Mossvale riders show their class

Jessica Nelson on Murphy, winner of NI Junior Open Individual Championship
Jessica Nelson on Murphy, winner of NI Junior Open Individual Championship

Mossvale Riding Club has been going from strength to strength and over the last few weeks.

Riders and friends have gathered at Mossvale Equestrian Centre for jumping competitions on a Thursday evening for Horse and Pony Showjumping and Friday evening Pony jumping.

Tabytha Bonar on Bella Bambino took second place in the Junior Open

Tabytha Bonar on Bella Bambino took second place in the Junior Open

These nights, which get underway at 7.30pm, are open to everyone and all riders are encouraged t0 come along and join in anytime.

Mossvale is starting to host the Botanica Adult League which will run for the next three months. Dates are February 6, March 5 and April 2 which will be the final.

The Bailey’s Junior League will run on February 13, March 12 and April 9 which is the final, clear round competition from 2-3pm. Competition starts at 3pm. Cost is £40 per team of four and £10 individual.

Thanks go to Sean Cooney and Judy Maxwell for their sponsorship for these leagues.

On Sunday, January 24, the NI Riding Club Championships were held at Portmore Equestrian Centre where Mossvale had great results from its junior riders.

First place in the Junior novice class went to Megan Nelson on the speedy Back in a Flash and third place to Ella Kinkaid on Lismahon Houdini.

Megan’s big sister Jessica Nelson kept up the family tradition and won the Junior Open on Murphy with Tabytha Bonar in second and Erin Barlow in third place. Just out of the placings was Ellie McMullan on Lily and Sparky.

Senior riders Sancha Talbot, Sabrina McAnulty, Eugene Milligan and John Jo McCrickard had a good day but unfortunately no placings.


XPoles: Shea Knox - Joe (Won Prize); Oisin Knox - Puzzle.

40cms: Kaitlyn Kearns - Joe (Won Prize).

50cms: Sarah Green - Miss Daisy (Won Prize); Rebecca McKinstry - Spongebob.

60cms: Laura McClelland -Taz (won Prize); Taylor McKnight - Candypops.

70cms: Zara Smyth - Tootsie (won Prize); Catherine McClelland.

80cms: Zara Smyth - Tootsie (won Prize).

Results (Thursday, January 21):

60cms: Hannah Orr- Humbug; Chelsie Orr - Lynch; Megan Carson -Danny; Ruby Kinkaid - Pepsi; Kirsty Bates -Zoola

70cms: Annie Mcmullan - Sparky; Zak Hanna - Dan; Megan Carson - Danny

80cms: Lucy Steenson - Elvis; Sonia Walker - Robbie; Sancha Talbot - Calypso; Abbie Cummiskey - Blackjack

90cms: Tabytha Bonar - Apache Dove; Jessica Nelson - Duke; Seamus O’Rourke - Ross; Ella Kinkaid -Houdini; Christopher McCartan - Flash

1m: John Jo McCrickard - Bridge Rock.

Results (Friday, January 22):

X-Poles: Kara Cosgrave - Sam (won prize); Cara Digney - Ella; Oisin Knox - Puzzle; Shea Knox- Joe; Alfie Herron - Taz

40cms - No result.

50cms: Kaitlyn Kearns -Puzzle (won prize).

60cms: Lara McComb - Bobby (won Prize); Catherine Allen - Ceasar; Taylor McKnight - Candypops; Rosie Herron - Taz.

70cms: Zara Smyth -Tootsie (won prize); Finn Osbourne -Daz; Rory Osbourne - Socky.

80cms: Rory Osbourne - Socky.