Nicky and The Spymaster earn win at the Meadows

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ONCE again, The Meadows Equestrian Centre was a hive of activity for the second leg of the Flexi Eventing series.

Despite the overnight frost, all arenas were in great shape and all disciplines got underway at the scheduled time. This is proving to be a very popular initiative as it affords competitors freedom of choice and many availed of the discounted rate of £25 for all three disciplines.

The water complex is an added bonus and caused plenty of problems on the cross country course where clear rounds were scarce.

There were competitors from all corners of Northern Ireland who felt their trip was very worthwhile with plenty of education to be had all round.

This series of flexi eventing is open to everyone, not just eventers and, due to popular demand, is being extended for a further two weeks (up to 23 February).

Dressage tests for this coming Saturday (2nd February) are: Pre Novice BE102 (2010), Novice BE112 (2010) and Intermediate BE115 (2011). Entries should be texted (07876758979) or emailed to by Wednesday.



Pre Novice: Test BE111 – Judge Myra Watters Scribe: Ivor Harper: 1. Kirsty Stuart, Michael M 2. Rachel Moore, Fortview Toy Boy 3. Andrew Scott, Glenhill Lady 4. Sharon Riddell, Ringfort India 5. Sarah Sproule, Lyleview Hornblower 6. Jemma Parkhill, Louis

Novice: Test BE111 – Judge Sylvia Steele, Scribe: Anita Doherty: 1. Kathryn Graham, Ladakhas Guy 2. Jemma Parkhill, Smartie 3. Elaine O’Connor, Tullymurry Holly 4. Jill Hobson, Furisto Seven For a Secret 5. Jill Hobson, Ludovik 6. Christine Newton, Runaway Rebel

Intermediate: Test BE117 – Judge Sylvia Steele, Scribe: Anita Doherty: 1. Nicky Nesbitt, The Spymaster 2. June Burgess, Vinnie 3. June Burgess, Maurice 4. Ryan Hopper,

Quintessential 5. Rachel Ferres, Foxy 6. Jill Hobson, Ludovik

Showjumping – Double Clears

70cms: Ciara Lane, Derrymattery Fudge

80cms: Ciara Lane, Derrymattery Fudge, Anna Kelly, Johnny, Rachel Thompson, Archie, Nadine McKenna, Vicky, Neil Morrison, Rosie, Debbie Walker, Pickles, Ciara Lane, Derrymattery Fudge

90cms: Nadine McKenna, Tommy, Sharon Riddell, Ringfort India, Brian Smith, Limerick Gold quarry, Nicky Nesbitt, Donald, Brian Smith, Blue, Megan Simms, Ace

1m: Jessica McIntyre, Gunner, Kirsty Stuart, General Gist, Denis Currie, Larry, Rachel McKimmon, Foxy, Amy McKenna, Earl Grey, Amy McKenna, Sportsman, Ellie Hughes, Holly, Andrew Scott, Glenhill Lady, Ellie Hughes, Butterfly, James McEvoy, Reinstated, Brian Smith, Quarry Lad, Gemma McIlwaine, Burren Bridge

1.10m: Fionn Clarke, Black Velvet Band, Denis Currie, Larry, Ellie Hughes, Holly, Rachel McKimmon, Linnet

1.20m: No Result

Cross Country: Alison Parkes, He’s My Man