Packed schedule of events at Mossvale

Double clears in X-pole class
Double clears in X-pole class

Mossvale Riding Club has been having a busy time lately with a Jumpmix on a Thursday evening, pony jumping every Friday from 7pm and Working Hunter training on a Saturday.

Friday evening pony jumping will continue with cup night coming up on February 17 when the Patterson and Murray cups and trophies will be jumped for.

Mossvale was presented with a lovely new cup from Wesley Woods and family from Dromara which is for the X-pole class and will be jumped for that night too.

Qualifying nights are well underway with one more to come on February 10. The same combination must compete two nights prior to the final.

Next Botanica Adult League is on Saturday, February 18, with the Baileys Junior League on Saturday, February 25. Both start at 1pm with clear rounds and competition starting at 2pm.


Friday, January 20

X-Poles: Robyn McMurray - Royanna (drew trophy); Charlotte Nelson - Bonny.

40cms: Charlotte Nelson - Bonny; Enna McGreevy - Jamie (drew trophy).

50cms: Holly Fitzpatrick - Phoenix.

60cms: Taylor McKnight - Alex.

70cms: Taylor McKnight - Alex; Melissa McKinstry - Silver; Taylor McKnight - Candypops (drew trophy).

80cms: Laura McClelland - Stuart Little; Taylor McKnight - Candypops (drew trophy).

Friday, January 27

X-Poles: Robyn McMurray - Royanna; Zara McConnell - Stan; Charlotte Nelson - Bonny (drew trophy); Scott McKnight - Candypops; Chinna Boyera - Delboy.

40cms: Charlotte Nelson - Bonny.

50cms: Enna McGreevy - Jamie.

60cms: Hannah Orr - Humbug; Taylor McKnight - Alex.

70cms: Lewis Orr - Lynch; Taylor McKnight - Alex (drew trophy)

80cms: Catherine McClelland - Starlight (drew trophy); Taylor McKnight - Candypops.

Working Hunter results

Saturday, January 21

50cms: Grace Lockhart - Sprite.

60cms: Danni Froemling - Kevin; Melissa McKinstry - Silver; Lewis Orr - Lynch; Kate Russell - Toffee.

70cms: Kate Russell -Toffee

Saturday 28th January

40cms: Zara McConnell - Stan; Oliver Kinnear - Mole.

50cms: Oliver Kinnear - Mole; Taylor McKnight - Alex; Hannah Orr - Humbug.

60cms: Danni Froemling - Kevin; Judith Auten - Kevin; Lewis Orr - Lynch; Melissa McKinstry - Silver; Taylor McKnight - Alex.

70cms: Octavia Wilson - Thatcher; Lewis Orr - Lynch; Kate Russell - Toffee.