Mossvale members prepare for busy times

Hannah Orr on Humbug winner of the 60cms
Hannah Orr on Humbug winner of the 60cms

Mossvale Riding Club have been busy and have lots coming up in the next couple of months.

There will be a hunt chase on Saturday, 19 March, doors open for entries and coursewalk at 6pm with the first team in the arena at 7pm.

Kaitlyn Kearns on Joe winner of 40cms

Kaitlyn Kearns on Joe winner of 40cms

Team entry is £40 and individuals £10. Everyone is welcome to come along and take part.

Sunday, March 20, will see a demonstration with Brian Ousby (Parelli professional) at 2pm. A £3 charge for adutls at door, with kids free. This event is open to all.

The canteen will be open for refreshments at all these events.


60cm: Noleen Tate - Ever

70cm - no result

80cm: Erin Barlow - Prince; Edmund Whiteside -Archie; Sophie Price -Molly

90cm: Seamus O’Rourke - Ross

February 25

60cm: Helen Perry - Star

70cm: Megan Carson - Danny; Abby Cummiskey - Katie; Oliver Edwards - Pearl; Victoria Boville - Bobby

80cm: Edmund Whiteside - Archie; Sancha Talbot - Calypso; Zak Hanna - Dan; Emma Lutton - Nano

90cm and 1m: No result.

February 26 - trophy night - prizes presented by Gillian and Caitlyn Patterson.

X-Poles: Lara Jamison - Pippen (drew prize); Oisin Knox - Puzzle; Shea Knox - Joe; Ellie Hynds - Casper

40cm: Kaitlyn Kearns - Joe (Won the Scott Murray trophy)

Double Clear: Lara Jamison - Pippen


1, Rebecca McKinstry - Spongebob Round Bottom (Won the Ross Murray trophy); 2, Sarah Craig - Pip; 3, Lewis Orr - Lynch; 4, Sarah Green - Miss Daisy; 5, Kaitlyn Kearns - Puzzle

Also double clear: Caoimhe Crozier - Sooty

60cm: 1, Hanna Orr -Humbug (Won the Neil Patterson trophy); 2, Laura McClelland - Taz

Also Double clear Caoimhe Crozier -Sooty, James Hynds - Ginger

70cm: 1, Catherine McClelland - Starlight (Won the Julie Patterson trophy); 2, Zara Smyth - Tootsie; 3, Taylor McKnight -Candypops

Also double clear, Caoimhe Crozier -Blaze, Ryan Boville-Bailey, Shannon Boville -Toffee, Simone Leatham -Magic

80cm: 1, Zara Smyth - Tootsie (Won the Church Hill trophy); 2, Emma Irwin - Sergeant; 3, Catherine McClelland - Starlight

Also double clear, Phoebe Harbinson -Hutch, Caoimhe Crozier- Blaze ,Simone Leatham -Sundance

90cm: Phoebe Harbinson - Hutch (drew prize); Simone Leatham - Sundance