Pony series provides thrills and spills at Kernan’s

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A bright but frosty start greeted pony riders from all over the Ulster region and further afield as they made the trip to Kernan’s Equestrian Centre for the third leg of the Ulster Region’ TRI Equestrian Spring Pony Series.

Course Designer Alistair Megahey provided a few tests in his courses, as well as offering options during jump off classes to keep the classes entertaining for those watching.

In the 128 85cm Under 10 class, Teaghan Burns became an untouchable combination when taking on a daring turn between fences 11 and 12 to claim the top prize.

In the 128 1m Grand Prix, Alex Finney continued her run of good fortune with another win on board ‘Keogans Boy’. Co. Donegal rider Erin Crawford was the only rider who successfully navigated Megahey’s jump off course to take the top spot from 13 starters.

Whereas the 148 1.20 Grand Prix was won by local rider Carl Webb who lead the way with Tommy Webb’s ‘Future Lady’.

In the Children on Horses classes, 12-year-old Niamh McEvoy made her debut into the ‘Horse world’ with the Star Kingdom mare ‘Bally Kingdom Clover’. McEvoy was placed with the seven-year-old mare in both 1.10m and 1.20m classes, to claim her first points in the TRI Equestrian Spring Series.


128 80cms: 1, J. Dunlop’s Magneto Cobra (Jenny Dunlop); 2, L. McElroy’s Back to Back (Teaghán Burns); 3, J. Dunlop’s Holly (Jenny Dunlop); 4, P. Moore’s Smokegun (Kym Moore); 5, N. Burns’s Dat’ill Do (Emma Burns); 6, R. Donnelly’s Boomerang Barney (Niamh McEvoy); 7, D. Douglas’s In it to win it (James Douglas); 8, B. Conlon’s Birthly Destiny (Matthew Conlon); 9, D. Douglas’s Sparkles In The Rain (James Douglas).

128 80cms U10: 1, C. O’Donnell’s Big Time Buster (Teaghán Eammon Burns); 2, V. Clarke’s PARC Crème Brulee (Camryn Clarke); 3, R. McLaughlin’s Phoneix Phantom (Jamie Clarke); 4, J. Dunlop’s Magneto Cobra (Jenny Dunlop); 5, W. Adair’s Courtway Alisha (Alfie Adair); 6, S. Moore’s Bertie Bassett VI (Alfie Adair).

128 90cms: 1,D. McPhillip’s Scarletts Fireball (Che Flanagan); 2,G. Kerr’s Pepsi Mac (Camryn Clarke); 3,L. Hannaway’s Princess Vicky (Oliver Doherty); 4,J. Reape’s Tullibards Highly Unlikely (Annie Gibson); 5,V. Clarke’s Jackoo (Camryn Clarke); 6,V.Steele’s Little Miss Millie (Emily Steele);

128 1m: 1, J. Finney’s Ballyknock Master Roan (Alex Finney); 2, J. Russell’s Kilcreene Apollo (Katie McEntee); 3, Marsh Kyfe Equestrian Centre’s Its Only Money (Yiayan Evans); 4, M. McEvoy’s Sparkling Majestic Caesar (Niamh McEvoy); 5, J. Finney’s Some Journey (Alex Finney); 6, J. Morton’s Tynana Tuttle Pip (Lucy Morton);

138 90cms: 1, O’ Henry’s Keogans Boy (Alex Finney); 1, D. McPhillips’s Magical Millicent (Mark McPhillips); 1, B. Conlon’s Tara (Arthur Conlon)l; 1,P. Harbinson’s Hekan Ping (Phoebe Harbinson); 1,J. Morton’s Trewmount Tynan (Kathryn Morton); 1,T. Flanagan’s Foyfins Close Call (Kellie-Rose Flanagan); 1, P. McLoughlin’s Tynan Sandy Lane (Katie McLaughlin); 1, L. Moore’s Phineas Flynn (Sarah Moore); 1, T. Flanagan’s Wirwick Ginger (Kellie- Rose Flanagan); 1, J. Finney’’s Dolly Du Carel (Alex Finney); 1, T. McKenna’s Jacodis Anja Allure (Alana Roulston).

138 1m: 1,J. Morton’s Tynan Espresso (Kathryn Morton); 2,M. McEvoy’s Glenford Clausa (Niamh McEvoy); 3, N. Davis’s Glenvar Sparky (Alana Roulston); 4,M. McEvoy’s Edentrillick Jazz (Niall McEvoy); 5,P. McLaughlin’s Tynan Sandy Lane (Katie McLaughlin); 6, D. McPhillips Magical Millicent (Mark McPhillips).

138 1.10m: 1, D. Crawford’s Sparkling Va Va Boom (Erin Crawford); 2, M. Pender’s Airdisplay (John McEntee); 3, J. Morton’s Tynan Espresso (Kathryn Morton); 4, L. McEntee’s Hubba Bubba (John McEntee); 5, D. Crawford’s Claggan Supreme (Erin Crawford).

148 1m: 1,P.Connell’s Springhill Clover (Samuel Wilson); 2,M. McEvoy’s Dooneens Be My Baby (Niall McEvoy); 3,C. King’s Attyroy Clover Lilly (Annie Courtney Cadam); 4,D. Crawford’s Sparkling Castlewarren Gold (Erin Crawford); 5, J. Morton’s Tynan Whiskey River (Kathryn Morton); 6, R. Bothwell’s Magical Marco Polo (Nocolas Bothwell);

148 1.10m: 1,C. McAlpine’s Loughnatousa Ron (Hugo McAlpine); 2,T. Webb’s Future Lady (Carl Webb); 3,R. Bothwell’s Sparkling Apache Gold (Nicholas Bothwell); 4,R. Wilson’s Soul Rebel (Samuel Wilson); 5,W. Greene’s Acorn’s Bobby (Hannah Ahnew); 6, J. Dunlp’s Annaghmore Beach Babe (Emma McEntee).

148 1.20m: 1, T. Webb’s Future Lady (Carl Webb); 2,D. Tayloor’s Annie May (Abby Morton); 3,W.Greene’s Acorns Bobby (Hannah Agnew); 4,R.J. Wilson’s Soul Rebel (Samuel Wilson); 5, C.McAlpine’s Looughnatousa Ron (Hugo McAlpine); 6,A. Torrenns Derravaragh Gambler (Jennifer Torrens).

Children On Horses - 1.10m: 1, M. Barron’s Bens Beauty Donal O’Connor); 2,J. Taggart’s Sonconcorde (Jennifer Torrens); 3,R. Hunter’s Roundstone Star Express (Abby Morton); 4,J. Morton’s Tynnan Dominic Blue (Kathryn Morton).

Children On Horses - 1.20m: 1, R. Hunter’s Roundstone Star Express(Abby Morton); 2, M. Barron’s Bens Beauty (Donal O’Connor); 3,J. Morton’s Tynnan Dominic Blue (Kathryn Morton); 4, E. Aeschliman’s Claggan Dark Warrior (Donal O’Connor); 5,J. McEvoy’s Bally Kingdom Clover (Niamh McEvoy).