Mourne High Flyers grab team title

RESULTS of Horse and Pony jumping held at Mossvale Equestrian Centre on Monday, January 7.

60cm: 1st, Dotty, Emma Jane Orr.

70cm: 1st, Toffee, Victoria Boville.

80cm: 1st= Pippa, Victoria Boville; Dan, Ethan Smith; Bounty, Melissa McBurney; Dotty, Emma Jane Orr; Darkie, Rebekah Houston; Soda, Jasmine Kirk.

90cm: 1st, Oskar, Caitlin Stuart won the George Wilson Cup; 2nd, Dan, Caroline Black; 3rd, Chess, Laura Donaghy.

Results of Pony jumping held on Friday, January 11

Cross Poles: 1st= Sparky, Laura McClelland drew the trophy; Juno, Aaron Dougan; Rocky, Sarah McPolin; Bo Bo, Charlie McManus; Sox, Chloe Agnew; Bo Bo, Bailey Parker.

40cm: 1st= Rocky, Amy Hanna drew the trophy; Poppy, Emma Devine; Bella, Dylan Torrens; Juno, Amy Dougan; Specials; Sparky, Catherine McClelland; Sox, Lewis Orr.

50cm: 1st= Benji, Amy Dougan drew the trophy; Bella, Dylan Torrens.

60cm: 1st= Benji, Amy Dougan drew the trophy; Hum Bug, Hannah Orr.

70cm: 1st= Sweet William, Sophie Price drew the trophy; Rosie, Ellie Humphries; Jim, Ellie Humphries.

80cm: 1st= Jaffa Cake, Noah Brown drew the trophy; Rosie, Ellie Humphries.

Results of the fourth round of the Horseware Junior league

Team results

1st, Mourne High Flyers - Sucre Boy, Shorlagh Harper; Buster, Tierna Harper; Hazie, Charley Hanna; Live Wire, Carolina Edthardt.

2nd, Mossvale Young’uns - Soda, Zak Hanna; Rocky, Rebekah Houston; Star, Zak Hanna; Sparky, Elle McMullan.

3rd, Attical Harriers - Prince of Heats, Melissa McKee; Midnight Star, Joseph McBurney; Make It Pop, Laurie Gibson; Grey Sapphire, Ruth Baird.

4th, Mourne Live Wires - Mr A.C Drummer, Charley Hanna; Live Wire, Tierna Harper; Buster, Shorlagh Harper; Baenie, Kirsten Patterson.

Individual results: 1st, Shorlagh Harper; 2nd, Ellie McMullan; 3rd, Tierna Harper; 4th, Rebekah Houston; 5th, Melissa McKee; 6th, Charley Hanna.