Patricia tops 1.30 at the Meadows

Claire Smith and Tilly T (70cm CJ)
Claire Smith and Tilly T (70cm CJ)

Sunshine greeted riders who attended the Meadows Equestrian Centre as their show jumping leagues continued.

Some 200 riders participated in both Show Jumping Ireland and Cash Jumping Ireland competitions. Over £110 was paid out to the lucky competitors in the Cash Jumping classes in Arena 2, Charlotte Eakin was the big winner of the day taking home £35 in the 1m horse class.

Ian Moore and Harlequin (clear 90cm SJI)

Ian Moore and Harlequin (clear 90cm SJI)

In the SJI classes, Patricia Stewart Greer was the winner of the 1.30 with her mother’s ‘Rehab’, stopping the clock at 42.82 over 1 second faster than her closest rival, Peter Smyth. It was a good day at the office for the Victoria Bridge rider, taking several placings in the 1.20m.

Show jumping continues this week at the Meadows, with Show Jumping Ireland and Cash Jumping Ireland in their usual arenas. Additionally the Meadows will play host to the HSI Foal Championships kindly supported by the Northern Ireland Horse Board.

The aim of the Championships is to “identify, evaluate and reward breeders who have bred a foal that has the potential to be competitive at the highest international level”.

Foals must be registered in a WBFSH approved studbook and must be shown with their dams and are only permitted to enter one Regional Championship and must compete in the Region in which the owner resides.

There will be 2 categories; Show jumping or Eventing, foals cannot compete in both sections. All foals must be a minimum of six weeks old to compete at a Regional Championship and must be named in order to compete in the Final at Millstreet International Horse Show later in August where the total prize fund will be in excess of €10,000.



SJI 1: 90cms

1st = I Moore’s Pine Croft Dynasty (I Moore); N McClement’s Foreign Affair (N McClements); S Elloitt’s Nearly a Treasure (S Elliott) and I Moore’s Harley Quinn (I Moore).

SJI 2: 1metre

1st B Kyle’s Portlough Clover (D Lynch); 2nd E Wright’s Links in Larina (E Wright); 3rd D McMardie’s Drumaclan Jack (S McMardie); 4th T Woods’s Miss Behave (Z Woods); 5th R Hunter’s Rounstone Star Express (R Hunter); 6th K O’Hagan’s CHS Krooze (K O’Hagan)

Also double clear:

N McClements’s Foreign Affair (N McClements); B Henderson’s Watersides Archer (B Henderson); M Beattie’s MB Up and Away (M Beattie) and M Beattie’s DSH Good Feeling (M Beattie).

SJI 3: 1.10m

1st J Gibson’s Seaview Lass (J Gibson); 2nd K O’Hagan’s CHS Allure (J O’Hagan); 3rd A Patterson’s Tynan Orchid ( A Patterson); 4th M Barron’s Vancouver Cruise (S McCloskey); 5th F Roulston Bruce’s Little Miss Rivie (R Ferris); 6th P Stewart Greer’s SSH Heartbeat (P Stewart Greer) and 7th W Lynch’s Lisbracken Tilson (L Clibburn)

Also Double Clear:

D McMerdie’s Drumclan Jack (S McMardie) and P Smyth’s Aurther Hill (P Smyth)

SJI 4: 1.20m

1st K Gallagher’s KG Star (P Smyth); 2nd M Barron’s Lady Charlton (P Smyth); 3rd G Doherty’s Cooleyhill Bonzo C (P Smyth); 4th R McCallion’s Jumpingdale Douglas (R McCallion); 5th A McPeake’s Durgane (K Parke) and 6th M Stewart’s Jones VD Bisschop (P Stewart Greer)

Also Double Clear:

RG McFarland’s CSF Close Shave (P Smyth) and K Gallagher’s Gregory Courage (P Smyth)

SJI 5: 1.30m

1st M Stewart’s Rehab (P Stewart Greer); 2nd D Wilson’s Touch Button (P Smyth); 3rd M Barron’s Williem (M Barron); 4th M Stewart’s Jones VD Bisschop (P Stewart Greer); 5th W Todd’s Roscribe De Ross (P Smyth) and 6th J Desmond’s Leizel Lux (A Desmond)



CJI3H: 80cm Horses

1st Yvonne McClenaghan, Royal Dalton (£15.00)

CJI3P: 80cms Ponies

1st Annie Gibson, Nellie Dun That (£15.00)

CJI4P: 90cm Ponies

1st Beth Boone, Dunbane Starlight (£15.00)

CJI5H: 1m Horses

1st Charlotte Eakin, Midnight Dancer (£35.00); 2nd Irene McGookin, Hampton Nasdaq (£10.00)

CJI6P: 1.10m Ponies

1st Emily Slane, Lotto’s Dream (£15.00)