Mossvale arena party
controls Olympia Arena

The four corner men at Olympia
The four corner men at Olympia

As 2012 comes to an end the Mossvale arena party return from another very successful Olympia - London International Horse Show.

With a team of 20, they carried out all the duties in front of packed out audiences over seven days which included no less than three World Cup qualifiers.

Each corner of the arena was controlled by the four corner men of the arena party (Nigel Jess, Ben Townley, Colm McKay and Thomas Vance) where they were in charge of having the correct jumps/ equipment in their corner for each performance.

Long hours and hard work at shows such as Olympia have paid off by having the privilege of working along side the top international Course designers and meeting the top international riders in the world with no fewer than eight in the top 10 Rolex World Ranking all in attendance.