Megan and Busby on winning form

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Knockagh View equestrian centre held an all silver showjumping day last Sunday and once again it was very popular with competitors loving the gorgeous trophies up for grabs.

All the little competitors took home gorgeous medals with the winner of each class taking home a trophy.

The next All Silver showjumping day is on Sunday 15th February starting at 11am with classes starting at 30cms to 1M. For full schedule and details visit the website


30cms - Trophy winner: Sophie Moore, Star; Medal winners: Mya McCullough, Daisy; Charlie Moore, Star; Aimee Weir, Star; Reuben McCullough, Daisy; Cassidy NcBrien, Daisy

40cms - Trophy winner: Megan Carville, Busby; Medal winner: Mya McCullough, Daisy

50cms - Trophy Winner: Megan Carville, Busby; Medal Winners: Sam Jackson, Jack; Anna Jackson, Thor

60cms (no spreads): Trophy winner: Sam Jackson, Jack; Medal Winner: Anna Jackson, Thor

60cms: 1st & Trophy, Anna Jackson, Jack; 2nd, Myah McClean, Justice

70cms: 1st & Trophy, Myah McClean, Justice; 2nd, Bailey Dunn, Flossy; 3rd, Jen Moore, Oliver

80cms: 1st & trophy, Jessica Davidson, Sovvy; 2nd, Jessica Davidson, Trigger; 3rd, Jen Moore, Oliver; 4th, Julie Lee Radcliffe, a dream come true; 5th, Jenny Campbell, Connell

90cms: 1st & trophy, Chloe Hope, Topcat; 2nd, Annie Courtney Cadam, LCC some man for one man; 3rd, Natasha Henderson, Snippet; 4th, Kerry Taylor, George; 5th, Lisa Dundee, Miss Cole; 6th, Kim Dunn, Chico

1M: 1st & trophy, Chloe Hope, Topcat; 2nd, Natasha Henderson, Snippet; 3rd, Lisa Dundee, Christy; 4th, Annie Courtney Cadam, LCC some man for one man