, Lisa Torrens’s Bobby Lee (Dylan Harry Torrens); 5, Caroline Gaston’s Knockagaron Fear Bui Falcon (Emma Taylor); 6, Andrew Thompson’s Keogans Boy (Beth Thompson).

138 1.10m - 1, Jean Finney’s Dolly du Carel (Alex Finney); 2, Aldyth Roulston’s Sparkling Boomadonna (Niamh McEvoy); 3, Victoria Clarke’s Le Puy en Velay (Camryn Clarke); 4, Caroline Gibson’s Rockin Roxie (Annie Gibson).

148cm 90cm - 1, Linda Buchanan’s Woodhills Pride (Catherine Buchanan), 2, Shane Curley’s Killeen Appraisal (Alexandra Kiernan), 3, Dionne Leathem’s Coolys Showtime (Simone Leathem), 4, Janet Lyons’s Camowen Bullet (Jodie Lyons), 5, Paddy Douglas’s Lough Allen Dancer (Paris Douglas), 6, Sarah McLean’s Kiltiernan Bell (Katy McLean), 7, William Jnr Adair’s Mulvin Blazer (Alfie Adair).

148 1m - 1, Linda Buchanan’s Woodhills Pride (Catherine Buchanan), 2, Glenda McBride’s Moonlit Connaught (Chloe McBride), 3, James Kernan’s Johnny Jinx (John McEntee), 4, Miriam Sweeney’s Mirah Supreme (Cpbs) (Erin Sweeney), 5, Andrew Thompson’s Rakish Talisman (Beth Thompson), 6, Marble Arch Equine Ltd c/o Bernard Conlon’s Border Boom (Matthew Conlon).

Also clear, Christina Brown’s Ballinamurra Josh (Ellen Thompson), Paddy Douglas’s Lough Allen Dancer (Paris Douglas), Andrew Thompson’s Eyre Diva Dior (Ellen Thompson), Victoria Steele’s Boo Hoo Spartacus (Emily Steele), Sparkling Equine’s Sparkling Boomerang’s Acha Tong (Donal O’Connor), Sparkling Equine’s Lackaghmore Joey (Donal O’Connor), Sparkling Equine’s Sparkling Mr. Boom Top (Donal O’Connor).

148 1.10m - 1, Denise Crawford’s Sparkling Castlewarren Gold (Erin Crawford); 2, Carmel King’s Attyrory Clover Lilly (Annie Courtney-Cadam); 3, Deirdre Grant’s Saxton Freedam (Jodie Creighton); 4, Tracey Howell’s Essenar Luizza (Cerys Howell); 5, Denise Crawford’s Foyfin’s Lady Muck (Erin Crawford); 6, Cariad Mcalpine’s Slieve Bloom Holly (Hugo Mcalpine).

148 1.20m - 1, Deirdre Grant’s Saxton Freedam (Jodie Creighton); 2, Maeve McEvoy’s Fireman (Niamh McEvoy); 3, Marsh Kyfe Equestrian Centre’s Powerstation (Yiayan Evans); 4, Denise Crawford’s Sparkling Castlewarren Gold (Erin Crawford); 5, Andrew Thompson’s Sligo Little James (Ellen Thompson); 6, Linda Courtney’s Kinnagrelly Queen (Annie Courtney-Cadam).

Junior and COH 1m - 1,Pamela Fox’s Bonny Sir Edward (Vikki Fox), 2, Lisa Priestley’s Dollys Buzz (Alfie Adair), 3, Linda Buchanan’s loughshore light of touch (Catherine Buchanan), 4, Ellie McArdle’s Freeway (AES) (Abby Morton).

Junior and COH 1.10m/1.20m handicap - 1, Marble Arch Equine Ltd c/o Bernard Conlon’s Interpreter (Katie Conlon); 2, Joanne Morton’s Tynnan Dominic Blue (Kathryn Morton); 3, Linda Buchanan’s Loughshore Light of Touch (Catherine Buchanan); 4, Orlaith O’Hagan’s TC Miss Vendi (Abby Morton); 5, Barry McCormack’s Armani Velvet (Victoria Thompson); 6, Janet McDowell’s Imps Girl (Mya McDowell).

League Results

128 50cms: 1st - Rebecca Coulter, Curolea Rosi; 2nd - Julianna Nelson, Loughries Star; 3rd - Lexi Maguire- Jack-a-too; 4th - Jessica Baxter- Knockavoe Merlin; 5th - Kaitlin McCrory - My Party Pop; 6th - Charlotte Hockley, Wain Pearl; 7th - Harriet O’Hagan, He’s So Naughty; 8th - Charlotte Doyle, Rosedale Gold Digger.

128 60cms: 1st - Elizabeth Millar, Tullyhogue Montana; 2nd - Elizabeth Millar, Mighty Minion; 3rd - Sarah McLaughlin, Phoenix Phantom; 4th - Kaitlin McCrory, Aughmore Dante; 5th - Ceadaoin Currie, Arrogan Samson TR; 6th - Shannon Cairns, Strawberry Starburst; 7th - Caitlin Weatherup, Scooby Don’t; 8th - Amy Coleman, Charlie Black

128 70cms: 1st - Jessica Baxter, Greenfield Mayflower; 2nd - Kiera McGrath, Tabita Carwyn; 3rd - Robyn Donnelly, Chester; 4th - Caitlin Kelly, Tuity Fruity; 5th - Zoe Caskey, Smoke Gun; 6th - Cameron Weatherup, Little Miss Bling; 7th - Caoimhian Sharkey, Princess Puzzle; 8th - Lori Smith, Top Spot.

128 80cms: 1st - Robyn Donnelly, Chester; 2nd - Caoimhian Sharkey, Lackaghmore Katie; 3rd - Matthew Conlon, Project One; 4th - Caoimhian Sharkey, Molly Polly; 5th - Lee Bloomfield, Divernagh’s Little Belle; 6th - Zoe Caskey, Smoke Gun; 7th - Caitlin Kelly, Bright Bling; 8th - Alexandra Kiernan, Boreton Rocketeer.

128 85cms Under 10: 1st - Jamie Clarke; 2nd - Zara Jane Kelly; 3rd - Harry Rush; 4th - Charlotte McCracken; 5th - Adam Adair; 6th - Peter Morton; 7th - India Heffron; 8th - Zoe Caskey.

128 90cms: 1st - Peter Morton; 2nd - Jamie Clarke; 3rd - Harry Rush; 4th - Charlotte McCracken; 5th - Kym Moore; 6th - Oliver Doherty; 7th - Zara- Jane Kelly; 8th - Caoimhian Sharkey.

128 1m: 1st - Kym Moore; 2nd - Camryn Clarke; 3rd - Robert Russell; 4th - Oliver Doherty; 5th - Tia Smith; 6th - India Heffron; 7th - Peter Morton; 8th- Katie Gibson.

138 80cms: 1st - Kiera McGrath, Coomlogan Kojak; 2nd - Calum McVeigh, Lily Clover; 3rd - Ellie McCann, Rosie; 4th - Calum Pearson, Lackaghmore Frishow; 5th - Ellen McEvoy, Super Sue; 6th - Paris Douglas, Lily; 7th - Che Flanagan, Foyfin’s Lara Croft; 8th - Lucy Morton, Moonlit Cassiopeia.

138 90cms: 1st - Cara McFadden, Orfelia VD Bisschop; 2nd - Kiera McGrath, Coomlogan Kojak; 3rd - Ellie McCann, Rosie; 4th - Emma Taylor, Knockagarron Fear Bui Falcon; 5th - Conor Harris, Priestown Spotty; 6th - Beth Thompson, Keogans Boy; 7th - Lucy McCann, Gortmore Julie; 8th - Ellen McEvoy, Super Sue.

138 1m: 1st - Conor Harris; 2nd - Niamh McEvoy; 3rd - Emma Taylor; 4th - Oliver Doherty; 5th - Dylan Torrens; 6th - Beth Thompson; 7th - Maeve Clarke; 8th - Che Flanagan.

138 1.10m: 1st - Niamh McEvoy; 2nd - Camryn Clarke; 3rd - Cara McFadden; 4th - Matthew Conlon; 5th - Che Flanagan; 6th - Alex Finney; 7th - Maeve Clarke; 8th - Cormac Taggart.

148 90cms: 1st - Catherine Buchannan, Woodhill Pride; 2nd - Alexandra Kiernan, Kilcreen Appraisal; 3rd - Simone Leathem, Coolys Showtime; 4th - Jodie Lyons, Camowen Bullet; 5th- Paris Douglas, Lough Allen Dancer; 6th - Alfie Adair, Mulvin Blazer; 7th - Beth Thompson, Rakish Talisman; 8th - Kenya Kelly, Millspark Silver Rascal.

148 1m 1st - Beth Thompson, Rakish Talisman; 2nd - Ellen Thompson, Eyre Diva Dior; 3rd - Donal O’Connor, Sparkling Boomerang Acha Tong; 4th - Donal O’Connor, Lackaghmore Joey; 5th - Simone Leathem, Coolys Showtime; 6th - Catherine Buchanan, Woodhills Pride; 7th - Erin Sweeney, Mirah Supreme; 8th - Maeve Carlin, Cearoin Mor Lad.

148 1.10m 1st - Niamh McEvoy; 2nd - Yiayan Evans; 3rd - Erin Crawford; 4th - Annie Courtney Cadam; 5th- Kellie- Rose Flanagan; 6th - Aoibhna Treanor; 7th - Katie McLaughlin; 8th - Emily Steele.

148 1.10m 6/7 Year Old 1st - Niamh McEvoy; 2nd - Shannon Treanor; 3rd - Alana Roulston; 4th - Donal O’Connor; 5th - Matthew Conlon; 6th - John McEntee; 7th - Jennifer Torrens; 8th - Katie McLaughlin.

148 1.20m 1st - Yiayan Evans; 2nd - Niamh McEvoy; 3rd - Erin Crawford; 4th - Ellen Thompson; 5th - Lucy Morton; 6th - Annie Courtney-Cadam; 7th - Phoebe Harbinson; 8th - Alana Roulston

Children on Horses & Juniors 1m 1st - Vikki Fox, Bonny Sir Edward; 2nd - Alfie Adair, Dolly’s Buzz; 3rd - Leah McVeigh, Cameroun; 4th - Catherine Buchannan, Loughshore Light of Touch; 5th - Abby Morton, Freeway; 6th - Freya Sayle, Drumralla Lady; 7th - Simone Leathem, Moihill Vision De La Mere; 8th - Shauna Farrell, Ooz Zena.

Children On Horses 1.10/1.20 1st - Vikki Fox; 2nd - Catherine Buchanan; 3rd - Simone Leathem; 4th - Sadie McMahon.

Juniors 1.10/1.20m 1st - Victoria Thompson; 2nd - Katie Conlon; 3rd - Abby Morton; 4th - Kathryn Morton; 5th - Ella Grant; 6th - May McDowell; 7th - Eve Donnelly; 8th - Shauna Farrell.