Opening meeting of the Route Hunt

Saturday 5th November was the date for The Route Hunt opening meet.

Hunt members, visitors and foot followers met in ‘The Inn on The Coast’ for a pre-season drink before setting off at 12 noon. There were various obstacles throughout the day - hedges, gates, fences and all returned home safely although a couple of riders parted company with their horse for a short time. The weather was reasonable for the time of year apart from a heavy shower just before the end of the day.

Everyone had a good day and thanks goes to huntsman Jonny Butler for organising the meet and to the farmers and landowners whose land the hunt crosses.

Hunt members met at 7.30pm in The Lodge Hotel, Coleraine for the Hunt Masters dinner. There was a drinks reception followed by an excellent four course dinner. Several fun prizes were then presented to hunt members before The Billy Roulston Trophy was presented to junior hunt member Rachel Kelly.

Weather permitting the hunt will meet again next Saturday.