Plenty of smiles as combinations record clear rounds at Meadows

Claire Abbot riding Kudos in the 1.20m
Claire Abbot riding Kudos in the 1.20m
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The Meadows Equestrian Centre played host to SJI horse jumping and Unregistered Horse & Pony Jumping on Saturday, October 14.

Turnout was good across both events with plenty of combinations celebrating clear rounds.

Gareth Saunderson riding Concerto Thornesele Z, clear in the 1.20m

Gareth Saunderson riding Concerto Thornesele Z, clear in the 1.20m


SJI Horse Jumping

90CM Clear Rounds: LKC Miss Cloverfield, Rachel Hall; Sweet and Easy, Egle Zakakaite; SVS Paparazzi, Cathryn Hutchinson; Benny Boy, Jade Scott; Condors Lucky Star, Caoimhe Chambers; My Remedy, Judith Horner.

1M Clear Rounds: Lady Killer, Niccola Hall; Foreign Affair, Nicole McClements; Lisaniska Cool Quality, Gary McCrossan; Titanium Blue, Camella McDowell; Shannondale Remus, Lucy Gibson; King Diamond, Charlotte Harding; TC Miss Vendi, Abby Morton; Hill Crest Cruise, Diane Atcheson; Sandro Girl, Michael Cave; Delton, Patrick Boyle; MJI Scarlett Rose, Niccola Hall; CSF Diamond Ella, Peter Smyth; Chipetto, Gary McCrossan; Emby, Jayne Clarke; Lany Royal Gaga, Emma Jackson; Echoes of Time, Diane Atcheson.

Nicola Hall riding Lady Killer, clear in the 1m

Nicola Hall riding Lady Killer, clear in the 1m

1.10M: 1st, Georgies Star, Sarah Burns; 2nd, Tiffcrum Abbey, Rachel McCauley; 3rd, Ballyrobin Black Phanton, Rachel Patterson; 4th, Hillcrest Cruise, Diane Atcheson; 5th, Finsceal Indiana, Lucinda Mills; 6th, Knockalla Hold Up, Peter Smyth

Clear Rounds - Shannondale Remus, Lucy Gibson; Deepspring Tookanoo, Rachelle Harding; Emby, Jayne Clarke

1.20M: 1st, Kyleen Bouncer, Peter Smyth; 2nd, Creevagh For Sure, Emma Jackson; 3rd, Charity, Sarah Burns; 4th, Nonavic Temara, Charlotte Harding; 5th, Foxy Finn, Sarah Burns; 6th, Tiffcrum Abbey, Rachel McCauley

Clear Rounds - Kilcorig High Hopes, Emma Jackson; Concerto Thornosele Z, Gareth Saunderson; Little Miss Red, Peter Smyth; Cassino Royale, Peter Smyth; Chardonnay, Shannon Robinson; Finsceal Indiana, Lucinda Mills

1.30M: 1st, Corliono, Lisa Priestly; 2nd, Creevagh For Sure, Emma Jackson; 3rd, Chardonnay, Shannon Robinson; 4th, Hard Times, Elle Hughes; 5th, Adonis W, Charlotte Harding; 6th, Blue Oak Yogi, Abby Morton.

Unregistered Horse & Pony Jumping

50CM Clear Rounds: Toby, Julia Mulligan; Spot, Cara-Mae O’Connor

60CM Clear Rounds: Toby, Julia Mulligan; Marble, Rianna Mulligan; Spot, Cara-Mae O’Connor

70CM Clear Rounds: Marble, Rianna Mulligan; Judy, Alex Best; Tootsie, Zara Smyth

80CM Clear Rounds: Ronnie, Jenny Torrens; Charlie, Johnny Sloan; Mr Timmy, Sheelagh County; Harry, Rachel Craig; Tootsie, Zara Smyth; Dunny, Alex Ryan; Murphy, Rachel Harrison

90CM Clear Rounds: Coke, Beverley Caves; Oscar Rua, Charlie Black; Hawkeye, Adrianna Hurst; Leo, Stephen Clarke; Harry, Rachel Craig; Killy, Emma Wallace; Ross, Katie Burns; Cassie, Patricia Stewart Greer

1M Clear Rounds: William, Patricia Stewart Greer; Mike, Nathan McCausland; Hawkeye, Adrianna Hurst; King, Sarah Clarke; Katie, Yvonne Whiteside; Heidi, Abby Morton; Dreamer, Beth Cunningham

1.10M Clear Rounds: Moe, Yvonne Whiteside; Marco, Louise Houston

1.20M: Quinny, Yvonne Whiteside.