New format at Mid Antrim attracts huge entry

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The 2015 Mid Antrim Horse Show produced a record-breaking day, attracting nearly 200 entries for the affiliated jumping competitions alone, and an excellent turnout for the new non-registered Derby competitions.

The registered classes formed part of the Bluegrass Ulster Region League, and the Amateurs who, this year jumped the new Derby course, were part of the Northern Region leg of the Horseware Derby League.

This show built on last year’s successful event, in which the new Grand Prix competition was introduced, sponsored by Volvo Dennison Commercial Trucks.

The main innovation for 2015 was the replacement of the previous unaffiliated show jumping and working hunter competitions by a new Derby track for all levels from Junior Jumping to a 1 metre course.

Ring 1 was used for the registered 90cm class through to the Grand Prix competition and it proved a very long day for the judges and helpers who were untiring in their efforts to keep the day running smoothly.

Ring 2 kicked off with the Affiliated Amateurs class, using the derby track. As in previous years it was sponsored by Anthea Moffett with the support of Tri Equestrian, now based at the Meadows in Lurgan, who provided some great prizes. Philip White was successful in this event taking a first place with his daughter Tegan’s horse Lenamore Lux and a fifth place with Julie Smyth’s Redwood Humphreys.

After this competition the derby course was lowered and the more difficult jumps by-passed for the Junior Jumping followed by the 50cm in which Beth McCartney, Lydia McLeister and Jessica Mark were successful with double clears. Jessica’s brother, uncle and aunt were not quite so lucky during the day, all having “four fault-itis”.

The 70cm course was on a restricted course and produced quite a few clear rounds for both horses and ponies. The 80cm was a very different matter including the full derby course with a timed second round jump off. The water trays caused quite a few problems with some of the horses and ponies taking exception to the fact that there was actual water in the trays.

The course consisted of a great variety of fences including show jumping fences, derby rails, whiskey barrels, water trays, rollers and many more obstacles with some tight turns to test the competitors. Hannah Gallagher won the horse section and Lindsay Cameron the pony section of 80cm level.

As the fences were raised the clear rounds were few and far between with only two in each section of the 90cm jump-off. Mary Hegarty and Tori Surgenor won their sections and in the metre class Gemma Goodrich on her lovely horse Lachlan Easy scooped the prize with a faultless performance.

The registered classes were well supported, particularly in the 1.10 and some riders were kept extremely busy.

Simon Scott rode an extraordinary number of horses, winning 1st, 2nd and 7th in the 1.10m, 5th and 6th in the 1.20m, and 6th in the Grand Prix. Kevin Mackey was also on board a good number of horses, winning the 90cm, clear in the 1.20m, and 3rd in the Grand Prix.

In the two highest classes it was a day for the ladies with Aisling Doherty winning the star prize of the P&O return lorry ticket with her lovely grey horse, Bon Jovi, just ahead of Shannon Mackenzie on Peyroux. Shannon also went clear with Dyolita.

The Grand Prix competition had 21 competitors with Lynne Clibburn on RJ Smith’s Marie Douglas proving victorious on a very fast time of 43.72, four seconds ahead of the exceptionally talented young rider Shannon Mackenzie on Bens Lady Lux, who was unlucky to have to settle for second place again.

Third was Kevin Mackey on Cruising Lux just ahead of Angela Percy riding Dermott Lennon’s Zowiezo. Barry McCormack on Armani Velvet was 5th followed by Simon Scott who had one down in the jump off having really gone for broke with an exceptionally fast time of 40.47, but paying the price with 4 faults.

The Mid Antrim Horse Show Committee would like to thank all their sponsors for their generous support.

The judges were very patient with such a long day and grateful thanks must go to Heather Camblin and David Greene for Judging the Amateurs, Hilary McClelland, Shirley Jess and David Greene for judging all five registered classes, and to Rachelle Mark, Sheelagh Canty and Audrey Hamilton for the non-registered derby classes.

There was a very good team of helpers this year and many thanks to them all, particularly to the stalwart Ring 2 steward Jimmy who hardly left his post all day.

Thanks to all the other helpers who prepared the competition, ran it on the day, dismantled it and made good the ground.

As usual Raymond Jess and his team had built an exceptional course in the early hours of Saturday morning with Fred Guthrie also building the Derby course, assisted by Paul and Beverley Caves.

They were all very late home in spite of the extraordinary efficiency in packing up the courses so quickly but the committee were very pleased to have had such a successful and well supported day.


90cm Qualifier Bluegrass Ulster Region League: 1st, Kevin Mackey on Cindy Cunningham’s CS Indian Moondust, 2nd, Kelly Kilburn on River Commotion, 3rd, Ruth Hunter on Roundstone Star Express, 4th, Sarah McConnell on Craiganee, 5th, Christopher Adger on Chicago Blues, 6th, Edward Little on Carnlea Star.

1 metre Bluegrass Ulster Region League: 1st, Sean Nangle on R & D Nangle’s Sally, 2nd, Hannah Maneely on Jim Maneely’s Wakleys Clover, 3rd, Aoife Carr on Eavan White’s Kaleidoscope, 4th, Helen Pearson-Murray on Cyrano Buttercup, 5th Grace McGarry on Lisa Smyth’s Saxton Stone, 6th, Julie Steele on Wellview Lenny, 7th Sarah Agnew on Liro 6, 8th, Karen Heron on Skycruise, 9th Philip White on Larredo, 10th, Sarah Kinnear on Dstud Midget Gem.

Also double clear: Niall Byrne on Millburren Royal Cruise, Sarah McConnell on Craiganee, Ruth Hunter on Roundstone Star Express, Barry McCormack on Moyleview Dancer, Sean Nangle on The Spice Girl, Rachael Thompson on Garronturton Beach.

1.10m Bluegrass Ulster Region League sponsored by Curtis Cars: 1st, Simon Scott on Stephen Lowry’s Dullerton Eclipse, 2nd, Simon Scott on Stephen Lowry’s Dullerton Dawn, 3rd, Hannah Maneely on Jim Maneely’s Wakleys Clover, 4th Laura Brown on Gerard McAuley’s Bunninadden Beauty, 5th, Aoife Carr on Eavan White’s Kaleidoscope, 6th, Justine Margaret O’Hara on Patricia McLaughlin’s Shanvey Diamond, 7th, Simon Scott on Ian Millar’s Ploverfield Lilyana, 8th, Philip White on Julie Smyth’s Redwood Humphreys, 9th, Aisling Doherty on D L McConnell’s Carnoneybridge Lady Leap, 10th, Claire Doherty on Gerald Doherty’s Just Because D & M.

Also double clear: Ellen McCollum on CoCoChanel, Helen Pearson Murray on I Ain’t No Lady, Rachael Thompson on Cliff (pfp), Dean Bell on Appletees Ultimate Uno, Suzanne Posnett on Foesuela, Claire Badger on Hearts are Trumps, Barry McCormack on Moyleview Dancer. Philip White on Larredo, Edward Little on Rockville, Susanne Posnett on Atricia Roundthorn.

Simon Scott won the Blue Grass Feed vouchers for 1st and 2nd place.

1.20m Blue Grass Ulster Region League sponsored by Tullyglass House Hotel

Star Prize of a Lorry Return Ferry Ticket kindly donated by P&O Ferries

1st and winner of the Star prize P&O ferry ticket, Aisling Doherty on Bon Jovi, 2nd Shannon Mackenzie on Karen Mackenzie’s Peyroux, 3rd Jordan Coyle on Jim Maneely’s Lakeview Magic, 4th Paul Devlin on Linda Courtney’s LCC Caseys Cruise, 5th Simon Scott on Patricia McCollum’s Ballymulholland Echo Lass, 6th Simon Scott on Jasmine Tide, 7th Ellen McCollum on Patricia McCollum’s Co Co Chanel, 8th Philip Gaw on Derek Gaw’s Ardnacashel Coolvella.

Also double clear Justine Margaret O’Hara on Shanvey Diamond, Claire Doherty on Just Because D&M, Shannon Mackenzie on Dyolita, Kevin Mackey on Legavallons Moonshine, Ed Little on Jack Diamond, Claire Badger on Wakelys Knight of Cydonia, Lynne Clibburn on CSF Olympic You Too, Eileen McKinney on Carnoneybridge Challenger.

1.35m Grand Prix Bluegrass Ulster Region League sponsored by Volvo Dennison Commercial Trucks: 1st, Lynne Clibburn on R J Smyth’s Marie Douglas, 2nd, Shannon Mackenzie on Bens Lady Lux, 3rd, Kevin Mackey on Kathleen Gallagher’s Cruising Lux, 4th, Angela Percy on Dermott Lennon’s Zowiezo, 5th, Barry McCormack on Armani Velvet, 6th, Simon Scott on D. L. McConnell’s Carnoney Bridge Diva.

Affiliated Amateur Tri Equestrian 1.05m Derby: 1st, Philip White on Tegan White’s Lenamore Lux, 2nd, Tara Fergus Sheridan on Kelly Fergus’s Tirconnail River Rose, 3rd, Shannon Cole on Limmericks Limited Edition, 4th, Norman Campbell on Lynnbank Quest, 5th, Philip White on Julie Smyth’s Redwood Humphreys, 6th, Stephanie Scullion on Tease Me Tiger.

Unaffiliated Derby Prizewinners:

Junior Jumping: Ben Robinson, Tully Trotter; Timothy McNabney, Jump Jet Molly

50cm Derby - Double Clears: Beth McCartney, Folly; Jessica Mark, Cody; Lydia McLeister, Ollie.

70cm Derby

Double Clears: Horses - Rosemary Moffett, Moe; Elaine Simpson, Jack; Caitlin O’Kane, Patsy; Helen Hoffin, Rachel.

Ponies – Zoe Dickey, Danny; Hannah McKeown, Dunby; Lauren Heatherington, Mr Moo.

80cm Derby

Horses – 1st and winner of the JB Cup Hanna Gallagher, Punch; 2nd Ciara Heron, Newtown Contender; 3rd Joe Hamilton, Lady.

Ponies - 1st Lindsay Cameron, Jess; 2nd Laura Hetherington, Reuben James.

90cm Derby

Horses - 1st and winner of Galgorm Manor Equestrian Centre Cup, Mary Hegarty, Iky; 2nd Corinne Robb, Braeview Cassius.

Ponies - 1st and winner of Castlehill Equestrian Centre Cup, Tori Surgenor, Rocket Lady; 2nd Leah McLeister, Chico.

1 Metre Derby

Horses - 1st and winner of Norshield Trophy, Gemma Goodrich, Lachlan Easy.

Ponies - no clears.