Natasha and Snippet lift 1m title

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Knockagh View held their popular All Silver showjumping day on Easter Saturday, unfortunately due to the weather it had to stay indoors.

Competitors loved the beautiful trophies and all the little competitors left with a rosette and medal for taking part.

The next All Silver day is on Sunday, May for full schedule visit the website


30cms - Trophy winner: Hannah Robinson, Tigger. Medal winners: Rachel Foster, Trigger; Grace Reid, Hero; Molly McKeown, Tilly; Jessica Byrne, Silver; Ellie Wilkinson, Ruby; Eva Wilkinson, Ruby

40cms - Trophy winner: Strphanie Watson, Jacob. Medal winners: Hannah Robinson, Tigger; Rachel Lenox, Blondie; Grace Reid, Hero; Rachel Foster, Trigger; Bronte Reid, Gluppin

50cms - Trophy Winner: Olivia Byrne, Silver. Medal Winners: Stephanie Watson, Jacob; Rachel Lennox, Blondie; Megan Willis, Toffee; Jessica Byrne, Silver; Bronte Reid, Gluppin; Brooke Istiaque, Boom

60cms (no spreads) - Trophy Winner: Katie Wilson, Bronte. Medal Winners: Ellie Johnston, Barney; Ellie Templeton, Boom; Megan Carville, Busby; Olivia Byrne, Silver

60cms: 1st & trophy Ellie Nesbitt, Echo; 2nd Kristie Wilson, Harry; 3rd Bethany Gordon, Glenford Starlight; 4th Ellie Johnston, Dapple; 5th Katie Wilson, Bronte; 6th Megan Carville, Busby

70cms: 1st & trophy Tyler Houston, Percy; 2nd Ellie Nesbitt, Echo; 3rd Rocco Cairns, Shadow; 4th Zara Craig’s, Clover; 5th Erin McCullough, Molly; 6th Kristie Wilson, Harry

80cms: 1st & trophy Tyler Houston, Percy; 2nd Bethany Gordon, Glenford Starlight; 3rd Emma Ewing, Buck Rodgers; 4th Donna Dawson, Ollie Pops; 5th Emma lee Turly, Schuey; 6th Zara Craig’s, Clover.

90cms: 1st & trophy Natasha Henderson, Snippet; 2nd Emma Lee Turly, Schuey; 3rd Benjamin Gilmore, Suzi; 4th Emma Ewing, Buck Rodgers.

1M: 1st & trophy Natasha Henderson, Snippet; 2nd Benjamin Gilmore, Suzi.