Minnowburn RDA reflects on busy few months

Intro Junior league winner Ben Johnson and runner up Shannon Carruthers on Mr D'Arcy
Intro Junior league winner Ben Johnson and runner up Shannon Carruthers on Mr D'Arcy

The Burn Equestrian Centre, like many other popular riding schools, sadly closed the stable door during 2016 after running a popular riding school for over 20 years.

Many well known instructors taught at the premises such as Eric Pele, Ian Olding, Judith Aitkin and Janice Trainor to name a few and who didn’t know of the Prentice leagues that ran from dawn to dusk!

Despite this Minnowburn RDA is still based there and continues to provide lessons and much needed therapy to persons with disabilities under the careful eye of Hugh McCann and Greg Williamson every Wednesday.

The centre has become a successful livery yard and with a summer clean up carried out livery clients pulled together to assist and a 2017 BHS award has now been deservedly awarded!

An end of summer show ensued with Genny Belton kindly giving up her time to judge and some exciting competitive show jumping took place. Many liveries had brushed up their skills with lessons taken by visiting instructors Wayne Hamilton, Toni Donnelly, Judith Aitken, Claire Sedgeman and Patricia Stewart Greer.

A Halloween fun show and Show Jumping and Xmas fun games also took place to end the year.

To start 2017 a dressage league has been running with the final taking place on 12th March with much impressive effort made in horse and rider turnout.

Lessons are continuing with liveries who are going on to compete further afield after confidence has been boosted and encouraged.

Many thanks to Kristina Hayes, events co-ordinator, who has worked tirelessly at organising the lessons and competitions. The Burn has a great future and very much continues to burn brightly.

Dressage results

Prelim Senior: 1. Jenny Nixon - Jake; 2. Laura McDermott - Cognac; 3. Kristina Hayes - Ruby; 4. Jenny Nixon - Shannon; 5. Sara Black - Khyser

Overall Champion - Jenny Nixon - Jake; Runner up - Kristina Hayes - Ruby

Prelim Junior: 1. Katie Ann English - Max; 2. Ella Morrison - Indie.

Overall Champion - Katie Ann English - Max.

Intro Senior: 1. Tina King - Kali; 2. Jenny Montgomery - Hugo; 3. Susan Nixon - Jake; 4. Ian Montgomery - Stella; 5. Ian Montgomery - Flo; 6. Rosy Corry - Calvyn.

Overall Champion - Tina King - Kali; Runner up - Jenny Montgomery - Hugo.

Intro Junior: 1. Ben Johnson - Bella; 2. Ben Johnson - Joe; 3. Shannon Carruthers - Darcy; 4. Molly McCullough - Khyser; 5. Lily Fleming - Willow.

Overall Champion - Ben Johnson - Bella; Runner up - Shannon Carruthers - Mr Darcy.