New club year off to a flying start

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Kilkeel & District Riding Club began the new club year in October with a Dinner Dance and Prize night in the Harbour Bar, Annalong, on October 24, 2015.

This fun filled night allowed members to get together without horses, get glammed up and celebrate the achievements throughout the past year with top class food and excellent live music.

This was the club’s first dinner dance in quite some time and for many of the new members this was their first prize night.

The prizes awarded were as follows:

Best Senior at Club level – Caroline Harper;

Best overall Senior – Jason Hanna;

Best overall Junior – Charley Hanna;

Most improved – Andrew Hanna;

Best newcomer – Amy Gordon.

Competing in winning team of the Mossvale winter show jumping league 2014/2015 were: Jason Hanna, Melissa McBurney, Alex Russell and Claire Martin.

Outstanding attendance – Kerrie Cunningham.

Halloween Show at Gamekeepers Lodge Equestrian Centre had a spooky start with a fancy dress competition. Both Trainor girls looked brilliantly freaky and had dressed to impress.

Results of the show were as follows:

X-Poles: Caitlin Trainor on Star and Andrew Hanna on Hazy both finished up with Double Clears

60cm: Caitlin Trainor on Star and Grainne Rooney on Chelsea both had clear rounds with Sarah-Jayne Trainor coming a close second.

70cm: Junior – 1st, Grainne Rooney on Chelsea, 2nd, Sarah-Jayne Trainor on Star

Senior – 1st, Jason Hanna on Trigger, 2nd, Kerrie Cunningham on Molly, 3rd, Diane Wilson on Mrs Muffin

80cm: Junior – 1st, Charley Hanna on Hazy, 2nd, Grainne Rooney on Chelsea

Senior – 1st, Melissa McBurney on Darraghs Bounty, 2nd, Sonia Walker on Robbie, 3rd Kerrie Cunningham on Molly, 4th, Jason Hanna on Trigger

90cm: 1st, Charley Hanna on Hazy.

The next event on the club calendar was a talk from Judy Maxwell, an expert in equine nutrition and representative for Baileys Horse Feeds. Judy was able to shed some light on the correct feeds for horses and provide members with some beneficial advice on Cushing’s disease, colic, laminitis and ulcers to name but a few topics covered on the night.

All those who attended Judy’s talk thoroughly enjoyed the relaxed evening in Kilkeel Leisure Centre.

Later in November the club held its members show at Mourne Equestrian Centre on a crisp and thankfully dry Saturday morning.

The show kicked off on Saturday 21st November with the X-pole classes where Andrew Hanna on AC Drummer was able to show off just how much he has improved in the past year.

The results were as follows:

X-Pole Class: Junior – 1st, Andrew Hanna on AC Drummer, 2nd, Amy Gordon on Abigail Star.

Novice: Junior – Amy Gordon on Abigail Star (double clear), Grainne Rooney on Chelsea (double clear), Shorlagh Harper on Rosevale Dancer (four faults), Andrew Hanna on AC Drummer (double clear and drew the prize).

Senior – 1st, Lesley Hanna on Rievers, 2nd, Samantha Edgar on Dudley.

Intermediate: Junior – 1st, Grainne Rooney on Chelsea, 2nd, Charley Hanna on Hazy

Senior - 1st, Jason Hanna on Trigger, 2nd, Melissa McBurney on Darraghs Bounty, 3rd, Diane Wilson on Mrs Muffin, 4th, Samantha Edgar on Dudley.

Open: Junior - 1st, Charley Hanna on Hazy winning The Kilkeel Equestrian Shield, 2nd, Grainne Rooney on Chelsea.

Senior - 1st, Melissa McBurney on Darragh’s Bounty winning The Coulter Cup for the second year in a row, 2nd, Jason Hanna on Trigger, 3rd, Diane Wilson on Mrs Muffin.

A few of the members were able to experience exactly how the club’s fundraising efforts are being put to use and take a look at the wonderful work those at Mourne Stimulus are doing.

The club’s most recent outing without the horses was a two course meal and 10 pin bowling at SheepBridge Inn, Newry on Friday, December 4.

After the meal members headed down to show off their competitive streak in the bowling alley. With a few people struggling to find their inner bowling skills, the kids were steaming ahead, but the oldies soon showed how it should be done.

It is hoped to have another night like this but perhaps in go-karts instead of bowling shoes in the New Year.

Up Coming events:

January jumping league for cash prize on final night. The league will take place at Mourne Equestrian Centre, Kilkeel each Friday night in January 15th, 22nd, 29th with the final on 5th February. All welcome, starting at 7pm.